Weekly Mass Intentions

Feb 25th 2024 – Second Sunday of Lent


Sat Vigil Feb 24th — 5.30pm

Betty Browne — Months Mind

Maeve Bree – Remembrance

Eileen Boylan — 45th Anniversary


Sunday Feb 25th – 10am

Thomas Brazil — 20th Anniversary

Gerry Callaly — 3rd Anniversary



Sunday Feb 25th — 12.30pm

Rose Curley — 1st Anniversary


Feb 18th 2024 – First Sunday of Lent


Sat Vigil Feb 17th — 5.30pm

Mary Gibbons – Anniversary


Sunday Feb 18th – 10am

Moira Flavin—5th Anniversary


Sunday Feb 18th — 12.30pm

Pauline O’Dwyer—Months Mind

Eugene Strong—Anniversary


Recently Deceased

Kieran Cotter




Feb 11th 2024 – Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time


Sat Vigil Feb 10th  — 5.30pm      

Pauline Kenny [ née O’Farrelly]

Sunday Feb 11th –  10am         

Charlie  & Nora O’Connell  —Anniversaries

Sunday Feb 11th — 12.30pm  

Gerard Comiskey — 7th Anniversary

Pat Gaynor — Anniversary


Recently Deceased

Joan Lundy



Feb 4th 2024 – Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time


Sat Vigil Feb 3rd — 5.30pm 

Special Intention

Murth Kehoe—Month Mind


Sunday Feb 4th – 10am 

Mary Cremen—2nd Anniversary

John Stanley—Recently Deceased


Sunday Feb 4th— 12.30pm

Michael Colbert—Months Mind

Special Intention

Audrey Lawlor—Recently Deceased


Jan 28th 2024 – Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time


Vigil Jan 27th — 5.30pm

Carmel Coughlan & Maureen O’Connor—Anniversaries


Sunday Jan 28th – 10am

Irene Smith—Months Mind

Gardiner & Carey Families – Anniversaries

Jackie Kennedy—Anniversary


Sunday Jan 28th  – 12.30pm

Mary Brophy— 4th Anniversary

Séan Blake— 2nd Anniversary

Bartholomew [Sonny] Dineen – 1st Anniversary




Jan 21st 2024 – Third Sunday in Ordinary Time


Vigil Jan 20th — 5.30pm

John Connolly — Anniversary

John Carroll — 17th Anniversary

Ellen McKean — Months Mind


Sunday Jan 21st – 10am

Breda O’Leary — Anniversary


Sunday Jan 21st –  12.30pm

Niall Kavanagh—Recently Deceased

Mícheal Gormley — Anniversary

Dermot Delahunty — Anniversary

Danny Deegan — 3rd Anniversary

Fionnuala Dunne – Recently  Deceased

Nancy & Christy Swords—Anniversaries


Recently Deceased

Pauline O’Dwyer

Brian Cassidy


January 14th 2024 – 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time


 Sat Vigil Jan 13th — 5.30pm

Maureen Devitt—Anniversary

Paddy Orr– Anniversary


Sunday Jan 14th – 10am

Jean Brennan– 3rd Anniversary

John Costigan— 1st Anniversary

Brian Brennan— 5th Anniversary

William Doyle – Anniversary


Sunday Jan 14th  – 12.30pm

Irene Smith—Recently Deceased

Pauline & Noel Cregan—Anniversaries



Recently Deceased

Michael Clare

Elizabeth [Betty] Browne



Jan 7th 2024 – Feast of the Baptism of the Lord


Sat Vigil Jan 6th  — 5.30pm  

Paddy O’Donnell—20th Anniversary

Austin Comiskey—Anniversary


Sunday Jan 7th –  10am   

Anthony Naughton— 3rd Anniversary

Janet Ellen Hapgood – Recently Deceased


Sunday Jan 7th  12.30pm

Eileen Corrigan—Anniversary


Recently Deceased

Irene Smith

Ciaran Diskin

Anne Kinsella




Third  Sunday of Advent Dec 17th 


Sat Vigil Dec 16th — 5.30pm 

Ken Murphy—Anniversary

Jenny Brennan – RIP & Jim Brennan—3rd Anniversary

Special Intention


Sunday Dec 17th – 10am

Brigid Gaughran—Anniversary

Margaret Cleary—Anniversary

Doris & Bill Lowry & Bill Jnr—Anniversaries

Kit & Martin Hanley & Mary Sexton

Niall Kavanagh – Months Mind


Sun Dec 17th —12.30pm

Patricia Byrne—3rd Anniversary

Jim Kirwan—Recently Deceased

Harry Gaynor – Anniversary


Recently Deceased

Katherine Ryder

Dr Edward Clarke

Ellen McKean


Second Sunday of Advent Dec 10th

Sat Vigil Dec 9th — 5.30pm
Jack Roy—2nd Anniversary

Sunday Dec 10th – 10am
Nicholas Lynch—Anniversary
Deirdre Dolan—2nd Anniversary

Sun Dec 10th —12.30pm
Cyril Corrigan—Anniversary
Maggie & John Donohoe
Jack Mooney—Recently Deceased

Recently Deceased
Jim Kirwan
Hannah Phelan



Dec 3rd 2023 – First Sunday of Advent


Sat Vigil Dec 2nd  — 5.30pm

Nuala McKee– 12th Anniversary

Sarah Farrelly & Brendan Farrelly – Anniversaries

Brendan Reynolds—Anniversary


Sunday Dec 3rd  –  10am  

Brenda Gardiner – Months Mind

Roberto & Frederica Cordero di Montezomolo—Anniversaries


Sun Dec 3rd —12.30pm

Josephine & Michael Walsh

Sean Ó Ríaín—RIP


Nov 26th 2023 – Feast of Christ the King


Sat Vigil Nov 25th — 5.30pm

Michael Ferris—Anniversary

Jack, Aleica & Jim Devlin—Anniversary


Sunday Nov 26th – 10am

Marie Dolan– Anniversary

John McKean—Anniversary

Bridget & Mike Swan – Remembrance


Sun Nov 26th —12.30pm

Denis Luby—10th Anniversary

Clive Douglas—RIP

Madeline & Tom Fennessy– Remembrance


Recently Deceased

Jennifer Peare

Elizabeth Rowlett

Niall Kavanagh


Thirty-Third Sunday – 19th November 2023


Sat Vigil Nov 18th  — 5.30pm

Patrick Dunne— Anniversary

Special Intention

Denis O’Connor—RIP


Sunday Nov 19th – 10am 

Ronan Murphy — 1st Anniversary

Gladys & Tommie Rowe Anniversaries

Michael Sexton—Birthday Remembrance


Sun Nov 19th   —12.30pm 

William Noel Clarke — 10th Anniversary


Thirty-Second Sunday  –  12th November, 2023


Sat Vigil Nov 4th  — 5.30pm

Maureen & Des McDonald- Remembrance Mass

Derry Russell– RIP

Christina Yearsley—RIP


Sunday Nov 5th  –  10am

Ronan Murphy—1st Anniversary

Colette Maguire—3rd Anniversary

Billy & Mimi McNabb—Anniversaries

Daniel Magee—Anniversary

John Reidy & Jim O’Keeffe—Anniversaries

John Doyle—Anniversary


Sun Nov 5th   —12.30

Captain Tom Murphy—3rd Anniversary

Joseph Brophy—Anniversary

Christine Yearsley—RIP


Oct. 29th 2023 — 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time


Sat Vigil Oct 28th — 5.30pm

Bill Kavanagh—Anniversary

Tom Power— 1st Anniversary


Sunday Oct 29th — 10am

Sr. Theresa Nugent—Anniversary

Pauline O’Dee—Anniversary

Michael Lehane – 1st Anniversary

Pat Kissane – 21st  Anniversary



Sun Oct 29th —12.30am

Sheila Meehan & Sarah Clarke—Anniversary

Michael Lehane – 1st Anniversary

Pat Kissane – 21st Anniversary


October 22nd 2023—29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sat Vigil Oct 21st — 5.30pm
Christopher Wyse—Recently Deceased

Sunday Oct 22nd — 10am
Esther Bracken—Anniversary
Christina Lynch—16th Anniversary
Elizabeth Redpath — Anniversary
Betty Ryan— 8th Anniversary
Bill Smith—Recently Deceased
Marie Louise Brennan—11th Anniversary

Sun Oct 22nd —12.30am

Robert & Ann Fegan– Anniversary

Fr Hugh O’Donnell OFM—Recently Deceased

Fr Hyacinth Ennis— Recently Deceased

Conor Doyle—Months Mind

John Coughlan – Anniversary



October 15th 2023—28th Sunday in Ordinary Time


Sat Vigil Oct 14th  —5.30pm

Peter O’Dwyer—Anniversary

Sean Finn– Anniversary


Sunday Oct 15th  — 10am

Declan Harnett—Birthday Remembrance

Winnie Kelly – Recently Deceased

Mrs Lal Sexton—Anniversary


Sun Oct 15th  —12.30am

Ethyl Walsh — 2nd Anniversary

Noel Agar — Recently Deceased


October 8th 2023  -27th Sunday in Ordinary Time


Sat Vigil Oct 7th  —5.30pm

Mary Curry – Anniversary


Sunday Oct 8th  — 10am

Lauretta Marongiu Monaco– RIP

Michael Barry—RIP


Sun Oct 8th  —12.30am

Get well mass


Recently Deceased 

William [Bill] Smith

Paula O’Connor

Sean Máirtín

Fr John Carey


October 1st 2023 – 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time


Sat Vigil Sept 30th  —5.30pm

Christine O’Reilly—12th Anniversary


Sunday Oct 1st  — 10am

Patricia Carroll—20th Anniversary

John & Evie Mooney—Anniversaries


Sun Oct 1st  —12.30am

Orla Morton Byrne  – Anniversary

Betty Espley- Nee Whalan- Anniversary

Sr. Mary Eugene- RIP



September 24th 2023 – 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time


Sat Vigil Sept 23rd —5.30pm

George Bannister – 17th Anniversary



Sunday Sept 24th — 10am

James Bracken—Anniversary

Christy & Nancy Swords—Anniversaries



Sun Sept 24th  —12.30am



Recently Deceased

Dr. Fergal Nally

Conor Doyle


September 17th 2023 – 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time


Sat Vigil Sept 16th —5.30pm


Sunday Sept 17th — 10am

Eileen Dineen – Anniversary


Sun Sept 17th —12.30am

Larry Ryder—3rd Anniversary


September 10th 2023 — 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time


Sat Vigil Sept 9th —5.30pm


Sunday Sept 10th — 10am

Michael Moore—1st Anniversary

Elias Carandang—Anniversary

Alberto Estremos—Anniversary

Trinidad Estremos—Anniversary

Steve Mag –Aso—Anniversary


Sun Sept 10th —12.30am


September 3rd 2023 — 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time


Sat Vigil Sept 2nd —5.30pm

Special Intention


Sunday Sept 3rd — 10am

Lynn Mason — 8th Anniversary

Denis Cleary — Anniversary


Sun Sept 3rd —12.30am

Maurice Power — 10th Anniversary

Clodagh Kelly — Recently Deceased



August 27th 2023 —  21st Sunday in Ordinary Time


Sat Vigil Aug 26th   —5.30pm

John Keogh — Recently Deceased

James, Ann & John Doonan — Anniversaries



Sunday Aug 27th — 10am

Olive Roberts—Months Mind

James Dilworth – Birthday Remembrance



Sun Aug 27th —12.30am

Marianne Clarke — 2nd Anniversary

Jo O’Rourke — Months Mind

Christina Humphries – Anniversary

Peggy Higgins — Anniversary

Richard Thornhill — 12th Anniversary



August 20th 2023—20th Sunday in Ordinary Time


Sat Vigil Aug 19th   — 5.30pm

Nell Noonan—15th Anniversary

Sr Elizabeth Corrig—10th Anniversary

Helen O’Leary—3rd Anniversary


Sunday Aug 20th — 10am

Michael & Lena Doyle– Anniversaries


Sun Aug 20th —12.30am

John Felix Byrne – 5th Anniversary

Peter Lynch—Months Mind

Michael Johnstone—11th Anniversary

Tom Conlon—4th Anniversary


August 13th 2023 -19th Sunday in Ordinary Time


Sat Vigil Aug 12th —5.30pm
Maureen Luby — 2nd Anniversary
Pat McKeon—Recently Deceased
Special Intention

Sunday Aug 13th — 10am
Marie Morris—1st Anniversary
Eilis O’Farrell—Recently Deceased

Sun Aug 13th —12.30am
Sean & Caitriona Cluskey – Anniversaries
Margaret & Frances Murray – Anniversaries



August 6th 2023 -The Transfiguration of the Lord


Sat Vigil Aug 5th   — 5.30pm

Christy Walsh — 15th Anniversary

Eugene Campbell — 5th Anniversary


Sunday Aug 6th — 10am

Christopher Hogarty — 7th Anniversary

James Dilworth — 2nd Anniversary

Ken O’Leary — 3rd Anniversary

Patricia Kerr—Anniversary


Sun Aug 6th —12.30am

Paul Devenney — 5th Anniversary

Elizabeth & Thomas Malone —Anniversaries




July 30th  2023  – 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time


Sat Vigil July 29th  —5.30pm

Joe Dillon—10th Anniversary


Sunday July 30th — 10am

James Bracken—Anniversary

John Paul Nash—1st Anniversary

Michael Sexton—6th Anniversary


Sun July  30th —12.30am

Miriam Monks—4th Anniversary

Geraldine Roe—1st Anniversary

Dan O’Connor & Mae O’Connor—30th Anniversary


Recently Deceased

Mrs Jo O’Rourke



July 23rd 2023—16th Sunday in Ordinary Time


Sat Vigil July 22nd  —5.30pm


Sunday July 23rd  — 10am

Elizabeth & Michael Lyons


Sun July  23rd —12.30am

Maureen Spillane —   Recently Deceased


July 16th 2023—15th Sunday in Ordinary Time


Sat Vigil July  15th  — 5.30pm



Sunday July 16th  — 10am

Theresa Doyle – Anniversary

Danny McGivern—Anniversary


Sun July  16th  —12.30am

Fr Brendan Forde


Recently Deceased

Peter Lynch



July 9th 2023  – 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time


Sat Vigil July 8th  —5.30pm   

Tony Burke – Months Mind


Sunday July 9th  — 10am

Tom Keogh—3rd Anniversary


Sun July  9th  —12.30am

Tom Merriman—15th Anniversary




July 2nd 2023  – 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time


Sat Vigil July 1st —5.30pm


Sunday July 2nd — 10am
John Conmee—Months Mind
Ursula O’Halloran—Anniversary

Sun July 2nd —12.30am
Michael Casey—16th Anniversary

Recently Deceased
William Connolly
Brendan Sheehan


June 25th 2023 – 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sat Vigil June  24th  —5.30pm

John Lane—Recently Deceased


Sunday June 25th  — 10am

Tom Walsh—Birthday Remembrance


Sun June 25th —12.30am

Imelda McGettigan—1st Anniversary

Anne Nutty – Recently Deceased

Fr Pat Conlan – Recently Deceased


Recently Deceased

William Connolly

Noel White



June 18th  2023 – 11th Sunday in Ordinary Time


Sat Vigil June  17th  —5.30pm

Stephen Hunter—2nd Anniversary


Sunday June 18th  — 10am

Des Ryan—21st Anniversary

Muriel Ryan—1st Anniversary

Tony Burke—Recently Deceased


Sun June 18th —12.30am

Paddy O’Carroll—25th Anniversary

Anna Nolan—14th Anniversary

Peggy Naughton—1st Anniversary


Recently Deceased

Tony Burke

Seamus Cudden



May 28th 2023 – Pentecost Sunday


Sat Vigil May 27th  —5.30pm

William Porter—Recently Deceased


Sunday May 28th  — 10am

Jack Dunne – Anniversary


Sun May 28th —12.30am

Michael Murphy—1st Anniversary

Brendan Purcell—2nd Anniversary


Recently Deceased

Joan O’Sullivan




May 21st 2023- 7th Sunday of Easter


Sat Vigil May 20th  —5.30pm

Seamus Kennedy—4th Anniversary

Mairead Kennedy—4th Anniversary

Anthony Devitt—10th Anniversary


Sunday May 21st — 10am

Nan Sills—Anniversary

John Callaghan—Anniversary


Sun May 21st  —12.30am


Recently Deceased

Fr Des Dooley

Michael O’Donnell

Joan O’Sullivan



May 14th 2023 – 6th Sunday of Easter


Sat Vigil May 13th —5.30pm

Marie J Gray– Months Mind

Clem O’Reilly—8th Anniversary



Sunday May 14th — 10am

John Fitzpatrick—9th Anniversary

Frank Marshall—2nd Anniversary

Gerry Beegan—50th Anniversary

Maureen Beegan—8th Anniversary

Maura Reade—100th Birthday Remembrance

Renee Fox—24th Anniversary




Sun May 14th —12.30am

Michael Hannon—1st Anniversary

Sean Clare—36th Anniversary

Connie Lonergan—2nd Anniversary


Recently Deceased      

Trish Conway

Tom Meagher


May 7th 2023 – 5th Sunday of Easter


Sat Vigil May 6th  —5.30m

Michael & Martha McLoughlin – Anniversaries

Eilis O’Farrell—Recently Deceased

Noel, Dolores & Thomas Geraghty


Sunday May 6th — 10am

Jimmy Doyle – Anniversary

Gerald O’Brien—1st Anniversary


Sun May 7th  —12.30am

Sé Quirke—Anniversary

Brigid Murray—Months Mind

Aidan Callaly—Months Mind


Recently Deceased

Joe Conway


April 30th 2023—4th Sunday of Easter


Sat Vigil April 29th  —5.30m

Leah Kennedy—Anniversary


Sunday April 30th — 10am

Marie Therese [Terry] Hurley— 5th Anniversary

James Dolan— 21st Anniversary

Kathleen Quin– Anniversary

Ailis Bresnan—Anniversary


Sun April 30th  —12.30am



April 23rd 2023 – 3rd Sunday of Easter


Sat Vigil April 22nd —5.30m
Martin Prenter—Anniversary
Baby Luke Oscar Dillon– Anniversary

