Registered Charity Number (RCN) 20016166 and CHY 7424

The Planned Giving Programme-Envelope Collection

The Family Offering is our most important source of income and we appreciate the generosity of all our contributors. This money covers the day to day running of the church which includes utility bills, insurance, small repairs and maintenance, wages, stationary, altar supplies etc. Without this fund we would not be able to continue.

While we are pleased to receive money in any form, we do have a preference for Standing Orders as it reduces the administrative burden on the Parish.  Donating just 2 euro a week or more can make so much difference to the parish. Please contact the Parish Office for more information.  You can also make a donation online through

The First Collection at Mass

The first collection at mass supports the priests of the Archdiocese including retired and sick priests of the diocese. The money collected goes directly to a common fund from which all priests are paid a monthly allowance. Christmas and Easter Dues also go directly to this fund. Overall this fund has been declining in the last few years (Consequently the allowance available to pay priests in the Archdiocese has also declined and continues to drop at an alarming rate. We show our support for our priests through our contribution to this collection.

The Second Collection at mass.

The second collection at mass unless otherwise stated is the Share collection.

Share was originally set up in the 1970s to provide funding to meet the needs of new and developing parishes. In more recent years, however, as the need for new churches diminished, Share has been used to refurbish parish churches, build parish pastoral centers and fund the diocesan administration of central services. Our parish is part of the Archdiocese of Dublin and our support of this collection assists other parishes as well as funding the administration of the Archdiocese which oversees 199 parishes.

The share collection is replaced by 7 special collections during the year.

Church Renovation Fund

See the Church Renovation Page