Where does the Money go?

Oct 19, 2022

People often ask what the various collections in Church are for.

At Sunday and Holy Day Masses, there are two collections

First Collection goes to the “Diocesan Common Fund” which is a fund that pay an allowance to priests. (Christmas, Easter and Summer Dues also go to this fund)

Second Collection (Share) is a fund that supports the Central Administration which provides expert advice to parishes and schools. It also supports a small number of parishes in disadvantaged areas.

(There is an electronic card machine in the Church also. Donations given via this machine are split 60% to First Collection and 40% to second collection or can also be paid online at https://pay-payzone.easypaymentsplus.com/customer/10006/product-list/ ).

Throughout the year there are also a few special collections which replace the share collection and are for the Missions, Crosscare, Accord, Peter’s Pence etc..

None of the above collections go to the parish. The only income that the Parish has is the money given by parishioners to the “Planned Giving Fund” usually by direct debit or by envelope. This is the fund that enables us to keep the Parish going: light, heart, power, wages, repairs and maintenance etc. (Contact the Parish Office to set up a planned giving contribution or setup online at https://pay-payzone.easypaymentsplus.com/customer/10006/product-list/ ) The occasional bequest to the parish can also help to keep us afloat (Please note that only bequests which are stated to be used for the Parish will go to the parish. Bequests that request Masses are usually given to priests on the missions who will celebrate the mass intentions as requested and cannot be used for the support of the parish). The rent received for the use of rooms in the Parish Pastoral Centre also form part of the parish income and the running of the Pastoral centre

Thank you so much for your continuing support of Cabinteely Parish during these very challenging and difficult times.

Fr Aquinas T Duffy