Sunday April 23rd — 10am


Sun April 23rd —12.30am
Máire Ní Chearbhail—Months Mind
Aidan Carroll—2nd Anniversary

Recently Deceased
Paul O’Kane
Gay Kinnear


April 16th 2023—2nd Sunday of Easter – (Sunday of Divine Mercy)


 Sat Vigil April 15th —5.30pm  

No Intention


Sunday April 16th  — 10am

George & Gabriel Moore– Anniversaries

Joe Concannon—Anniversary


Sun April 16th —12.30am

Mary Heffernan—1st Anniversary

Catherine Doyle—1st Anniversary

Pauline O’Dowd Smith—Months Mind


Recently Deceased

Sonny [John  P} Breen

Teresa Budds

Fr. John Galvin


April 9th 2023 – Easter Sunday

Easter Sat Vigil April 8th —8pm
Sylvia Ford—Anniversary

Easter Sunday April 9th — 10am
Celine O’Brien—Anniversary

Easter Sun April 9th —12.30am
Maura Byrne—Anniversary
Frank Murray—5th Anniversary
Joan Kavanagh—18th Anniversary

Recently Deceased
Marie Gray
Thomas Corcoran



April 2nd 2023 – Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord


Sat April 1st  —5.30pm

Carmel Tracey—1st Anniversary



Sun April 2nd — 10am

Paddy Byrne — Anniversary

John Maguire — 10th Anniversary



Sun April 2nd —12.30am

Ella Kennedy—6th Anniversary

Valentine O’Toole—20th Anniversary


Recently Deceased

Philip Considine



March 26th 2023 – 5th Sunday of Lent


Sat March 25th —5.30pm

Maureen & Brian Shiels

John Duffy—Anniversary

John & Clare Grant


Sun March 26th — 10am

Eileen Magee— 2nd Anniversary


Sun March 26th —12.30am

Stephen McDonnell—2nd Anniversary


Recently Deceased

Máire Ní Chearbhaill

Claire Kelly



March 19th  2023 – 4th Sunday of Lent


Sat March 18th —5.30pm

Fionnuala Doyle—23rd Anniversary

Geraldine Cassidy- Recently deceased

Nellie Lynch—12th Anniversary



Sun March 19th — 10am

Stephen Foley—Anniversary

Frieda O’Halloran—Anniversary



Sun March 19th —12.30am

Bert Callery, Pat Flynn & Paddy McConville

Patrick Guinan—15th Anniversary

George Boyle 2nd Anniversary



March 12th  2023 – 3rd Sunday of Lent


Sat March 11th —5.30pm



Sun March 12th — 10am



Sun March 12th —12.30am

Sheila O’Carroll—4th Anniversary

Jack Mullen & Pat Mullen – Anniversaries


Recently Deceased  

Pam Heffernan


March 5th 2023 – 2nd Sunday of Lent


Sat March 4th —5.30pm

Dominick Lewis– 4th Anniversary

Helen Dunphy—Anniversary

Mary Nolan – Months Mind


Sun March 5th — 10am

Patricia Lynch—2nd Anniversary


Sun March 5th —12.30am

Maeve Ormsbee—Anniversary

Patrick [Sonny] Nolan  – 20th Anniversary


February 26th 2023 -1st Sunday of Lent


Sat Feb 25th —5.30pm

Anne Mallon—13th Anniversary


Sun Feb 26th — 10am   



Sun Feb 26h —12.30am

Philip Ryan—30th Anniversary

Maeve & Denis Bree—Anniversaries


Feb. 19th 2023 – 7th Sunday in Ordinary Time


Sat Feb 18th —5.30pm


Sun Feb 19th— 10am

Moira Flavin—4th Anniversary

Henry & Josephine Smith—Anniversaries


Sun Feb 19th —12.30am

Thomas Brazil—Anniversary



February 12th 2023 – 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time



Sat Feb 11th —5.30pm

Gerard Comiskey— 6th Anniversary

James & Anne O’Malley – Anniversaries


Sun Feb 12th— 10am

Charlie & Nora O’Connell -Anniversary


Sun .Feb 12th —12.30am

Joseph Hackett — Months Mind

Kieran Dalton — 25th Anniversary

Peggy Lehane — Anniversary


Recently Deceased

Fr. Eddie Griffin

Mary Nolan

Fr Michael Geoffrey Nevin


February 5th 2023 – 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time


Sat Feb 4th —5.30pm



Sun Feb 5th— 10am

Declan Harnett—Months Mind


Sun .Feb 5th —12.30am

Deirdre Breheny—20th Anniversary

Marjorie Carton—Recently Deceased

Mary Harty—Anniversary


Recently Deceased

Loretta Nelson


January 29th 2023 – 4th Sunday in Ordinary Time


Sat Jan 28th —5.30pm
James Tuohy—50th Anniversary
Chris Kane– 3rd Anniversary
Carmel Coughlan– 6th Anniversary

Sun Jan 29th 10am
Winifred Tallon—2nd Anniversary
Teresa Meagher—Anniversary
Jackie Kennedy—Anniversary

Sun .Jan 29th —12.30am
Mícheál Gormley—Anniversary
Mary Brophy– Anniversary
Special Intention




January 22nd 2023—3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sat Jan 21st —5.30pm

Kevin Duffy– 4th Anniversary

John Connolly—2nd Anniversary

Michael Boylan—Anniversary


Sun Jan 22nd  – 10am 

Michael Bolger—14th Anniversary

Fearghal O’Farrell– Anniversary

Dermot Roughan—Anniversary

Sr. Bridie Rogers—Rec. Deceased


Sun .Jan 22nd  —12.30am  

Sean Blake—1st Anniversary

Danny Deegan— 2nd Anniversary

Breda O’Leary—1st Anniversary

Gerry O’Leary—13th Anniversary


Recently Deceased 

Anthony Fox

Gerard Stearn

John McLaughlin




January 15th 2023 – 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time


Sat Jan 14th—5.30pm

Jean Brennan—2nd Anniversary


Sun Jan 15th   10am

Tony Naughton—2nd Anniversary

Maureen Heffernan—50th Anniversary

Billy Heffernan—30th Anniversary

Brian Brennan—5th Anniversary

William Doyle—Anniversary

John & Isabella Dilworth – Anniversaries


Sun Jan 15th —12.30am

Dr. Brendan Colgan—2nd Anniversary

Dermot Delahunty—9th Anniversary

Brigid Perry—Anniversary

Patrick & Mary Carr & Patrick & Catherine Berns – Anniversaries


Recently Deceased

Liam Clifford

Mary Cassidy




January 8th  2023 – The Epiphany of the Lord


Saturday Jan 7th—5.30pm 

Paddy O’Donnell—Anniversary

John Carroll—16th Anniversary

Albert Fox—6th Anniversary


Sunday Jan 8th   10am

Bridget McGovern—RIP

Mary Murphy—RIP


Sunday Jan 8th —12.30am

Eileen Corrigan—Anniversary

Ronan Murphy—Recently Deceased


Christmas Eve Sat Dec 24th 5pm

Christmas Eve Sat Dec 24th 8pm
Fergus & Richard Morton— Anniversaries

Eleanor & Thomas Kilcoyne & Family
Dan Healy—Anniversary
Paddy & Rita Kavanagh

Christmas Day Sun. 25th 10am
Gerry Holmes—6th Anniversary
Noreen Drake Stoker—Rec. Dec.

Jim Quinn—Recently Deceased

Christina Lynch—Birthday Remembrance

Christmas Day Sun. 25th 12.30am
Pamela Dalton—Anniversary
John Byrne—Anniversary
Byrne Family Remembrance

Months Mind
Derek Wynne




December 18th  2022 – 4th Sunday of Advent


Saturday Dec 17th – Vigil 5.30


Sunday Dec 18th    — 10am

Patricia Byrne – Anniversary

Mary Heffernan– Anniversary

Margaret Cleary—Anniversary


Sunday Dec 18th — 12.30

Cyril Corrigan—Anniversary

John Fitzpatrick—Anniversary

Lillian Haverty—Anniversary


Recently Deceased

Adrienne McAdam

Noreen Drake Stoker


Months Mind

Ronan Murphy


December 11th 2022 –  3rd Sunday of Advent


Saturday Dec 10th  –  Vigil 5.30 

Jack Roy—1st Anniversary

James Stafford—Months Mind


Sunday Dec 11th  — 10am

Nicholas Lynch —30th Anniversary


Sunday Dec 11th  — 12.30 

Maggie & Jack Donohoe  –  Anniversaries


December 4th 2022—Second Sunday of Advent 2022


Saturday Dec 3rd  –  Vigil 5.30

Brendan Reynolds—Anniversary

Michael Lehane—Months Mind

Ronan Murphy—Recently Deceased


Sunday Dec 4th    — 10am

John McKean—Anniversary

Fr. Gregory McManus—Months Minds

John Conmee Snr – Anniversary


Sunday Dec 4th   — 12.30  

Christopher & Essie O’Rourke–  Anniversaries

David Thompson– RIP & his daughter Denise Philip—3rd Anniversary


Recently Deceased   

Tom Leech

Margaret Delahunty

Ronan Murphy


November 27th 2022 – 1st Sunday of Advent

Saturday Nov 26th  –  Vigil 5.30 

Paddy Duffy—Anniversary

Tom Power—Recently Deceased


Sunday Nov 27th   — 10am

Michael Ferris—Anniversary

Michael & Elizabeth Farmer—Anniversaries


Sunday Nov 27th  — 12.30

Michael Brady—Recently Deceased


Recently Deceased                              

Tom Leech



November 20th 2022 – Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

Saturday Nov 19th – Vigil 5.30
Aleica, Jack & Jim Devlin—Anniversaries.
The Brock Family—Anniversaries
Patrick Dunne—13th Anniversary
Denis Luby— Anniversary

Sunday Nov 20th — 10am
Marie Dolan—50th Anniversary

Sunday Nov 20th — 12.30
Maureen & David Salmon – Anniversaries

Recently Deceased
Ronan Murphy
Martin Brady

November 13th 2022—33rd  Sunday in Ordinary Time


Saturday Nov 12th  –  Vigil 5.30

John P. Grey—6th Anniversary


Sunday Nov 13th   — 10am

Colette Maguire – 2nd Anniversary

John Reidy & Jim O’Keeffe -Anniversaries


Sunday Nov 13th  — 12.30

Capt. Tom Murphy  – 2nd Anniversary

Joseph Brophy—Anniversary

Sylvia Ford—Months Mind

Mai Boyle, Bill Boyle & Tessie McShane—Anniversaries


Recently Deceased

Des Byrne

James Stafford

Terry O’Rourke

Tom Power


November 6th  2022—32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time


Saturday Nov 5th  –  Vigil 5.30 

Hugh & Kitty McMahon & their Grandson Nessan

Mary Rogers—Recently Deceased


Sunday Nov 6th   — 10am

Flo Lyons—Anniversary

Brigid Cleary– Anniversary


Sunday Nov 6th  — 12.30

Special Intention


Recently Deceased

Noel Young

James Stafford



October 30th  2022—31st Sunday in Ordinary Time


Saturday Oct 29th – Vigil 5.30 

Sr. Mairead Hurley– Recently Deceased


Sunday Oct 30th   — 10am

Carmel Maguire –Anniversary


Sunday Oct 30th — 12.30

Phil Smith — Recently Deceased

Desmond McDonnell — 40th Anniversary

John Slater—25th Anniversary


Recently Deceased   

Jim Holland

Michael Lehane

Eva Gethin

Noel Young

Sr. Mairead Hurley



October 23rd 2022—30th  Sunday in Ordinary Time


Saturday Oct 22nd  –  Vigil 5.30


Sunday Oct 23rd   — 10am

Esther Bracken & Jim Doyle–  Aniversaries.

Marie Louise Brennan– Anniversary

Christine Lynch– Anniversary

Betty Ryan—7th Anniversary


Sunday Oct 23rd  — 12.30

John & Evie Mooney—Anniversaries

Phil Smith—Recently Deceased



October 16th 2022—29th Sunday in Ordinary Time


Saturday Oct 15th  –  Vigil 5.30

Sean Finn—Anniversary


Sunday Oct 16th   — 10am

Anne & Robert Fegan—Anniversaries

Archbold Family –Tommy, Elizabeth, Anthony & Bernadette—Anniversaries

Pauline O’Dea—Anniversary


Sunday Oct 16th  — 12.30

Ethyl Walsh—1st Anniversary


Recently Deceased

Muriel Goggin

Sylvia Ford

Sister Mary McCartan Flanagan



October 9th 2022—28th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Saturday Oct 8th  –  Vigil 5.30

Peter O’Dwyer—8th Anniversary


Sunday Oct 9th   — 10am

Max Rathakrishnan—Anniversary


Sunday Oct 9th  — 12.30

Sheila Meehan & Sarah Clarke—Anniversaries


Recently Deceased

Muriel Goggin—RIP



October 2nd 2022—27th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Saturday Oct 1st – Vigil 5.30

Christy & Barney Greaves—Anniversaries

Daragh Murphy—Anniversary


Sunday Oct 2nd — 10am

Mary Curry – Anniversary

Patricia Carroll — 20th Anniversary

Tiernan Quinn — 1st Anniversary


Sunday Oct 2nd — 12.30

Orla Morton Byrne—Anniversary

Christy & Nancy Swords – Anniversaries



Sept 25th  2022 —26th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Saturday Sept 24th – Vigil 5.30

Marie Deignan- 9th Anniversary

Gerald Donleavy – 1st Anniversary


Sunday Sept 25th  — 10am

James Bracken – Anniversary

Christine O’Reilly – Anniversary

Bob Conan – 7th  Anniversary


Sunday Sept 25th — 12.30


Recently Deceased


Sept 18th 2022 —25th Sunday in Ordinary Time


Saturday Sept 17th  – Vigil 5.30

Annette Mannix—Months Mind


Sunday Sept 18th  — 10am

Sean Rush – Recently Deceased


 Sunday Sept 18th — 12.30

Joan Salmon—Anniversary

Geraldine Roe—Months Mind


Recently Deceased

Michael Moore



Sept 11th  2022 —24th  Sunday in Ordinary Time


Saturday Sept 10th   – Vigil 5.30

Grace Finnegan – Recently Deceased


Sunday Sept 11th  — 10am


Sunday Sept 11th — 12.30

Kay McGilloway—Recently Deceased


Recently Deceased

Patrick Sheahan

Patricia Balfe


Sept 4th 2022 —23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time


Saturday Sept 3rd  – Vigil 5.30


Sunday Sept 4th — 10am

Lynn Mason – 7th Anniversary


Sunday Sept 4th — 12.30

Marianne Clarke – 1st  Anniversary


Birthday Rememberance

Frank Murray


Recently Deceased

Paddy Galvin

Anne Harnett


August 28th 2022 —22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time


Saturday August 27th –  Vigil 5.30

James & Anne Doonan – Anniversary

Jack McCarthy – 30th  Anniversary

Helen O’Leary – 2nd Anniversary

Joe Dylan – 9th Anniversary


Sunday August 28th   — 10am

Denis Cleary – Anniversary

Maurice Power – Anniversary

Nuala Malone – Anniversary


Sunday August 28th   — 12.30

John F Byrne – 4th  Anniversary

John Paul Nash – Months Mind

Tom Conlon – 3rd Annniversary


Recently Deceased

Mary McCusker


Months Mind

John Paul Nash


August 21st  2022 —21st Sunday in Ordinary Time


Saturday August 20th –  Vigil 5.30

Marie Delahunty – 2nd Anniversary


Sunday August 21st   — 10am

James & Christina Brady – Anniversaries


Sunday August 21st  — 12.30

Richard Thornhill – 11th  Anniversary

Michael Johnstone -10th  Anniversary


Recently Deceased

Marie Morris

Ken Byrne


August 14th 2022 —20th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Saturday August 13th – Vigil 5.30
Maureen Luby – 1st Anniversary

Sunday August 14th — 10am
Tom Curry – Anniversary
Kitty Kissane – 4th Anniversary
Malachy & Paddy Perry – Anniversary

Sunday August 14th — 12.30
Pat Meehan – Anniversary
John Cluskey , Sean Cluskey, Frances Murray & Margaret Murray – Anniversaries


July 31st 2022 —18th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Saturday July 30th     – Vigil 5.30

Bill & Nell Noonan – Anniversaries

Nora Holland – 1st Anniversary

Florinda Whittle – 40th Anniversary


Sunday July 31st    — 10am

Howard Napier – 5th Anniversary

Miriam Monks – 3rd Anniversary


Sunday July 31st    — 12.30

Carmel Flatman- 1st Anniversary

Patricia Kerr – Anniversary


Recently Deceased   

Joseph Blake

John Paul Nash



July 10th 2022 —15th Sunday in Ordinary Time


Saturday July 9th    – Vigil 5.30

Dot & Barney Carr – 65th Wedding Anniversary


Sunday July 10th    — 10am

Sheila Conlon – 2nd Anniversary

Paul Conlon – 17th Anniversary

Mary & Jim King – Anniversaries

Tom Keogh – 2nd  Anniversary


Sunday July 10th    — 12.30

James [Jim] Byrne – Months Mind


Recently Deceased 


Months Mind

Jim Byrne


July 3rd 2022 —14th Sunday in Ordinary Time


Saturday July 2nd   –  Vigil 5.30


Sunday July 3rd   —  10am


Sunday July 3rd  — 12.30

Michael Casey—Anniversary


Recently Deceased 

Aidan McCarty


June 26th 2022 – 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time


Saturday June 25th    –  Vigil 5.30

Tom Walsh—Birthday Remembrance


Sunday June 26th   —10am


Sunday June 26th  —12.30

Paddy O’Leary—2nd Anniversary

Michael Murphy—Months Mind


Recently Deceased

Peg Nocton

Eve McMahon


June 19th 2022 – The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

Saturday June 18th    – Vigil 5.30

Des Ryan—20th Anniversary


Sunday June 19th   — 10am


Sunday June 19th —12.30

Patrick O’Carroll—Anniversary

Sandra McDonnell— 10th Anniversary

Stephen Hunter—1st Anniversary


Recently Deceased

Thomas Moroney

Pat Stuart

John Tormey

Peg Nocton



June 12th 2022 – The Most Holy Trinity

Saturday June 11th    –  Vigil 5.30


Sunday June 12th   — 10am

Dara Breathnach—9th Anniversary

Patricia Halford—Anniversary


Sunday June 12th  — 12.30

Michael Hannon—Months Mind

Anna Nolan—13th Anniversary


Recently Deceased

Jim Byrne


Months Mind  

Michael Hannon


June 5th 2022 – Pentecost Sunday


Sat June 4th    –  Vigil 5.30


Sunday June 5th   —10am

Lizzy O’Toole—Anniversary

Dolly Cruze –  Anniversary


Sunday June 5th  —12.30

Maurice Dorr —  4th Anniversary


May 29th 2022—7th Sunday of Easter

Sat May 28th   –  Vigil 5.30


Sunday May 29th  —10am

Gerry Hogan—1st Anniversary

Dr Nan & Dr Pearl Dunleavy—Anniversaries

Nan Sills—Anniversary


Sunday May 29th —12.30

Marie Doyle—Anniversary


Recently Deceased

Edward [Jack} Dunne

Michael Murphy


May 22nd 2022 – 6th Sunday of Easter

Sat May 21st  –  Vigil 5.30

James & Anne O’Malley—Anniversary

Sunday May 22nd —10am

Patricia Corcoran—1st Anniversary

John Callaghan—Anniversary

Sunday May 22nd —12.30

Seamus Kennedy—Anniversary

Recently Deceased

Michael Hannon

Violet Kavanagh


May 15th 2022 – 5th Sunday of Easter

Sat May 14th – Vigil 5.30

Anne Gilloly  – Anniversary


Sunday May 15th —10am

James Doyle—Anniversary

Gerry & Maureen Beegan

John Fitzpatrick— 8th Anniversary

Carl Monaghan—Anniversary


Sunday May 15th —12.30

Mary Heffernan—Months Mind

Sean Clare—35th Anniversary


Recently Deceased

Brian Doyle

Richard Holfeld

Manfredi Cordero Lanza Di Montezemolo

Gemma McSweeney


Months Mind

Mary Heffernan

Carrie Doyle



May 8th 2022 – 4th Sunday of Easter

Sat May 7th  –  Vigil 5.30

Bridie Oates—1st Anniversary

Michael & Martha McLoughlin

Bill Lanigan – Anniversary


Sunday May 8th —10am

Connie O’Lonergáin- 1st Anniversary


Sunday May 8th —12.30

Shay Quirke—15th Anniversary

Frank Marshall—1st Anniversary

Noel, Dolores & Thomas Geraghty


Recently Deceased  

Mary Heffernan



May 1st 2022 – 3rd Sunday of Easter


Sat April 30th —Vigil 5.30pm


Sunday May 1st  — 10am

Larry Hurley – 4th  Anniversary

James Dolan – 20th Anniversary

Peg Hayes – Anniversary


Sunday May 1st – 12.30

Cecil Fallon – RIP


Recently Deceased

Mary Heffernan

Cecil Fallon


April 24th 2022 – 2nd Sunday of Easter [Divine Mercy Sunday]

Sat April 23rd  —Vigil 5.30pm

Leah Kennedy – Anniversary

Martin Prenter – 13th Anniversary

Doris McLoughlin – Months Mind


Sunday April 24th  — 10am

Gabriel Moore – 13th Anniversary

George Moore – 40th Anniversary


Sunday April 24th  – 12.30

Brian Merry – 3rd Anniversary


Recently Deceased

Mary Heffernan

Collen Meegan


April 17th 2022 – Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord

Sat April 16th —Easter Vigil 8pm


Sunday April 17th —10am
Elizabeth Malone – Anniversary

Thomas Malone – Anniversary

Frank Murray – Anniversary

Ann O’Brien – 1st Anniversary


Sunday April 17th —12.30
Fergus Morton


Recently Deceased
Kevin Sinnott

April 10th 2022 – Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord

Sat April 9th —5.30pm Vigil

Jean Brennan – Birthday Remembrance

John Maguire – Anniversary

Sunday April 10th —10am

Ferghal O’Farrell – Birthday Remembrance

Breda O’Leary – Remembrance

Maura Byrne – 3rd  Anniversary

Sunday April 10th —12.30

Fr Jim Stanley – Anniversary

Fr Pat Stanley – Anniversary


Recently Deceased

Carmel Treacy



April 3rd 2022 – 5th Sunday of Lent

Sat April 2nd —5.30pm Vigil

Phil Meagher—Anniversary

Sunday April 3rd —10am

Patricia Lynch – 1st Anniversary

Mary Cadden—7th Anniversary

Winifred Tallon—Anniversary


Sunday April 3rd —12.30

Ella Kennedy—5th Anniversary

Danny Deegan—Birthday Remembrance

Frank Murray – Anniversary

Bernard King – Anniversary


March 27th 2022 – 4th Sunday of Lent

Sat March 26th —5.30pm Vigil       

No Intention


Eileen Magee – 1st Anniversary

Clare Grant – 2nd Anniversary

Joseph [Joe] Barrett – 24th & Marian Barrett -10th  – Anniversaries


Stephen McDonnell – 1st Anniversary

Bert Callery, Pat Flynn & Paddy McConville – Anniversaries

Joan Fox – 4th Anniversary


Recently Deceased

Doris McLoughlin

Maureen McAteer

Paddy McInerney


Sat March 19th—5.30pm Vigil       

Fionnuala Doyle – 22nd Anniversary


George Boyle — 1st Anniversary

Freda O’Halloran — Anniversary

Asta Kelly — Recently Deceased



Patrick Guinan —14th Anniversary

Nellie Lynch — 11th Anniversary




Oct 31st  – 31st Sunday in Ordinary Time

10am –

Mae O’Connor – Anniversary

Carmel Maguire – Anniversary

Hugh & Kitty McMahon & their grandson Nessan McMahon

Eva Coughlan –  Anniversary


11.30 –  

Jim O’Callaghan – Anniversary

Bill Kavanagh – Anniversary

Tom Curry – Anniversary


Oct 24th  – 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time

10am –

John Doyle – Anniversary

Betty Ryan – Anniversary

Marie Louise Brennan – 9th Anniversary

John Coughlan – Anniversary

Christina Lynch – 14th Anniversary


11.30 –  

Conor Byrne – 1st Anniversary

Thomas & Eleanor Kilcoyne & Family

Pat Kissane – Anniversary


Recently Deceased

Dermot Dunne

Dolores McLoughlin

Ethyl Walsh

Phylis Green

Tiernan Quinn


Oct 17th – 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

10am –

Esther Bracken – Anniversary

Ted Murphy- Anniversary

Robert & Ann Fagan – Anniversary


11.30 –  

Richard Morton  – Anniversary

Fergus Morton – Anniversary

Sr. Teresa Nugent – Anniversary

Essie O’Rourke- Anniversary


Recently Deceased

Phyllis Greene

Tiernan Quinn

Dermot Dunne

Kevin Kelleher


Oct 10th – 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time

10am –

Sheila Meehan – Anniversary

Sarah Clarke- Anniversary

Max Rathakrishnan – 2nd Anniversary


11.30 –  

Peter O’Dwyer – 7th Anniversary

John & Evie Mooney – Anniversaries


Recently Deceased

Gerald Donleavy




Oct 3rd – 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time

10am –

11.30 –  

Orla Morton Byrne – 12th Anniversary

Patricia Carroll – 19th Anniversary

Jim & Anna Keegan – Anniversaries

Months Mind

Marianne Clarke @ 11.30

Recently Deceased

Wayne Alba

Billy McCarthy


Sept 26th – 26th  Sunday in Ordinary Time

10am – Anniversaries

Bob Conan – 6th Anniversary

Fergus O’Brien – 5th Anniversary

James Bracken – Anniversary

Denis O’Sullivan – 3rd Anniversary

11.30 – Anniversary

Christine O’Reilly – 10th Anniversary

Gerald Kenny – 20th Anniversary

David Timlin – 10th Anniversary

Tony Richardson – Anniversary

Recently Deceased

Sharon Lee

Manolito Binaroo

Mary Gleeson


Sept 19th  – 25th  Sunday in Ordinary Time


The Archbold Family


Christy & Nancy Swords


Recently Deceased

Sally Dawson

Evelyn McArdle

Stephen Clare


Sept 12th – 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

10am – Joan Salmon -Anniversary

11.30 .

Recently Deceased
Mary Twomey
Fr. Oliver Crotty


We remember on Sunday 5th   


Lynn Mason – 6th Anniversary

Denis Cleary – Anniversary

Davie Greene – 9th Anniversary


Dan McDonald – Anniversary


Recently Deceased      

Marianne Clarke

James Dilworth

Dereck Woods

James Kelly                              


Months Mind

James Dilworth



John Byrne


August 1st – 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time


Christy Walsh – 13th Anniversary

Howard Napier – 14th Anniversary

Christopher Hegarty – 5th Anniversary

Patricia Kerr – Anniversary

Miriam Monks – 2nd Anniversary

Recently Deceased

Monsignor Conor Ward


July 25th – 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time


James Bracken

Sean & Mary O’Sullivan

Malachy Perry

William Lacey

Pat Cunningham


Recently Deceased

Monsignor Conor Ward


July 18th – 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time. 


Marjorie Maher- 1st Anniversary


Months Mind

Stephen Hunter

John Davies


Recently Deceased

Fr Con McGillicuddy


July 11th – 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time


Therese Doyle – Anniversary

Paddy Kelly – 2nd Anniversary

Months Mind

Stephen Hunter

Recently Deceased

Andy Cummins


July 4th – 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time


Sheila Conlon – 1st Anniversary

Michael Casey – 14th Anniversary

Tom Keogh – 1st Anniversary


June 27th – 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time


Paddy O’Leary


Months Mind

Brendan Purcell


Recently Deceased

Maura Morgan

Ann Hackett

Donal O’Byrne


June 20th – 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time


Derek Lambert – 10th Anniversary

Des Ryan – 19th Anniversary

Recently Deceased

Noreen Lehane

Seamus Healy

Stephen Hunter

Ellen Higgins

Jim Costelloe


June 13th 2021 – 11th Sunday in Ordinary Time


Elizabeth & Michael Lyons

Recently Deceased

Maire Facey

John McCarron

Louise Doherty

Noreen Lehane


June 6th 2021 – The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ


Orla Lemass – 10th Anniversary

Sandra McDonnell – 9th Anniversary

Dara Breathnach – 8th Anniversary

Maurice Dore – 3rd Anniversary


Months Mind

Frank Marshall

Connie Lonergan


Recently Deceased

Brendan Purcell

Victor Lynch

Denise O’Rourke

Mary Doran

Gerry Hogan


May 30th – The Most Holy Trinity


Dr. Nan & Dr. Pearl Dunleavy

Jack Walshe – 45th Anniversary

Una Gibbons

Joe O’Sullivan


May 23rd   –  Pentecost Sunday


Sean Daly – 19th Anniversary

Teresa & Robert Newman

Jack Tiernan – 10th Anniversary

Eleanor Cullen – 20th Anniversary


Recently Deceased

John Mulvey

Ian Lewis

Isabelle Kerr


May 16th  – 7th Sunday of Easter


Billy Doyle

Pauline Heffernan – 16th Anniversary

Nan Sills – 8th Anniversary

Gerry & Maureen Beegan

Michael & Barry Henry

Mairead Kennedy – 2nd Anniversary


Months Mind

Anne O’Brien

 Recently Deceased

Frank Marshall

Betty Curtis


May 9th  – 6th Sunday of Easter


Jimmy Doyle

Michael & Martha McLoughlin

Prince Mathew Joseph- 1st Anniversary

T.P. Santhiavoo

Maeve Power – 3rd Anniversary

Clem O’Reilly – 6th Anniversary

Dick & May Shakespeare

Mary, Patrick & Joseph Fenlon

John Nash – 1st Anniversary

Recently Deceased

Jo-Anne Hickey

Elizabeth Connolly

Connie Lonergan

Laurence Shannon

Monsignor Ardle MacMahon

Frank Marshall


May 2nd 2021 – 5th Sunday of Easter


Denis Tuohy – 100th Anniversary

Una Hogan – 20th Anniversary

Kathleen Quinn – 4th Anniversary

Ailish Bresnan –  4th Anniversary


Recently Deceased

Aidan Carroll

Valerie Hogan

Canon Erill O’Connor


April 25th 2021 – 4rd Sunday of Easter


James Dolan – 19th Anniversary

Marie Therese [Terri] Hurley – 3rd Anniversary

Leah Kennedy – 19th Anniversary

Martin Prenter – 12th Anniversary

Erik De Geus – 2nd Anniversary

Jennifer Molloy – 4th Anniversary

Margaret & Michael Ryan

Months Mind

Stephen Mc Donnell

Joe McFeely

Eileen Magee

Recently Deceased

Derek Brennan

Special Intention


April 18th 2021 – 3rd Sunday of Easter


Brian Merry – 2nd  Anniversary

Mairead Dennehy – 1st anniversary & Birthday Remembrance

Monaghan Family – Anniversaries

Maura Reade – 21st Anniversary

Nessa Cruise – Anniversary

Cathy Vavasour – 11th Anniversary & Birthday Remembrance


Months Mind

George Boyle


Recently Deceased

Anne O’Brien


April 11th 2021  


Gabriel Moore – 11th Anniversary

George Moore – 38th Anniversary

Joe Concannon – 24th Anniversary

Maura Byrne – 2nd Anniversary

Michael Farrell – 1st Anniversary


Months Mind

Marie Devlin Blake

Máire Facey


Recently Deceased

Allanah Dunn


April 4th 2021 – Easter Sunday 


Frank Murray – 3rd Anniversary

Joan Dunne – 16th Anniversary

Mary Cadden – 6th Anniversary also her son Patrick Cadden Recently Deceased.

Hannah Celine O’Brien and husband Paul

Phil Meagher – 4th


Months Mind

Patricia Lynch


Recently Deceased

Stephen McDonnell

Eileen Magee


Birthday Remembrance

Michael Berman [Deceased]

Valerie Ryan [ Living ]


March 28th 2021 – Palm Sunday


Dr. Declan Irving – 7th Anniversary

Joan Davitt – 14th Anniversary

Terry Boyle

Joan Fox – 3rd Anniversary


Months Mind

Gerry Callaly


Recently Deceased

George Boyle

Eileen Magee

Eileen Larkin

Vera Martin


March 21st 2021 – 5th Sunday of Lent 


Stephen Foley

Frieda O’Halloran

Ellen [ Nellie ] Lynch – 10th Anniversary

Fionnola Doyle – 21st Anniversary

Pat Guinan – 13th Anniversary

Danny Shannon    – 7th Anniversary

Johnny Duffy

Eileen O’Neill—1st Anniversary

James & Christina Brady

Mercia & James Treacy & Margaret & Tom Manley

Michael Dennehy


Recently Deceased

Stephen Maher

Marie Devlin Blake


March 14th 2021 – 4th Sunday of Lent   


Bert Callery – 10th Anniversary

Pat Flynn – 5th Anniversary

Paddy McConville – 5th Anniversary

Jim Philips – 10th Anniversary

Rory Henderson – 48th Anniversary

Dominick Lewis – 2nd Anniversary

Lily Sheridan – 12th Anniversary


Recently Deceased

Patricia Lynch

Miriam Sorohan

Fr. Eoin Cassidy

Danny Deegan

Damien & Patricia O’Dowd

Frank Byrne

Special Intention.


March 7th 2021 – 3rd Sunday of Lent   


Sr. Christine Blake – 1st Anniversary

Anne & Jimmy Rigney – 11th Anniversary

Mary Carson – 7th Anniversary

Michael & Annie Murney—Anniversary

Sheila O’Carroll—2nd Anniversary


Recently Deceased

Michael O’Keeffe

Maureen Fox

Patricia Lynch [Late of Maple Manor]


Months Mind

Alice O’Keeffe

Madeline Fennessy


Feb 28th 2021 – 2nd Sunday of Lent   


Mary Reynolds – 34th

Peter McGuinness [6th] & Lily McGuinness [1st]

Rose White – 7th

David Vance – 1st & Robert Vance 33rd

Anne Mallin – 11th

Nora Duffy-

Eileen Boylan

Patrick Sonny Nolan – 18th Anniversary


Recently Deceased

Gerald [Gerry] Callaly

Harry Broderick

Rosaleen Smith

Jim Gallagher


Months Mind

Winifred Tallon


Birthday Remembrance

Paddy Duffy


Feb 21st 2021 – 1st Sunday of Lent   


Moira Flavin – 2nd

Henry & Josephine Smith

Vera O’Sullivan – 1st

Brid Ducker – 14th

Thomas Brazil – 17th

Patrick Gill


Recently Deceased

Elizabeth Holfeld

John Bisset

Eamon McKeon

Eithne Fitzpatrick

Kevin Rice


Months Mind

Danny Deegan

Jean Brennan


Feb 14th 2021 – 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time  


Mary Harkin

Brendan Farrelly – 30th Anniversary & also his wife Sarah recently deceased

Nan Flavin – 35th Anniversary

Charlie & Nora O’Connell

Patrick & Mary Carr & Patrick and Catherine Berns

Jimmy Hickey

Seamus Moore

Recently Deceased

Alice O’Keeffe

Months Mind

Maura Murphy

Tony Naughton

Maureen O’Connell

Jean Brennan


Feb 7th 2021 – 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time  


Miriam Healy – 2nd Anniversary

Michael Ryan

James & Anne O’Malley


Recently Deceased

Stuart Manser

Winnie Tallon

Madeline Fennessy

Frank Byrne

Teresa Brid Walsh

Bridgie Keating


Jan 31st 2021 – 4th Sunday in Ordinary Time  


Chris Kane – 1st Anniversary

Mary Brophy – 1st Anniversary. [Also those who supported the Brophy/O’Donnell family at the time of Mary’s death]

Jackie Kennedy – 2nd Anniversary

Michael Doyle [Kilrickle Co. Galway] – 9th Anniversary

Thomas & Josie Fox

Lily O’Shea- 35th

Dermot Roughan – 11th Anniversary


Recently Deceased

John Connolly

Jerry Kiernan

Cathal McAlinden

Laurence Redmond

Camilla McLoughlin



Jan 24th 2021 – 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time  


Michéal  & Betty Gormley

Carmel Coughlan -4th

John Carroll – 14th

Lily O’Shea – 35th

Michael Bolger -12th

Deceased members of the Gardiner & Carey Families.


Recently Deceased

Danny Deegan

Jerry Kiernan

Brendan Colgan

Fr. Flor McCarthy


Months Mind

Tom Clancy

Paddy Kelly

Jim Brennan


Jan 17th 2021 


William, Maureen & Pauline Heffernan

Kevin Duffy – 2nd

Jack Flavin – 35th

Brian Brennan – 3rd

Tom Duffy

Michael Boylan – 6th

Brid Duckers – 14th

Nancy & Christy Swords

Brigid Perry


Recently Deceased

Christy O’Connell

Anthony Naughton

Francis [Frank] Byrne

Paddy O’Toole

Thomas Twohig


We remember on Sunday 10th Jan 

Recently Deceased.
Eileen Corrigan

William Doyle
Maggie & Jack Donoghue
Paddy Byrne– 28th
Albert Fox—3rd
Johnny Reynolds—40th
Robert Henderson
Bernie de Burca—1st
Anna & Tommy O’Neill.

December 27th  2020


Doreen Sexton – 2nd Anniversary

Deceased members of the Boyle, McShane and O’Farrell Families

Eus stella Kehoe

Catherine Whelan


Recently Deceased

Christy O’Connell

Paddy Kelly


Christmas Mass intentions

Christmas Eve

6pm     –

8pm     Dan & Desmond Healy – Anniversary

Christmas Day


Christina Lynch – Birthday Remembrance

George Humphries – Anniversary

12 noon

Pamela Dalton – 6th Anniversary

Special Intention – Families in crisis – thinking of you all


December 20th  2020 — 4th Sunday of Advent


Fergus Morton & the Kilcoyne Family

Eternal Repose of Trinidad Estremos

Jane & John Walsh, Ethna Gilmore

Ethel Walsh

Cyril Smyth

Hugh Larkin – 1st Anniversary

Paul Lynch – 26th

Jim Gibbons

Margaret Cleary

Rosaleen Ryan

Fr Jim & Fr Pat Stanley


Recently Deceased

Christie O’Connell

Tom Clancy

Richard Morton

Tom Murphy


December 13th 2020 — 3rd Sunday of Advent


Bridgit & Michael Gaughran

Cyril Corrigan

Anne Merry

Nicholas Lynch – 28th Anniversary

Peter & Chris Heffernan & Deceased members of the Heffernan family

David Daly


Recently Deceased

Sean Brosnan

Brother Brendan

Fr. Kevin O’Rourke

Special Intention

Months Mind

Capt. Tom Murphy

Colette Maguire.

Gerald Reilly


December 6th 2020 — 2nd Sunday of Advent


Dan Blake – 1st Anniversary

Nuala McGee – 9th Anniversary

John McKeon – 21st Anniversary

Owen O’Driscoll – 10th Anniversary.

Christopher O’Rourke

Tasha Darcy – 4th Anniversary

Kathleen Owens – Anniversary

Donal & Marie Lowry & Family


Recently Deceased

Eileen O’Dowd

Sally [Sarah] Farrelly

Nora Gleeson


November 29th 2020 — 1st Sunday of Advent


Nicholas Cullen – 2nd Anniversary

Roberto & Federica di Montezemolo

Deceased Members of the Carr and Berns Families

Maureen Brophy

Jack, Alecia & Jim Devlin

Paddy, Mag & Joe Brock


Recently Deceased

Tom Murphy

Richard Morton

Patricia [Pat] Brady

Rachel Webb


Months Mind

Conor Byrne


November 22nd 2020 — Feast of Christ the King


Michael Ferris – 24th Anniversary

Denis Luby – 13th Anniversary

Marie Dolan –

Paddy Duffy – 12th Anniversary

Anne O’Meara –

Olga Downes & Reginald Johnson


Recently Deceased

Olive Montgomery

Paul Barrett

Sean MacAlinden


Months Mind

Jimmy Slevin

Richard Morton


We remember on Sunday 15th November

John O’Shea – 31st Anniversary
Mary, Peggy & Bert Heffernan
Flo Lyons—Anniversary
Paddy Dunne – 11th Anniversary
Special Intention
Pat & Eithne Smyth—Anniversary
Joseph Brophy—Anniversary
Joseph Gallagher—14th Anniversary
Julia Carroll— Anniversary

Recently Deceased.
Tom Murphy
Colette Maguire
Sheelagh Kelly
Anne Corbett
Richard Morton

John P Gray- 4th
Mary Finn – 1st
Margaret [Madge] Byrne – 1st                                                                                                                                                                                          Christina [Ina] Williams – 1st


Nov 8th 2020 – 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time


John Gray – 4th

Tom Curry

Mary Finn – 1st

Mai Boyle

Gretta Flannery – 6th

Mollie & Ernie Corcoran

John Whittle & Ada Whelan

John Reidy

Jim O’Keeffe

Recently Deceased

Conor Byrne

Una McDonnell

Paddy Curley

Lar Dunne

Peggy & Joe McGlinchey

Months Mind

Thomas Coone


Nov 1st 2020 – Feast of All Saints


Hugh & Kitty McMahon & [Grandson] Nessan McMahon

James O’Callaghan – 14th Anniversary

Joan Doyle -11th Anniversary

John Cummins – 5th Anniversary

Mae O’Connor – 9th Anniversary

Thomas Whittle & Thomas Whelan

Recently Deceased

Conor Byrne

Moira McCartan

John Kirwan

Evelyn Gallagher

Carmel Percival

Rita Costelloe


Oct 25th 2020 – 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time


Betty Ryan – 5th

John Doyle

Marie Louise Brennan – 8th

Bill Kavanagh – 14th Anniversary

Christina Lynch – 13th

Pat Kissane – 18th

Deceased members of the Kirwan family


Recently Deceased

Richard Morton

Dr. Anna Nally

Johnny Devitt

Peter Conan

Winnie Walshe

Lynda Kennedy


We remember on Sunday 18th

Mary Quinn— Recently Deceased
Esther Bracken— Anniversary
John Coughlan— 11th Anniversary
Kathleen Fenton— Birthday
RemembranceSpecial Intention—Get Well Soon

Recently Deceased.
Thomas Coone
John Hume
Anthony (Tony) Richardson
Theresa Keyes
Larry Ryder


Robert & Ann Fegan


Oct 11th  2020 – 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time


Peter O’Dwyer

Sheila Meehan & Sarah Clarke

Mary Curry – 18th Anniversary

Sr. Teresa Nugent

Essie O’Rourke- 1st Anniversary

Deceased members of the McGovern family

Daragh Murphy

William & Peggy McNally

June Daly

Anne & Sam Cole

Get Well Soon –  for Dolores & John Cooper

Months Mind

Shane Kiersey


Oct 4th 2020 – 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time


Patricia Carroll

John & Evie Mooney

Orla Byrne

Marie O’Leary

Margaret McGrath – 2nd Anniversary

Denis O’Sullivan

Laurence Berry  – 5th Anniversary

Recently Deceased

Emma Hodgins Hayden

Teresa Keyes

Get Well Special Intention 

Birthday Remembrances

Séan Finn

Months Mind

Tom Howard


Sept 27th 2020 – 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time


Archbold Family – [Tommie, Elizabeth, Anthony & Bernadette] Anniversary

Christine O’Reilly – 9th Anniversary

William Boylan – 43rd Anniversary

Noreen Brien – 1st Anniversary

Sean Finn – 5th Anniversary

Bob Conan – 5 Anniversary

Barney & Christy Green – Anniversary

Recently Deceased

Larry Ryder

Fr. John Wall

Ita Kelly

Birthday Remembrances

Laurence Berry

Months Mind

Helen O’Leary


Sept 20th 2020 – 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time


Fergus O’Brien – 4th Anniversary

James Bracken – 5th Anniversary

Celine O’Carroll – 7th Anniversary

Recently Deceased

Frances Conlon

Fr. David Lumsden

Thomas Kane

Pierce Duggan

James Flynn

Birthday Remembrances

Peg Higgins – 92nd

Susan & J.Y. Okigbo

Gerard Holmes

Months Mind

Marie English


Sept 13th 2020 – 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Recently Deceased

Tom Brennan

Mary Elizabeth Dolan

Shane Kiersey

Maureen McAllister


Joan Salmon


Sept 6th 2020 – 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Recently Deceased

Tom McGibney

Brendan Halpin

Anna Brown

Fr. David Lumsden – C.C. of Edenmore/Grange Parish


Lynn Mason – 5th Anniversary

Dennis Cleary

Tom Wallace

Birthday Remembrance

Gerard Holmes

Special Intention


Aug 30th 2020 – 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Recently Deceased

Right Reverend Monsignor Seamus Conway, Pastor Emeritus, Parish of the Assumption, Booterstown, Co. Dublin.

Frank (Noel McCoy)

Margaret Kearney


Mass of Thanksgiving

Jack McCarthy—28th Anniversary.

Michael Johnstone

John F Byrne— 2nd Anniversary

Maurice Power.

Paddy & Mona Byrne

Months Mind

Tom Cushion


Aug 23rd 2020 – 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time

Recently Deceased

Marie Delahuntie


James, Ann & John Doonan

Willy Mooney- 4th

Hugh Hackett – 5th

Richard Thornhill – 9th

Tom Conlon – 1st

Michael O’Sullivan

Kitty Kissane – 2nd

Months Mind

Tom Cushion

Birthday Remembrance

Hyacienth Emake Ikwukeme


Aug 16th 2020 – 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Recently Deceased

Finbar McSweeney

Ken O’Leary

Alex Fayden

Naoise O’Sullivan

Sylvia Gray

John McColgan

Peter McNabb

Eddie Murphy


Jenny McGovern – 1st Anniversary

Tom Curry – 8th Anniversary

Hannah & Jackie Coleman

John, Olive & Sean Cluskey

Francis, Margaret & James Murry

Months Mind

Tom Cushion

Birthday Remembrance

Pauline Heffernan


Aug 9th 2020 – 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Recently Deceased

Dennis Downey

Gemma Byrne

Ken O’Leary


Pat Meehan – 1st

Paul Devenney – 2nd

Kay Kenny – 1st

Paddy Perry

Celine Kavanagh – 1st

Months Mind

Tom Keogh


Aug 2nd 2020 – 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Recently Deceased

Kevin Nolan

Colm Palliser

Thomas Cushion

Clare Grant


Miriam Monks – 1st Anniversary

Eugene Campbell – 2nd Anniversary

Christy Walsh –  Anniversary

Christopher Hogarty – Anniversary

Oliver Wright – 2nd Anniversary

Patricia Kerr – 13th Anniversary

Nell Noonan – Anniversary

Months Mind

Patrick Dullaghan


July 26h 2020 –  Sunday in Ordinary Time

Recently Deceased

Marjorie Maher

Eileen Smyth

Breda Connolly

Paddy O’Leary

Michael Toomey


Christopher & Margaret Hatton

Elizabeth & Michael Lyons

William Lacey – 1st Anniversary

Dan O’Connor

James Bracken Snr

Malachy Perry

Birthday Remembrance

Mae O’Connor

Barbara Dwyer


July 19th 2020 – 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Recently Deceased

Mary O’Driscoll

Sonny O’Meara


Joan French

Thomas & Catherine Mulvany

Birthday Remembrance

Anthonia Umeh


July 12th 2020 – 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Recently Deceased

Sheila Conlon

Tom Keogh

Michael Toomey



Paddy Kelly – 1st Anniversary

Theresa Doyle – Anniversary

Tommy Merriman- 12th Anniversary


Birthday Remembrance

Sylvia Edejiogho


We remember on Sunday July 5th 

Michael Casey – 13th Anniversary

Recently Deceased
Des Horgan Gaul
Desmond O’Halloran
Gerard Meagher


June 28th 2020 – 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Recently Deceased

Baby Paige Stanley,

Gerard Meagher,

Joseph McEvoy,

Jim Murphy


Mahony Family & Smith Family

Bertie Higgins — 22nd Anniversary

Birthday Remembrance

Tom Conlon


June 21st 2020

Recently Deceased

Gus Lehane

Colm Horkan [ Det Garda]


Patrick O’Carroll – 22nd  Anniversary

Raymond Widdis – 20th Anniversary

Paul Feighery – 9th Anniversary

Neville Matthews – 2nd Anniversary

Des Ryan – 18th Anniversary

Noel Doyle – 1st

Months Mind

Barbara Holmes


June 14th 2020

Recently Deceased

Rev. John Canon MacMahon

Patricia Halford

John Dunlop


JJ & Ciaran Walsh –  Anniversary

James & Anne O’Malley -Anniversary

John & Joe Fagan – Anniversary


We remember on Sunday June 7th

Emma Duke—21st Anniversary Paul Devonie

Recently Deceased Ewa Czyzyk, Eleanor Nicholson Ivor O’Kane Anniversaries, Sandra McDonnell—8th Anniversary Emma Duke—21st Anniversary Lucia Cajiao & Alfonso Valderrama Charlie Read—17th Anniversary Harriett O’Brien—6th Anniversary

We remember on Sunday May 31st

Maurice Dore (2nd Anniversary) Dr Pearl Dunlevy Sean Daly (18th Anniversary)

Recently Deceased Thomas (TP) Hardiman Peg Hayes Paul Wallace. Fr Gerry Byrne Chaplain to the Blackrock Clinic


We remember on Sunday May 24th

Fionnuala Doyle (20th Anniversary) Jack Tiernan (9th Anniversary) Betty Scully RIP Joan Smith RIP


We remember on Sunday May 17th

Gerry and Maureen Beegan (A) Carl Daniel Monaghan (A) Barry Henry (First Anniversary) Sean Clarke (33rd Anniversary) John Fitzpatrick (A) Seamus and Mairead Kennedy (First Anniversaries) Pauline Heffernan (15th Anniversary) Michael Henry (Anniversary )

Recently Deceased Archdeacon Ciaran Canon Holahan (Pastor Emeritus Foxrock Parish) , Gerard Keane


Sunday May 10th

Michael and Martha McLoughlin Anniversary. Jimmy and Billy Doyle Anniversary,  Denis Tuohy (Junior) Birthday Remembrance Intention

Recently Deceased Norah Mahon , James O’Sullivan John Nash

Sun 3rd May 2020

Martin Prenter (11th Anniversary) Sé Quirke (13th Anniversary) John D Sheridan (40th Anniversary) Jodie Moreland (First Anniversary)                     Months Mind Patrick (Pa) Shanahan Anniversaries Paul Daly Kathleen Quinn Ailish Bresnan Hilary Fogarty Mac Kenzie Denis Tuohy (99th Anniversary)

April 26th

Leah Kennedy Anniversary, Una Hogan 19th Anniversary, James Dolan Anniversary, Terry Hurley 2nd Anniversary, Erik De Geus First Anniversary, Baby Luke Oscar Dillon 22nd Anniversary Harry and Mary Smith Anniversary Philip and Brigid Lynch Anniversary Jim & Betty Wallace Max Ryan Jack and Annie O’Boyle

April 19th

We remember at the 10 AM Mass on Sunday George and Gabriel Moore, Anniversaries Brian Merry (First Anniversary) Joe Lynott (13th Anniversary)


April 12th

At the Easter Weekend we remember Maura Byrne Anniversary Maura Reade Anniversary

Recently Deceased: Phillip Cummins and Maeve Murphy

April 5th

Remember at Mass on Sunday 5th April [10 AM Broadcast Mass] Veronica Crosbie (First Anniversary) Sean Carr (Sixth Anniversary) Mary Cadden (Anniversary) Patrick Gillen (Anniversary) Niamh Callaghan (Anniversary) Frank Murray (Second Anniversary) Charlie Breen (Anniversary)

Recently Deceased: Monsignor John Fitzpatrick

March 29th 2020

Please Pray For : Dr Declan Irving (6th Anniversary) Ella Kennedy (3rd Anniversary) Eileen Kenny (3rd Anniversary) Frank Murray (2nd Anniversary) Recently Deceased: Molly Griffin, Tadhg Kenny Joan Davitt (13th Anniversary) Lilly and Jack Flynn (Anniversary)

March 22nd 2020

Please Pray For : Arthur Fallon RIP, Bert Callery, (A), Paddy Flynn (A), Paddy McConville, Patrick Guiney, Des Fitzgerald (A), Freda O’Halloran (A)

Weekend Intentions March 15th 2020

6.30 pm – Eileen Fingleton – Special Intention

10am – Stephen Hand – RIP, Paul Cotterall – RIP

12.30pm. –  Fr.Patrick Mulvey, Jim Phillips – 9th Anniversary

Recently Deceased:   Paul Cotterall

Months Mind:-

Anniversaries:  Rory Henderson, Marion Molloy, Gerald McLoughlin


Weekend Intentions March 8th 2020

6.30 pm –     Chris Kane – Months Mind

10am –  Dominick Lewis,    Arthur Blake ( Birthday)

12.30pm. –  Joseph & Nora Hurley – Anniversary,  Mary Brophy – Months Mind

Recently Deceased:   

Months Mind:-     Chris Kane

Anniversaries:   Sheila O’Carroll – (1st Anniversary),  Denis & Maeve Bree


Weekend Intentions March 1st 2020

6.30 pm –     James & Elizabeth O’Brien – Anniversary, . Matt Fitzgibbon – Anniversary

10am – Sheila Nethercott – Get Well,  Pat & Jack Mullen

12.30pm. –  Kathleen O’Sullivan – Anniversary,    Theo O’Leary & John & Kathleen O’Leary,  Sonny Nolan – 17th Anniversary

Recently Deceased:   

Months Mind:-

 Anniversaries:  Sonny Nolan (17th  Anniversary ),    Philip Ryan (anniversary)


Weekend Intentions Feb 23rd 2020

6.30 pm – Anne Mallin – 10th  Anniversary,  Mary Stewart               

10am – Anne O’Gorman – Rec. Dec.,    Thomas Brazil – Anniversary

12.30pm. – Hugh & Geraldine Howe – Anniversary, Christopher & Elizabeth Donlon

Recently Deceased:   

Months Mind:-

 Anniversaries: Ann & Paddy Moore, Deirdre O’Donohoe (Anniv.),  Peggy Cronin – (Anniv.)


Weekend Intentions Feb 16th 2020

6.30 pm –  Gerard Comiskey – 3rd Anniversary,  Maura Freeney – Anniversary

10am –   Moira Flavin – 1st Anniversary,  Bernadette De Burca – Months Mind


Recently Deceased:   

Months Mind:-  Bernadette De Burca



Weekend Intentions Feb 9th 2020

6.30 pm –  Carmel Coughlan -3rd Anniversary,  Evelyn Curtin – Anniversary

10am –  Maeve McDonald – 1st Anniversary,   Peggy O’Brien – Anniversary

12.30pm. –  Marie Breslin,     Adeline Slattery – Anniversary

Recently Deceased:   

Months Mind:

Anniversaries:   Maeve McDonald – 1st Anniversary), T & J Boyle


Weekend Intentions Jan 26th 2020

6.30 pm –  Kevin Duffy – 1st Anniversary

10am – Detta Pigot – 20th Anniversary,   Dermot Raughan – 10thAnniversary,  Michael Bolger – 11thAnniversary

12.30pm. – Míchael Gormley – 2nd Anniversary,  Meg McLoughlin – 1st Anniversary

Recently Deceased:   Tony Masterson

Months Mind:  Hugh Larkin, Paddy Torpey

Anniversaries:   Kevin Duffy (1st Anniv.) Patricia Larkin – (6th Anniv.)  Carmel Coughlan – (3rd Anniv.) Eileen & Jim McKell – (Anniv.)  Pat Cunningham – (4th Anniv)


Weekend Intentions Jan 19th 2020

6.30 pm –  Dermot Delahunty – 7th Anniversary

10am –  Mary Heffernan – Anniversary

12.30pm. –

Recently Deceased:

Anniversaries:  Maureen, Billy and Pauline Heffernan,  Michael Boylan -5th Anniversary,  Bridget Perry, Ann Healy



Weekend Intentions Jan 12th 2020

6.30 pm –   Elizabeth Prior – Anniversary, . John Carroll – 13th Anniversary

10am –  Brian Brennan – 2nd Anniversary,    William Doyle – Anniversary

12.30pm. – Maggie & Jack Donohoe – Anniversary, Fearghal o’Farrell – Anniversary

Recently Deceased: Bernadette De Burca

Months Mind:

Anniversaries:  Margaret Cunningham, Patrick O’Donnell


Weekend Intentions Dec 22nd 2019

Saturday 21st December
6.30pm Vigil Mass
Patty Mooney & Sam O’Connor – Anniversary
Eileen Rodgers – 2nd Anniversary
Sunday 22nd December 
10am Mass
Gerry Holmes – 3rd Anniversary
Paul Lynch – Anniversary
12.30pm Mass
Thomas, Anne Nancy, Patrick & Marie Therese Walsh
Brendan Raythorn – 3rd Anniversary, Jim Gibbons (Anniversary)
Months Mind
Madge Byrne
Monday 23rd December
Mary Finn – Recently Deceased
Tom Walsh – Remembrance Mass
Christmas Eve
Tuesday 24th December
10am Mass
Michael Richard Gibbons & Nora Gibbons and deceased members of the Gibbons Family
8pm Vigil Mass
Dan Healy – Anniversary
Fergus Morton – Remembrance
Christmas Day 25th December
10am Mass
Christina Lynch – Birthday remembrance
12.30pm Mass
Pamela Dalton – 5th Anniversary
St Stephen’s Day
Thursday 26th December 
Mass at 11am

Weekend Intentions Dec 15th 2019

6.30 pm – Tom Collins – 2nd Anniversary

10am – Brigid Gaughran – 6th Anniversary

12.30pm. – Cyril Corrigan – Anniversary, Paddy Byrne – 27th Anniversary, Annie O’Loughlin – Anniversary

Recently Deceased:

Months Mind:   Betty Callaghan.

Anniversaries: Jane Widdis, Maureen & David Salmon, Nicholas Lynch (27th Anniversary)


Weekend Intentions Dec 8th 2019

6.30 pm – John Mc Kean – 20th Anniversary, John & Mary Gibbons – Anniversary

10am –  .Anne Merry – 11th Anniversary,  Brian Merry – Late husband of Anne Merry

12.30pm. –  Christopher O’Rourke – Anniversary,   Tom Feeney – Anniversary

Recently Deceased:  Kathlyn Murphy, Denise Philip

Months Mind:  Mary Finn

Anniversaries: Peter Coyle – 2nd Anniversary


Weekend Intentions Dec 1st 2019

6.30 pm – Tasha Darcy –  3rd Anniversary,    Aleica, John, Jim Devlin – Anniversaries

10am –  . Nuala McGee – Anniversary

12.30pm. –  Brendan Reynolds – Anniversary,  .Don & Connie Brady – Anniversary

Recently Deceased:

Months Mind:




Weekend Intentions 24th Nov.

6.30 pm – Olga Downes & Reggie Johnstone- Anniversary

10am –  Marie Dolan – Anniversary,  Michael Ferris – 23rd Anniversary

12.30pm. –  Special Intention,  Paddy Duffy – Anniversary

Recently Deceased:

Months Mind:

Anniversaries:  Denis Luby – 6th Anniversary

Weekend Intentions 17th Nov.

6.30 pm – Tom Curry – Anniversary

10am – John Doyle – Anniversary

12.30pm. – Alan Kenny – 4th Anniversary, Special Intention

Recently Deceased:  Mary Finn, Betty Callaghan, Gerry Byrne

Months Mind:  Kathleen Adams



Weekend Intentions 10th Nov.

6.30 pm – Paddy Dunne – 10th Anniversary,  Jim O’Callaghan – 13th Anniversary

10am – Flo Lyons – 11th Anniversary,  Geraldine Kennedy – 2nd Anniversary,  John Reidy & Jim O’Keeffe – Anniversary

12.30pm. – John P.Gray – 3rd Anniversary, Mollie & Ernie Corcoran – Anniversary

Months Mind:  Anne (Essie) O’Rourke, Max Campbell-Rathakrishnan

Anniversaries: Dorothy Munden- 2nd Anniversary,  Dympna Cowley – 1st Anniversary


Weekend Intentions 3rd Nov.

6.30 pm – Michael Gribbin – 2nd Anniversary

10am – John Sinnott -5th Anniversary

12.30pm. – John Cummins – Anniversary

Months Mind:



Weekend Intentions 27th Oct.

6.30 pm – Marie-Louise Brennan- 7th Anniversary,  Seamus McNally – 3rd Anniversary

10am – Betty Ryan- Anniversary, Bill Kavanagh – 13th Anniversary

12.30pm. – Robert & Anne Fegan – Anniversary, John Slater – Anniversary

Months Mind:



Weekend Intentions 20th Oct.

6.30 pm – John Coughlan – 10th Anniversary,  Austin & Betty Hastings – Anniversary

10am – Cyril Smith – Birthday Mass,   Christina Lynch – 12th Anniversary,  Tom Conlon – Months Mind

12.30pm. –  Nancy & Christy Swords,  Patricia Widdis – 4th Anniversary

Recently Deceased: – Anne (Essie)O’Rourke,  Fr. Frank O’ Malley

Months Mind: Tom Conlo



Weekend Intentions 13th Oct.

6.30 pm – Peter O’Dwyer – 5th Anniversary

10am – 

12.30pm. – Sheila Meehan,  Sarah Clarke

Recently Deceased: – Gerry Madigan, Helen Harnett

Months Mind: 

Anniversaries:  Gerry Martin – 12th Anniversary


Weekend Intentions 6th Oct.

6.30 pm – Daragh Murphy – Anniversary, Mary Curry – Anniversary

10am – Patricia Carroll – Anniversary

12.30pm. –  Anna Keegan & Jim Keegan – Anniversary,  John & Evie Mooney – 5th & 2nd Anniversary

Recently Deceased: – Canon Maurice O’Moore

Months Mind: 



Weekend Intentions 29th Sept

6.30 pm – Herbie Magee – 6th Anniversary

10am – Christopher Greaves 2nd Anniversary,  Laurence Berry – Anniversary

12.30pm. – Patrick Walsh – 10th Anniversary,  Christine O’Reilly – 8th Anniversary  


Recently Deceased: – Very Rev. Michael Cremin,  Michael O’Flynn

Months Mind: 

Anniversaries: William Boylan,  David Timlin – 8th Anniversary, Celine O’Carroll – 6th Anniversary


Weekend Intentions 22nd Sept

6.30 pm – Finbarr O’Brien – Rec. Dec

10am –  Jim Bracken – Anniversary, Fergus O’Brien – 3rd Anniversary

12.30pm. –  James Finegan – 8th Anniversary


Recently Deceased: –

Months Mind: 



Weekend Intentions 15th Sept

6.30 pm – Finbarr O’Brien – Rec. Dec

10am – Margaret Doran – RIP

12.30pm. –  Joan Salmon, . Greg Finn – Months Mind


Recently Deceased: – Liam Ó Cochlain

Months Mind: Michael Laurence Gallagher, Greg Finn



Weekend Intentions Sept 1st

6.30 pm –   John F Byrne – 1st Anniversary,  Maurice Power – Anniversary

10am –  Paddy & Mona Byrne – Anniversaries

12.30pm. –  Lynn Mason – 4th Anniversary,  Miriam Monks – Months Mind


Recently Deceased: – Tom Conlon, Fr. Tony Coote, Nuala Casey

Months Mind: Celine Kavanagh, Kathleen Cotter, Miriam Monks, Margaret Byrne

Anniversaries:  John Felix Byrne (1st Anniversary)


Weekend Intentions Aug 25th

6.30 pm –  James, Ann & John Doonan – Anniversaries,  Mike Johnstone – Anniversary

10am – Denis Cleary – Anniversary

12.30pm. –   Hugh Hackett – 4th Anniversary,  Michael O’Sullivan – Anniversary


Recently Deceased: – Canon Michael (Des) Supple (retired), former PP of Kilcullen, Sarah Crowe

Months Mind:  

Anniversaries:  Lily Cassidy (1st Anniv), Rita Robinson,   Joseph Keane (11th Anniv), Jack McCarthy


Weekend Intentions Aug 18th

6.30 pm –  Paddie Connellan – RIP

10am – Annette O’Gaora – RIP

12.30pm. – Jenny McGovern – RIP


Recently Deceased: – Mrs Breda Ferry , Greg Finn

Months Mind:  

Anniversaries:  Tony O’Connor


Weekend Intentions Aug 11th

6.30 pm – Séan Coughlan – 8th Anniversary,  Thomas and Catherine Mulvany – Anniversary

10am – Kitty Kissane – 1stAnniversary,   Michael Sexton – 2nd Anniversary

12.30pm. – Paddy Mc Glade – RIP,   Jennifer Taaffe – RIP

Recently Deceased: –  Jenny Mc Govern

Months Mind:   Paddy Kelly

Anniversaries:  Paul Devenney (1st Anniv.) Kitty Kissane (1st Anniv.),

Eileen Dempsey (1st Anniv) please mention @ 10am Mass


Weekend Intentions Aug 4th

6.30 pm –  Christy Walsh – 11th Anniversary, James McEntee – 6th Anniversary

10am – Paul Devenney – 1st Anniversary,   Oisin Gray – Rec. Dec.

12.30pm. –  Eugene Campbell – 1st Anniversary,  Christopher Hogarty – 3rd Anniversary

Recently Deceased: –  William Lacey,  Miriam Monks,  Kathleen Cotter, Margaret Byrne,

                                  Brian Doran, Sr. Margherita Rock R. S M.

Months Mind:  

Anniversaries:  Oliver Wright (1st Anniv.) Eugene Campbell (1st Anniv.)


Weekend Intentions July 28th

6.30 pm –  Joe Dillon – 6th Anniversary,  Cyril Duggan – RIP

10am –  Howard Napier – 2nd Anniversary,  Pat & Paula Finnerty – Special Intention

12.30pm. –  Patricia Hannify – RIP

Recently Deceased: – Mary Whelan, Gareth Jones

Months Mind:  

Anniversaries:  Dan O’Connor – 26th Anniversary



Weekend Intentions July 21st

6.30 pm – Mary Henderson – RIP,   Pat Cunningham – 18th Anniversary

10am –   Cyril Duggan – Recently Deceased

12.30pm. –   

Recently Deceased: – Cyril Duggan – Recently Deceased

Months Mind:  



Weekend Intentions July 14th

6.30 pm – . Special Intention

10am –     Theresa Doyle – Anniversary

12.30pm. –   Carmel Walsh – Months Mind

Recently Deceased: –

Months Mind:  Carmel Walsh

Anniversaries:  David O’Callaghan –  1st Anniversary



Weekend Intentions July 7th

6.30 pm – . Jim & Mary King – Anniversary, Special Intention

10am –     Oisin Gray – RIP,  Mary Mullin – Get well

12.30pm. –  Michael Casey, Tommy Merrinan – 11th Anniversary

Recently Deceased: – Oisin Gray

Months Mind:  



Weekend Intentions June 30th

6.30 pm – Sean Byrne – 4th Anniversary

10am –  Michael & Elizabeth Lyons – Anniversary,  Thanksgiving Mass

12.30pm. – Geraldine Quinn – Recently Deceased,  Raymond Widdis – 19th Anniversary

Recently Deceased: –

Months Mind:  

Anniversaries: Clare Gormley (1st Anniversary), Michael (Mick) O’Hara – 6th Anniversary


Weekend Intentions June 23rd

6.30 pm – Breda Cardiff – Months MInd,  Dorothy Macilwraith – Recently Deceased

10am –  Mairead Kennedy – Recently Deceased

12.30pm. – Maureen & John Mc Cambridge – 25th Anniversary,  Mairead Kennedy – Recently Deceased

Recently Deceased: – Jacqueline(Jackie) McPartland

Months Mind:  

Anniversaries:   Lucia & Alfonso Valderrama,  Eileen Magee


Weekend Intentions June 16th

6.30 pm – Seamus and Jackie Kennedy,  Des Ryan – 17th Anniversary

10am –  Phil Manser – 1st Anniversary,  Jeremy Manser – Remembrance

12.30pm. – Anna Nolan – 10th Anniversary,  Seán O’Brien – Anniversary


Recently Deceased: – Mairead Kennedy

Months Mind:  Seamus Kennedy, Breda Cardiff

Anniversaries: Fr Gerry Doyle – 1st Anniversary,  Jim Mc Hale – 1st Anniversary


Weekend Intentions June 9th

6.30 pm –  Jim Mc Cauley – RIP

10am –  Emma Duke – 20th Anniversary

12.30pm. – Dara Breathnach – 6th Anniversary,  Brian Merry – Months Mind


Recently Deceased: –  Mairead Kennedy

Months Mind:  Brian Merry

Anniversaries: Jim Mc Hale (1st Anniversary


Weekend Intentions June 2nd

6.30 pm – Betty Casey – 22nd Anniversary,  Phyl Lake – 10th Anniversary

10am –  Maurice Dore – 1st Anniversary

12.30pm. – Sandra McDonnell – 7th Anniversary


Recently Deceased: –

Months Mind: 



Weekend Intentions May 26th

6.30 pm – Peter Hopkins,  John & Josephine Hinchy

10am – John Callaghan – 27th Anniversary

12.30pm. – Maura Byrne – Months Mind


Recently Deceased: – Seamus Kennedy

Months Mind: Maura Byrne



Weekend Intentions May 19th

6.30 pm – Special Intention

10am – Nan Sills – 6th Anniversary

12.30pm. – Mark Bacon – Months Mind,  Sean Mombrun – Birthday Remembrance


Recently Deceased: – Very Rev Michael Guckian O.M.I.

Months Mind: Mark Bacon, Brian Merry

Anniversaries: Grainne Brennan – 1st Anniversary


Weekend Intentions May 12th

6.30 pm – Michael & Martha McLoughlin – Anniversary,  Clem O’Reilly – 4th Anniversary,  Maeve Power – 1st Anniversary

10am – Eileen Duffy – Anniversary,  Gerry & Maureen Beegan – Anniversary

12.30pm. – John Fitzpatrick – Anniversary,  Bernard & Patricia Garrigan Dec’d. Children – Anniversary


Recently Deceased: –

Months Mind: 

Anniversaries: Ann, Bernie & Philomena Garrigan,  Joanne Moloney,   Ann& Ronnie Golden ,

Mollie Henderson , Ann Gillooly


Weekend Intentions May 5th

6.30 pm – Renee Fox – Anniversary

10am – Jimmy & Billy Doyle – Anniversary

12.30pm. – Sé Quirk – Anniversary,  Joseph Hurley – 25th Anniversary


Recently Deceased: –

Months Mind: Veronica Crosbie

Anniversaries: Maeve Power ( 1st Anniversary)


Weekend Intentions April 28th    

6.30 pm – Leaha Kennedy – 17th Anniversary

10am – Terry Hurley – 1st Anniversary, James Dolan – Anniversary

12.30pm. – Martin Prenter – 10th Anniversary,  Fr Colm Connolly OFM – Months Mind,               Mass for Mairín Conlon

Recently Deceased: –

Months Mind:  Fr Colm Connolly OFM

Anniversaries:  Terry Hurley – 1st Anniversary


Weekend Intentions April 21st     Easter Sunday

8pm – Easter Vigil. – Oisín & Darragh Brocklebank – 14th Anniversary

10am – Gabrille Moore – 10th Anniversary & George Moore – 37th Anniversary

12.30pm. – Fergus Morton – 3rd Anniversary,  Veronica Crosbie – Recently Deceased


Recently Deceased: –

Months Mind:  



Weekend Intentions April 14th

6.30 pm –  Laura Walsh – 5th Anniversary,  Sheila O’Carroll – Months Mind

10am – Maura Reade – 19th Anniversary

12.30pm. – Joe Lynott – 11th Anniversary,  Patrick Gillen – 7th Anniversary


Recently Deceased: –

Months Mind:  Sheila O’Carroll

Anniversaries: Mark Owens (1st Anniversary) , Patrick Gillen (7th Anniversary), Cathy Vavasour


Weekend Intentions April 7th 

6.30 pm –  Christopher & Elizabeth Donlon,  Sean Regan – 1st Anniversary

10am –  Sean Carr – 5th Anniversary,   Miriam Walsh – 15th Anniversary

12.30pm. –  William Doody – 20th Anniversary,  Elinor Phillips – Anniversary,  Justin Nelson – 1st Anniversary


Recently Deceased: –  Fr Aidan Larkin (Columban)

Months Mind:  Dominick Lewis

Anniversaries: Liam Daly (1st Anniversary), Philip Darbey,


Weekend Intentions March 31st

6.30 pm – Ellla Kennedy – 2nd Anniversary,  Liam O’Brien – Recently Deceased,  Margaret O’Brien – 2nd Anniversary

10am – Special Intention,  Mary Cadden – Anniversary

12.30pm. – Bert Callery – 8th Anniversary,  Paddy Flynn – 3rd Anniversary,  Paddy McConville – 3rd Anniversary


Recently Deceased: – Anne MacNulty-Farrell

Months Mind:  Marion Molloy

Anniversaries:  Pat Mullen (1st Anniversary), Justin Nelson (1st Anniversary), Tony Kelly (12th Anniversary)


Weekend Intentions March 24th

6.30 pm – John Duffy – Anniversary,  Freda O’Halloran – Anniversary

10am – Margaret Mullen – 1st Anniversary,  Jack Mullen – 7th Anniversary

12.30pm. – Eileen Kenny – 2nd Anniversary,  Pat Guinan – 11th Anniversary


Recently Deceased: –

Months Mind:  Meg Mc Loughlin

Anniversaries:  Joan Fox (1st Anniv), Des Fitzgerald (20th Anniv)


Weekend Intentions March 17th

6.30 pm – Special Intention,  Fionnuala Doyle – 19th Anniversary

10am –  Joan Hickey – 1st Anniversary,  Moira Flavin – Months Mind

12.30pm. –  Jim Phillips – 8th Anniversary,  Marion Molloy – Recently Deceased


Recently Deceased: -Dominick Lewis, Fr Denis Bergin

Months Mind: Moira Flavin

Anniversaries: Joan Hickey (1st Anniversary), Dermot Rigley (1st Anniversary) Rory Henderson (46th Anniversary) Nellie Lynch (8th Anniversary). Rita Parsons


Weekend Intentions March 10th

6.30 pm –  James Lundy – 1st Anniversary,  Special Intention

10am –  Eileen & Jim McKell – Anniversary,  Special Intention

12.30pm. –  Maureen & Pat Butler & Deceased members of the Butler & Hogan Families,   Kathleen Fenton – 2nd Anniversary


Recently Deceased: – Marion Molloy

Months Mind:  

Anniversaries:  Denis Bree, Jane Walsh, John Walsh


Weekend Intentions March 3rd

6.30 pm – Anne Mallin – 9th Anniversary,  Kevin Duffy – Months Mind

10am – Moira Flavin – Recently Deceased,  Maeve Mc Donald – Months Mind

12.30pm. –  Kathleen O’Sullivan – Anniversary,  Moira Flavin – Recently Deceased,   Ailis Purcell – Anniversary


Recently Deceased:

Months Mind:   Kevin Duffy,  Maeve McDonald

Anniversaries:   Margaret Toal  (1st Anniversary)


Weekend Intentions Feb 24th

6.30 pm –  

10am – 

12.30pm. –  Peggy Cronin – 5th Anniversary, Sonny Nolan – 16th Anniversary


Recently Deceased: Moira Flavin

Months Mind:   

Anniversaries:  Maeve Bree,   Eileen Boylan



Weekend Intentions Feb 17th

6.30 pm –  

10am – Fearghal O’Farrell – Anniversary , Seamus Ward – 8th Anniversary

12.30pm. –  John (Jackie) Kennedy – Recently Deceased,  Thomas Brazil – Anniversary


Recently Deceased:  Miriam Healy

Months Mind:   

Anniversaries:  Eithne Meagher (1st Anniversary)


Weekend Intentions Feb 10th

6.30 pm –  Gerard Comiskey – 2nd Anniversary

10am –  Fr Jim Stanley & Fr Pat Stanley,   Marie Breslin – 6th Anniversary

12.30pm. –  Máirín Conlon – Recently Deceased,  Hugh & Geraldine Howe – Anniversary



Recently Deceased: Miriam O’Donnell,  John [Jackie] Kennedy

Months Mind:   

Anniversaries: Adeline Slattery (5th Anniv),  Matilda Chalhoub (2nd Anniv), James & Anne O’Malley


Weekend Intentions Feb 3rd

6.30 pm –  

10am –  Joan Moane—Anniversary,   Maureen Conlon

12.30pm. –  Mary Harkin – 16th Anniversary,   Phil Davey – 1st Anniversary


Recently Deceased: Kevin Duffy,  Seamus Kerrigan

Months Mind:   

Anniversaries: Joan Marie (1st Anniversary),   Phil Davey ( 1st Anniversary)


Weekend Intentions Jan 27th

6.30 pm –  Anne Fox – 40th Anniversary,   Doreen Sexton – Months Mind

10am –  Carmel Coughlan – 2nd Anniversary,  Michael Bolger – 10th Anniversary

12.30pm. –  Michéal Gormley – 1st Anniversary,  Eamon & Dermot Doyle – Anniversary


Recently Deceased:

Months Mind:  Doreen Sexton – Months Mind

Anniversaries: Michéal Gormley  (1st Anniv), Eileen & Jim McKell, Joan Walsh (7th Anniversary)


Weekend Intentions Jan 20th

6.30 pm – Charles Quigley – 11th Anniversary,   Dermot Delahunty – 6th Anniversary

10am –  Ann Healy – 1st Anniversary,  Angela Brennan – 1st Anniversary

12.30pm. –  Patricia Larkin – 5th Anniversary,   John Brennan


Recently Deceased:

Months Mind:  

Anniversaries:   Maura Earley (1st Anniversary), William, Maureen & Pauline Heffernan,             Mary Dowling


Weekend Intentions Jan 13th 

6.30 pm –   Elizabeth Prior – 4th Aniversary,  John Carroll – 12th Anniversary.

10am –  Brian Brennan – 1st Anniversary, William Doyle – Anniversary

12.30pm. – Commander Tom Farrell – 10th Anniversary,  John Casey – Anniversary


Recently Deceased:

Months Mind:  

Anniversaries:  Brian Brennan – 1st Anniversary,  Margaret Cunningham – 2nd Anniversary, Bridget Perry


Weekend Intentions Jan 6th 2019

6.30 pm –   Maggie & Jack Donohoe,  Margaret Cunningham – 2nd Anniversary

10am –  Mairin Conlon

12.30pm. –  Louise Knowles – 1st Anniversary,  Kay Knowles – 16th Anniversary,

Nora Hurley – 1st Anniversary.


Recently Deceased:  Cynthia Kirwin  Mairin Conlon,  Rev. Mike Gleeson.

Months Mind:  

Anniversaries:  Annie Dunne – 1st Anniversary


Weekend Intentions December 30th

6.30 pm –   Joan O’Connell – 1st Anniversary

10am –  Peter Heffernan – 1st Anniversary,  Mary, Peggy & Bert Heffernan.

12.30pm. –   Gerry O’Leary – 9th Anniversary,  Evelyn Curtin – Anniversary.


Recently Deceased:

Months Mind:  



Weekend Intentions December 23rd

6.30 pm –  Fearghal O’Farrell and the deceased members of the O’Farrell & Boyle Families.

Mass of Thanksgiving

10am –  Jim Gibbons – Anniversary, Gerard Holmes – 2nd Anniversary

12.30pm. –   Thomas, Anne Nancy, Patrick & Marie Therese Walsh,      George & Christina Humphries and George Jnr.


Recently Deceased:

Months Mind:  

Anniversaries:   Pat Brennan – 3rd Anniversary


Weekend Intentions December 16th

6.30 pm –  Peter Daly Snr – 10th Anniversary,  Paul Lynch – 24th Anniversary

10am –  Brigid Gaughran – Anniversary, Cyril Corrigan – Anniversary.

12.30pm. –  Paddy Byrne – Anniversary, Annie O’Loughlin & Family & Hugh Hackett- Anniversary


Recently Deceased: Aidan Quinn

Months Mind:  Hugh Pat Kennedy

Anniversaries:  Peter Coyle – 1st Anniversary, Daniel Coughlan, Jane Widdis


Weekend Intentions December 9th

6.30 pm –  Tasha Darcy – 2nd Anniversary, Deceased members of the O’Brien and Lehane Family

10am –  Ned & Kitty Gardiner – Anniversary,  Roger & Kitty Carey – Anniversary

12.30pm. –  Tom Feeney – Anniversary,  Anne Merry – 10th Anniversary



Recently Deceased: Fr Paul Byrne OMI

Months Mind:  

Anniversaries:  Christopher O’Rourke,   Ann Merry, Tom Feeney, Desmond McDonald [6th Anniversary, Nicholas Lynch [26th Anniversary], Liz Diskin [2nd Anniversary]


Weekend Intentions December 2nd

6.30 pm – Aleica, Jack & Jim Devlin – Anniversary, John & Mary Gibbons – Anniversary

10am –  Nuala McGee – 7th Anniversary, Moninne Quinn & Nuala Murphy- Anniversary

12.30pm. –  John McKean – Anniversary, Brendan Reynolds – 11th Anniversary,

Michael & Josephine Walsh – Anniversary


Recently Deceased:  Paddy Power

Months Mind:  

Anniversaries:  Dan, Mary & Roger McGrath


Weekend Intentions November 25th

6.30 pm –  Denis Luby – 5th Anniversary,  Paddy Duffy – Anniversary

10am –  Marie Dolan – Anniversary, Michael Ferris – Anniversary

12.30pm. –  Deceased members of McGovern Family,  Don & Connie Brady


Recently Deceased:   Canon Barney Brady, Sally De Foubert

Months Mind:  

Anniversaries:  Niall Walsh – 7th Anniversary


Weekend Intentions November 18th

6.30 pm –  Jim O’Callaghan- Anniversary, Olga Downes- Anniversary

10am – Elizabeth Gahan – 1st Anniversary,  Get Well Mass Intention

12.30pm. –  Noel Clarke – Anniversary, Alan Kenny – 3rd Anniversary


Recently Deceased: Noel Seville, Dympna Cowley, Hugh Pat Kennedy, Fr Pat O’Herlihy

Months Mind:  




Weekend Intentions November 11th

6.30 pm –  Paddy Dunne – 9th Anniversary, John P. Grey – 2nd Anniversary,

Eileen & Norman Norris- Anniversary

10am –  Flo Lyons – 10th Anniversary,  Dorothy Munden – 1st Anniversary

12.30pm. –  Mollie & Ernie Corcoran – Anniversary,  Geraldine Kennedy – 1st Anniversary


Recently Deceased: Canon Ray Malony

Months Mind:  

Anniversaries:  Geraldine Kennedy – 1st Anniversary, Dorothy Munden – 1st Anniversary,

Dan Magee


Weekend Intentions November 4th

6.30 pm –  John Reynolds – 2nd Anniversary,  Hugh & Kitty McMahon & Grandson Nessan – Anniversary

10am – Sean Regan – Birthday Rememberance. James Doyle – 12th Anniversary

12.30pm. –  John Cummins – 3rd Anniversary


Recently Deceased:l

Months Mind:  

Anniversaries:  Mae O’Connor, Eva Coughlan


Weekend Intentions Oct 28th

6.30 pm –  Bill Kavanagh – 12th Anniversary,  Dora & Capt. James Stafford – Anniversary

10am –   Betty Ryan – 3rd Anniversary

12.30pm. –  John Slater – 21st Anniversary , Seamus McNally – 2nd Anniversary


Recently Deceased:l

Months Mind:  Denis O’Sullivan

Anniversaries:  Michael Gribben – 1st Anniversary,  Joanna Lowry McCann- 3rd Anniversary, Charlie & Lil Higgins.


Weekend Intentions Oct 21st

6.30 pm –  Cyril Smith- Birthday rememberance,  Austin & Betty Hastings – Anniversary

10am –  John Doyle – Anniversary,  Christina Lynch -11th Anniversary

12.30pm. – Helga Trudy Thompson – Recently Deceased,  Kathleen McCready – Anniversary


Recently Deceased:l  Joan Coleman

Months Mind:   

Anniversaries:   Ann Fegan – 4th Anniversary,   Robert Fegan – 36th Anniversary,   Marie Lou Brennan – 6th Anniversary.


Weekend Intentions Oct 14th

6.30 pm –  John Coughlan – 9th Anniversary, Peter O’Dwyer – 4th Anniversary.

10am –   John Walsh – Recently Deceased

12.30pm. – Denis O’Sullivan – Recently Deceased, Brendan Holland – Months Mind.


Recently Deceased: Fr Eric Powell,  Tommy Kenny , Dom O’Connell

Months Mind:   

Anniversaries:  Sr Teresa Nugent , Sean Finn


Weekend Intentions Oct 7th

6.30 pm –  James Finegan – 5th Anniversary, John Felix Byrne – Months Mind,

James Stewart – Anniversary

10am –   Laurence Berry – 3rd Anniversary

12.30pm. – Sheila Meehan – 7th Anniversary, Sarah Clarke – 4th Anniversary


Recently Deceased: Dan McInerney, Denis O’Sullivan

Months Mind:   Mary Barr , John Byrne

Anniversaries:   William & Peggy McNally, June Daly


Weekend Intentions 30th Sept

6.30 pm –  Christopher Greaves – 1st Anniversary,  Herbie Magee – 5th Anniversary

10am –   Patricia Carroll – 1st Anniversary, Jim & Anna Keegan – Anniversary

12.30pm. – Christine O’Reilly – 7th Anniversary, Willliam Boylan – Anniversary,

Bob Conan – 3rd Anniversary


Recently Deceased:

Months Mind:   John Felix Byrne

Anniversaries:   Rosita Manahan – 1st Anniversary,  Valerie Woods – 2nd Anniversary


Weekend Intentions 23rd Sept

6.30 pm –  Special Intention

10am –   Jim Bracken – Anniversary

12.30pm. – Celine O’Carroll – 5th Anniversary,  Kitty Lopez Lobanaro.


Recently Deceased: Joan Moloney, Karen Reid, Anne O’Byrne,  Teresa McGarry

Months Mind:   

Anniversaries:   Christy Greaves – 1st Anniversary


Weekend Intentions 16th Sept

6.30 pm –  Anne Mallin – 8th Anniversary, Jean O’Connell – Birthday Remembrance.

10am –   Fergus O’Brien – 2nd Anniversary

12.30pm. –  Paul Devenney – Months Mind


Recently Deceased:  Brendan Holland

Months Mind:   

Anniversaries:   Aideen Redmond – 1st Anniversary


Weekend Intentions 9th Sept

6.30 pm –  Bernard Greaves – 28th Anniversary, John Edge-6th Anniversary

10am –   Elizabeth, Tommy, Anthony & Bernadette Archbold – Anniversary,   Willie Mooney – 2nd Anniversary

12.30pm. – Mary Kelly Anniversary & deceased members of the Ferguson Family, Kevin Naughton – 5th Aniversary.

Recently Deceased: John Byrne

Months Mind:   Paul Devenney, Oliver Wright



Weekend Intentions 2nd Sept

6.30 pm –  Joe Dillon – 5th Anniversary

10am –  Paddy & Mona Byrne – Anniversary,  Lynn Mason – 3rd Anniversary

12.30pm. –  Hugh Hackett – 3rd Anniversary,  Eugene Campbell – Months Mind


11.15 am ( The Park )

Recently Deceased:

Months Mind:   Eugene Campbell

Anniversaries:   William Lambie – 1st Anniversary, Maurice Power.


Weekend Intentions Aug 26th

6.30 pm – James, Ann & John Doonan Anniversary

10am –  Jimmy Conroy – Thank You Mass, Michael O’Sullivan – Anniversary and remember the Sullivan Family.

12.30pm. –  No Mass today due to Pope’s Mass


11.15 am ( The Park )

Recently Deceased: Lily Cassidy , Maura Doran

Months Mind: 

Anniversaries:   Jim McGuinness – 10th Anniversary, Rita Robinson – 3rd Anniversary, Jack  MacCarthy  (26th Anniversary), Gabrielle Conlon


Weekend Intentions Aug 19th

6.30 pm – 

10am – Richard Tornhill – 7th Anniversary,  Sean Cluskey,  John Cluskey,  Margaret & Frances Murray – Anniversaries

12.30pm. – Ellen Holland – 5th Anniversary, Tony O’Connor- 23rd Anniversary

11.15 am ( The Park )

Recently Deceased:   Kitty Kissane , Ena Bates

Months Mind: 

Anniversaries:   Olive Sheeran – 1st Anniversary, Michael John Stone – 6th Anniversary


Weekend Intentions Aug 12th

6.30 pm – Sean Coughlan – 7th Anniversary

10am – Patrick Harris

12.30pm. –  Eugene Campbell


11.15 am ( The Park )

Recently Deceased:  Fr Ray Hannon [ Finglas West ]  Eugene Campbell,  Sean Cromien, Paul Devenney

Months Mind: 



August 15th – Feast of the Assumption

10am – Eileen Dempsey – RIP


Weekend Intentions Aug 5th

6.30 pm –  Christy Walsh – 10th Anniversary, James McEntee – 5th Anniversary

10am – Joseph Keane – 10th Anniversary

12.30pm. –  The Most Rev. Fiachra O’Ceallaigh OFM  Auxilliary Bishop Emeritus of Dublin – Recently Deceased.    Special Intention of Thanksgiving.


11.15 am ( The Park )

Recently Deceased:  Oliver Wright

Months Mind: 



Weekend Intentions July 29th

6.30 pm –  Howard Napier – 1st Anniversary,  Clare Gormely – Months Mind

10am –

12.30pm. – Christopher Hogarty – 2nd Anniversary


11.15 am ( The Park )

Recently Deceased:

Months Mind:   Clare Gormely




Weekend Intentions July 22nd

6.30 pm –  Patrick Cunningham – 17th Anniversary

10am – Fr Tom – Special Intention

12.30pm.  Lila Stack [ Birthday Mass ]


11.15 am ( The Park )

Recently Deceased:

Months Mind:   Fr. Gerry Doyle

Anniversaries:   Patrick Turner [ 1st Anniversary ],  Malacy Perry


Weekend Intentions July 15th

6.30 pm –  Jim McHale – Months Mind, Kathleen McNeil – Get Well

10am -, Theresa & William Doyle  – Anniversary, Susan Morgan – Special Intention

12.30pm.  Mo Murphy – 1st Anniversary


11.15 am ( The Park )

Recently Deceased:  David Callaghan

Months Mind:   Jim McHale



Weekend Intentions July 8th

6.30 pm –  Tommy Merriman – 10th Anniversary,  Mary & Jim King – Anniversary

10am – Roney Phelan – 1st Anniversary, Cecil Walsh – 3rd Anniversary



11.15 am ( The Park )

Recently Deceased:

Months Mind:   Maurice Dore, Jim McHale

Anniversaries:   Cecil Walsh – 3rd Anniversary


Weekend Intentions July 1st

6.30 pm –  Sean Byrne – 3rd Anniversary, Michael O’Hara – 5th Anniversary

10am – Elizabeth Murphy – Recently Deceased

12.30pm.  Michael Casey – 11th Anniversary,  Sean & Jim Curtin – Anniversary


11.15 am ( The Park )

Recently Deceased: Sean Lydon

Months Mind:   

Anniversaries:   Michael [Mick O’Hara ] , Eileen Magee


Weekend Intentions June 24th

6.30 pm –  Grainne Brennan – Months Mind,   Get Well Mass

10am – Maurice Downey – Anniversary,  Michael & Elizabeth Lyons – Anniversary

12.30pm.  Paddy O’Carroll – 20th Anniversary, John & Maureen McCamberidge – Anniversary


11.15 am ( The Park )

Recently Deceased: Fr Gerry Doyle, Brian Bergin

Months Mind:   Grainne Brennan

Anniversaries:   Jack & Lily Brennan, Raymond Widdis { 18th Anniversary}


Weekend Intentions June 17th

6.30 pm –  Esther Callan – Recently Deceased,  Wedding Anniversary of Charlotte & Gerald Finnegan

10am – Des Ryan – 16th Anniversary

12.30pm. Dara Breathnach – 5th Anniversary, Fr. Dominic Hession OSN – RIP

11.15 am ( The Park ) – Tim Murphy – Anniversary

Recently Deceased: Jim McHale, Karen Raferty

Months Mind:   

Anniversaries:   Maurice Downing


Weekend Intentions June 10th

6.30 pm –  Elizabeth McMahon – Recently Deceassed, Prof. John Coolahan – Recently Deceased

10am –   Peter Hopkins – Anniversary,   Betty Casey – 20th Anniversary

12.30pm – Anna Nolan – 9th Anniversary


11.15 am ( The Park ) – Jerry Sheehan – Recently Deceased

Recently Deceased:   Maurice Dore

Months Mind:   Maeve Power

Anniversaries:   Nan & Pearl Dunlevy, William Clarke


Weekend Intentions June 3rd

6.30 pm –  Elizabeth Moore – 7th Anniversary,  Thomas & Catherine Mulvany

10am –  Emma Duke – 19th Anniversary, Maeve Power – Months Mind

12.30pm – Sandra McDonnell – 6th Anniversary,  Mary Brennan – Rec Dec


11.15 am ( The Park ) – Ann Durkan – Rec Dec

Recently Deceased:

Months Mind:     Sean Regan

Anniversaries:   Charlie Reade, 15th Anniversary,


Weekend Intentions May 27th

6.30 pm –  Kieran Kiely – Recently Deceased

10am – Jack Walsh – Anniversary,  Special Intention

12.30pm – William Slater- 2nd Anniversary, Terry Hurley – Months Mind


11.15 am ( The Park ) –  Larry Clancy – Recently Deceased

Recently Deceased:  Grainne Brennan

Months Mind:     Terry Hurley

Anniversaries:   Mona Smith


Weekend Intentions May 20th

6.30 pm –  Eileen Duffy – 57th Anniversary, Renee Fox – 19th Anniversary

10am – Patrick Morgan – 8th Anniversary, John Callaghan – 26th Anniversary

12.30pm – Philip Ryan – Anniversary, William Daly – Months Mind


11.15 am ( The Park ) – Denis Burke – Recently Deceased

Recently Deceased: Frank Kirwan, Mary Galvin, Sean Regan

Months Mind:     Mark Owen,  Frank Murray

Anniversaries:    Pauline Heffernan, Carl Monaghan


Weekend Intentions May 13th

6.30 pm –  Clem O’Reilly – 3rd Anniversary

10am – Sean Clare – 31st Anniversary,  Gerry & Maureen Beegan – Anniversary

12.30pm – Ann Golden – 6th Anniversary,  1st Wedding Anniversary for Anna Carolina & Michael Lowther.


11.15 am ( The Park ) – John Fitzpatrick – 4th Anniversary

Recently Deceased: Maeve Power, Philip Teeling

Months Mind:      William [Liam] Daly

Anniversaries:    Bill Lowry – 6th Anniversary


Weekend Intentions May 6th

6.30 pm –  Michael & Martha McLoughlin – Anniversary, Deirdre Dean – Recently Deceased

10am – Jimmy & Billy Doyle – Anniversary

12.30pm – Se Quirk- 11th Anniversary,  Eamonn & Dermot Doyle – 5th Anniversary


11.15 am ( The Park ) – Jim Gannon – Recently Deceased

Recently Deceased: Terry Hurley, Philomena Manser [ nee Harnett]

Months Mind:      Aine Keegan, Justin Nelson, Margaret Mullen

Anniversaries:    Paul Daly, Peg Hayes


Weekend Intentions April 29th

6.30 pm –  Leah Kennedy – 16th Anniversary, Martin Trenter – Anniversary

10am – James Dolan – Anniversary, Frank Murray – Months Mind

12.30pm – Joan Hickey – Months Mind, Cathy Vavasour – Birthday Remembrance and Anniversary


11.15 am ( The Park ) – Anne Casey – Recently Deceased

Recently Deceased:  Mark Owens, Anne Casey

Months Mind:     Joan Fox , Margaret [Pat] Mullen 

Anniversaries:  Jennifer Molloy – Donnelly,  Peg Hayes, Rory Shiels


Weekend Intentions April 22nd

6.30 pm –  Max Ryan – Anniversary, Pat Dryburgh – Special Intention

10am – Kathleen Fisher – Anniversary,  Karl Kelly – Anniversary.

12.30pm – Maureen & Emily Butler & the deceased members of the Butler & Hogan Families, Bernard & Patricia Garrigan and their deceased children, Anne, Philip, Bernie & Philomena


11.15 am ( The Park ) –  Tom Brazil -Deceased, Yvonne McDonald – Anniversary

Recently Deceased:  Grainne Munnelly

Months Mind:     Joan Hickey, Dermot Rigley

Anniversaries:   Ann & Thomas Harnett


Weekend Intentions April 15th

6.30 pm –  Laura Walsh – 3rd Anniversary

10am – Oisin & Darragh Brocklebank

12.30pm – Joe Lynott – 10th Anniversary,  Fergus Morton – Anniversary


11.15 am ( The Park ) – Frank Murray – Recently Deceased

Recently Deceased:  Marie Gavigan

Months Mind:     

Anniversaries:   Mary Hickey


Weekend Intentions April 8th

6.30 pm –  Christopher & Elizabeth Donlon – Anniversary

10am – George Moore – 36th Anniversary, Gabrielle Moore – 10th Anniversary

12.30pm – Patrick (Pat) Gillen – 6th Anniversary,  Peter Boyle – Months Mind


11.15 am ( The Park )

Recently Deceased:

Months Mind:     

Anniversaries:  Liam O’Brien – 10th Anniversary


Weekend Intentions April 1st

8pm – Easter Vigil Mass

10am –  Mary Cadden – 3rd Anniversary, Willie Gleeson – 1st Anniversary,  Phil Meagher – 1st Anniversary

12.30pm –  Ella Kennedy – 1st Anniversary, William Duddy – Anniversary


11.15 am ( The Park ) –  Nancy Cullen – Recently Deceased


Recently Deceased:  Joan Fox

Months Mind:     

Anniversaries:   Joe Barrett – 20th Anniversary, Marian Barrett – 6th Anniversary


Weekend Intentions March 25th

6.30pm – Alexandra “Button” Kelly -5th Anniversary,  Lily & Jack Flynn – Anniversary

10am – John Duffy – 57th Anniversary, Desmond Healy – Anniversary

12.30pm – Patrick Guinan,  Peter Boyle- Months Mind


11.15 am ( The Park ) – Derry Rigley – Recently Deceased


Recently Deceased:  Joan Hickey, Dermot Rigley.

Months Mind:     

Anniversaries:  Mary O’Connor


Weekend Intentions March 18th

6.30pm – Fionnuala Doyle – 18th Anniversary, Rita Parsons- 1st Anniversary

10am – Nellie Lynch -7th Anniversary,

12.30pm – Freda O’Halloran  – 17th Anniversary,  Jim Philips – 7th Anniversary.


11.15 am ( The Park )


Recently Deceased:   Margaret Toal,  Elizabeth Peart

Months Mind:     Ethne Meagher

Anniversaries:  Eileen & Jim McKell , Tom Walsh – 12th Anniversary


Weekend Intentions March 11th


10am – Josephine & John Hinchy – Anniversary

12.30pm – Bert Callery – 7th Anniversary, Paddy & David Flynn – RIP, Paddy McConville – 2nd Anniversary.


11.15 am ( The Park )


Recently Deceased: Peter Boyle, Margaret Toal, Elizabeth Peart,  Audrey Williams

Months Mind:    

Anniversaries:  Graham Slater – 4th Anniversary


Weekend Intentions March 4th

6.30pm – Anne Mallin –  8th Anniversary,  Margaret O’Brien – 1st Anniversary

10am – Philomena Davey

12.30pm – John Holland – 17th Anniversary,  Kathleen O’Sullivan


11.15 am ( The Park )


Recently Deceased: Margaret Fox

Months Mind:    Angela Brennan ,  Philomena Davey

Anniversaries:  Maureen O’Connor – 1st Anniversary,   Patrick & Mary Carr, Patrick & Catherine Berns,  Matt Fitzgibbons- 10th Anniversary


Weekend Intentions Feb 25th 

6.30pm – Peggy Cronin – 4th Anniversary

10am – Seamus Ward – 7th Anniversary

12.30pm – Michael Gormley – Months Mind,  Rita and Patrick Kavanagh- Anniversary


11.15 am ( The Park ) – Eileen Moore – 10th Anniversary


Recently Deceased: Eithne Meagher , Irene Wods

Months Mind:   Michael Gormley

Anniversaries:  Sonny Nolan, Maeve Bree (2nd Anniversary), Eileen Boylan


Weekend Intentions Feb 18th

6.30pm – Helen Burton – RIP. Nancy Dunne , Months Mind

10am – Brian Brennan – RIP,  Thomas Brazil Snr & Thomas Brazil Jnr- Anniversary

12.30pm – Patricia Larkin – 4th Anniversary,  Hugh & Geraldine Howe – Anniversary


11.15 am ( The Park )


Recently Deceased:  Ursula Deering

Months Mind:   Nancy Dunne 

Anniversaries:   Patricia Larkin


Weekend Intentions Feb 11th

6.30pm – Gerard Comiskey – 1st Anniversary,  Maria O’Connor & Sheila Slater – Aniversary

10am – Fr Jim & Fr Pat Stanley – Anniversary, Alice & James Byrne,  Sheila & Jack Collins.

12.30pm – Mary Harkin – 15th Anniversary, Marie Breslin – 5th Anniversary.


11.15 am ( The Park )


Recently Deceased:  Joan Marle,

Months Mind:   

Anniversaries:  : Martin Cosgrave,  Kathleen Fenton- 1st Anniversary,  Charlie deegan


Weekend Intentions Feb 4th

6.30pm – Catherine Tracey – 9th Anniversary,  Joan Moane – 1st Anniversary

10am – Brian Brennan – Recently Deceased

12.30pm – Nora Hurley – Months Mind, Peter Coyle – Months Mind

11.15 am ( The Park )


Recently Deceased: Moira Carter, Alan Fitzpatrick, Michael Gormley.

Months Mind:   Nora Hurley

Anniversaries:  :


Weekend Intentions Jan 28th

6.30pm – Carmel Coughlan – 1st Anniversary,  Adeline Slattery- Anniversary

10am – Eileen & Jim McKell – Anniversary, Charles Stewart – Recently Deceased

12.30pm – Jean O’Connell,  Eamonn Raythorn, Louis Knowles – Months Mind,                                                  Kay Knowles – Anniversary.

11.15 am ( The Park )


Recently Deceased:  Angela Brennan

Months Mind:   

Anniversaries:  : Niall & Joan Walsh,  Pat Cunningham , Teresa Meagher [24th]


Weekend Intentions Jan 21st

6.30pm – Joe Galligan – Get Well Mass

10am – Gerry Young – 9th Anniversary,  David Byrne – Recently Deceased.

12.30pm – Jim Hayes – 27th Anniversary, Dermot Delahunty – 5th Anniversary

11.15 am ( The Park ) – Kevin Smith – 4th Anniversary


Recently Deceased: . Brian Brennan , Bernadette O’Donoghue,  Maura Earley,  Anne Healy.

Months Mind:   David Byrne,  Peter Coyle

Anniversaries:  : Mary Raythorn – 17th Anniversary, Brigid Perry,   Alice O’Shea – 2nd Anniversary.


Weekend Intentions Jan 14th 

6.30pm – Elizabeth Prior – Anniversary,  John Carroll -11th Anniversary

10am – Christy & Nancy Swords – Anniversary,   Get Well Mass

12.30pm – Margaret Cunningham – 1st Anniversary.   Ida Lundy – 18th Anniversary

11.15 am ( The Park ) – Noel Reilly – Recently Deceased


Recently Deceased: Elizabeth O’Hegarty,  Nancy Dunne, Sean Ward.

Months Mind:  

Anniversaries:  : Maureen, Billy & Pauline Heffernan,  Ferghal O’Farrell


Weekend Intentions Jan 7th 

6.30pm – Paddy O’Donnell – 14th Anniversary, Jim Gibbons – Anniversary

10am – Celebration of all those baptised in St Brigids Parrish in the past year.


11.15 am ( The Park )


Recently Deceased: Peter Heffernan,  Peter Weldon , Jean O’Connell

Months Mind:  

Anniversaries:  :


Weekend Intentions Dec 24th

6.30pm – Frank O’Kane – 10th Anniversary

10am – Charlie & Lil Higgins, Gerard Holmes – 1st Anniversary

12.30pm – Geraldine Kennedy – Recently deceased,  Dot Munden – Recently deceased

11.15 am ( The Park )


Recently Deceased:  Veronica O’Loughlen, Ciaran O’Sheehan,  Louis Knowles (late Willow Court)

Months Mind:  

Anniversaries:  :  Maurice and Pádraig Lonergan


Weekend Intentions Dec 17th 

6.30pm – Sam O’Connor & Patti Mooney – Anniversary,  Brendan Raythorn – 1st Anniversary

10am –  Brigid Gaughran – Anniversary, Mary, Peggy and Burt Heffernan – Anniversary

12.30pm – Thomas, Anne (Nancy), Marie Thérésé & Patrick Walsh , Jane Widdis – 40th Anniversary

11.15 am ( The Park )


Recently Deceased:  Jennifer Brady, Jack McDaid

Months Mind:  Dorothy Munden

Anniversaries:  : Daniel Coughlan


Weekend Intentions Dec 10th 

6.30pm – . Paul Lynch – 23rd Anniversary, John & Mary Gibbons – Anniversary

10am – Gerard Corrigan – Anniversary, Anne Merry – 9th Anniversary

12.30pm – Tom Feeney – Anniversary,  Paddy Byrne – 25th Anniversary.

11.15 am ( The Park ) – Eileen Kenny – 1st Anniversary, Maggie & Jack Donohoe -Anniversary


Recently Deceased:   Gerry O’Mahony

Months Mind:  Geraldine Kennedy

Anniversaries:  : Christopher O’Rourke, Maureen & David Salmon, Desmond McDonald [5th Anniversary] , Nicholas Lynch – 25th Anniversary


Weekend Intentions Dec 3rd 

6.30pm – Nuala McGee – Anniversary, Liam Walsh – 1st Anniversary, Michael Gribben – Months Mind.

10am – Owen O’Driscoll – 7th Anniversary,  John McKean – 17th Anniversary, Bridget Cleary – Anniversary

12.30pm – Maureen & David Salmon – Anniversary , Brendan Reynolds – 10th Anniversary

11.15 am ( The Park ) –  Anne Brolly – Recently Deceased.


Recently Deceased:

Months Mind:  

Anniversaries:  : Breda Downing , Kathleen Owens


Weekend Intentions Nov 26th

6.30pm – Denis Luby – 4th Anniversary,  James Cullen – Anniversary

10am – Marie Dolan – Anniversary,  Michael Ferris – 21st Anniversary

12.30pm – Prof. Michael Walsh – 1st Anniversary. Rita & Gus Connaughton – Anniversary


11.15 am ( The Park ) – Nuala Murphy – 24th Anniversary, Moninne Quinn – 38th Anniversary


Recently Deceased:

Months Mind:  

Anniversaries:  : Tessie, Maura & John Gillooly, Betty Murphy 1st Anniversary


Weekend Intentions Nov 19th

6.30pm – Jack, Alecia & Jim Devlin – Anniversary, Jim O’Callaghan – Anniversary

10 am –  Olga Downes & Reggie Johnson –  Anniversary, Noel Clarke – 4th Anniversary

12.30pm – Alan Kenny – 2nd Anniversary,  Patrick Dunne – Anniversary


11.15 am ( The Park ) – Konstanz & Don Brady – Anniversary


Recently DeceasedDot Munden, Geraldine Kennedy

Months Mind:  

Anniversaries:  : John Gray, Paddy Duffy, Maureen Brophy, Anne O’Meara


Weekend Intentions Nov 12th

6.30pm – John Greay – 1st Anniversary,  Hugh, Kitty and Nessan McMahon

10 am –  Flo Lyons – 9th Anniversary , Thomas Corcoran – Anniversary

12.30pm –  Mollie & Ernie Corcoran – Anniversary,  Breda Brophy – 5th Anniversary


11.15 am ( The Park ) – Evie Mooney – RIP


Recently Deceased:  Fionnauala Hackett,,  Bernadette Harnett

Months Mind:  Tim O’Brien

Anniversaries:  :  


Weekend Intentions Nov 5th

6.30pm –  John Reynolds – 1st Anniversary,   Grace Lemass – 1st Anniversary

10 am –  Paul O’Brien – 1st Anniversary,  John Sinnott – 3rd Anniversary

12.30pm –   Bill Kavanagh – 11th Anniversary


11.15 am ( The Park ) – Jimmy Doyle – 11th Anniversary


Recently Deceased:    Tim O’Brien, Michael Doyle, Michael Gribben

Months Mind:  Rosita Manahan , Evie Mooney

Anniversaries:  :  John Reynolds – 1st anniversary


Weekend Intentions Oct 29th

6.30pm – Seamus McNally – 1st Anniversary,  Doreen & Isabelle Mac Hale – Anniversary

10 am –  Mae O’Connor – 6th Anniversary,  Betty Ryan – 2nd Anniversary

12.30pm –   John Slater – 20th Anniversary,  Patrick Barry – 13th Anniversary


11.15 am ( The Park ) – Michael O’Boyle – Rec Deceased.


Recently Deceased:

Months Mind:  Christy Greaves

Anniversaries:  :  


Weekend Intentions Oct 22nd

6.30pm –  Austin Hastings– 20th Anniversary  & Betty Hastings – 13th Anniversary,  James & Mary Stewart- Anniversary

10 am –   John Doyle – Anniversary,   Christina Lynch – 10th Anniversary

12.30pm –  Jim McLoughlin – 30th Anniversary ,   William Noel Clarke– 14th Anniversary             

11.15 am ( The Park ) – Liam Moore – 11th Anniversary


Recently Deceased:  Kit Lacey,  Evie Mooney,

Months Mind:  

Anniversaries:  :  John & Mary McGrath, Patricia Widdis (2nd Anniversary).


Weekend Intentions Oct 15th

6.30pm – Sean Finn – 20th Anniversary,  Ted Murphy – 10th Anniversary 

10 am –  Aideen Redmond – Months Mind,  Marie Lou Brennan – 5th Anniversary

12.30pm – Carmel Raleigh – 2nd Anniversary,  Hilda Coen -1st Anniversary                  

11.15 am ( The Park )


Recently Deceased:

Months Mind:  Aideen Redmond

Anniversaries:  :  John Coughlan (8th Anniversary, Robert Fegan (35th Anniversary), Ann Fegan (3rd Anniversary), Paul Cantwell (1st Anniversary)


Weekend Intentions Oct 8th 

6.30pm – Peter O’Dwyer – 3rd Anniversary,  Daragh Murphy Anniversary

10 am –  Thanksgiving Mass for all Parish Volunteers

12.30pm – Sheila Meehan – 6th Anniversary, Sarah Clarke – 3rd Anniversary

11.15 am ( The Park ) –  Christy Greaves –   Recently Deceased


Recently Deceased:  Rosita Manahan

Months Mind:  Thomas Bruen, William Lambie

Anniversaries:  June Daly, Joe Dalton


Weekend Intentions Oct 1st

6.30pm – Christine O’Reilly -6th Anniversary,  James Finnegan 6th Anniversary

10 am –  Patricia Carroll – Anniversary,   Herbie Magee – Anniversary

12.30pm –  Mary Kelly – Anniversary,    John Mooney – 13th Anniversary

11.15 am ( The Park ) – Mary Hand – Recently deceased.


Recently Deceased:

Months Mind:  

Anniversaries:  Anna & Jim Keegan, William Boylan,Valerie Woods


Weekend Intentions Sept 24th

6.30pm –  Laurence Berry – 2nd Anniversary,  Fr Pearse Timoney – RIP

10 am –  Jimmy Bracken – Anniversary,  Willie Mooney – 1st Anniversary

12.30pm –  David Timlin – 6th Anniversary,  Bob Conan – 2nd Anniversary

11.15 am ( The Park )


Recently Deceased:  Robert [Bob} Loughman

Months Mind:  



Weekend Intentions Sept 17th

6.30pm –  Angela McLaughlin – 15th Anniversary

10 am –  Mona Byrne – 8th Anniversary,  Paddy Byrne  – 2nd Anniversary

12.30pm –  Joan Salmon – 4th Anniversary,  Robert Barr – 1st Anniversary

11.15 am ( The Park ) –  Stasia Rigney – Recently Deceased


Recently Deceased:  Michael Murphy,  Michael Feehan, Aedeen Redmond

Months Mind:  Olive Sheeran

Anniversaries:  Cecilia & Malachy McKinley, Tom Gethin,  Mary Daly,  Rita Deeney (10th Anniversary)


Weekend Intentions Sept 10th

6.30pm –  Jack Costello – Anniversary,  Bernard Greaves – Anniversary

10 am –  David Greene – 5th Anniversary,  John Joe Reilly – RIP

12.30pm –  George & Mona Smyth – Anniversary

11.15 am ( The Park ) –  Paul Galvin- RIP


Recently Deceased:  William Lambie

Months Mind:  

Anniversaries:   John Edge

Weekend Intentions Sept 10th

6.30pm –  Jack Costello – Anniversary,  Bernard Greaves – Anniversary

10 am –  David Greene – 5th Anniversary,  John Joe Reilly – RIP

12.30pm –  George & Mona Smyth – Anniversary

11.15 am ( The Park ) –  Paul Galvin- RIP


Recently Deceased:  William Lambie

Months Mind:  

Anniversaries:   John Edge


Weekend Intentions Sept 3rd

6.30pm –  For all who are ill in our parish.

10 am –  Michael Heeney, recently deceased – Jane Walsh, recently deceased.

12.30pm –  Lynn Mason, 2nd Anniversary – Don McDonald, 16th Anniversary

11.15 am ( The Park )


Recently Deceased:  Mary O’Brien, Fr Brian Stenson

Months Mind:  



Weekend Intentions August 13th

6.30pm –  Sean Coughlan – 6th Anniversary,  James McEntee – 4th Anniversary

10 am –  Mass for those whose anniversaries occur in August

12.30pm –  Dermot Hand – Months Mind,  Frances Murray, John Cluskey and Sean Cluskey.

11.15 am ( The Park )


Recently Deceased:

Months Mind:  Dermot Hand

Anniversaries:  Hannah Coleman


Weekend Intentions August 6th

6.30pm –  Joe Woods – Anniversary,  Christy Walsh – Anniversary

10 am – 

12.30pm –  Elizabeth & Tom Malone & deceased family members

11.15 am ( The Park )


Recently Deceased: Howard Napier

Months Mind:  

Anniversaries:  Paddy Perry


Weekend Intentions July 30th

6.30pm – Joe Dillon – 4th Anniversary

10 am – Dan O’Connor – 24th Anniversary

12.30pm –  Christopher Hogarty – Anniversary

11.15 am ( The Park )


Recently Deceased:

Months Mind:  

Anniversaries: Patricia Kerr [1oth Anniversary]  Eva Coughlan


Weekend Intentions July 23rd

6.30pm – Josephine, Terry, Patricia & Thomas St John Boyle -R.I.P

10 am – 


11.15 am ( The Park )


Recently Deceased:  Marina Flanagan, Joan French, Dermot Hand, Patrick Turner.

Months Mind:  

Anniversaries: Malachy Perry


Weekend Intentions July 16th 

6.30pm – Jim & Mary King – Anniversaries,  Ann White – 1st Anniversary

10 am –  Theresa & William Doyle – Anniversaries


11.15 am ( The Park )


Recently Deceased:  Ronald (Roney) Phelan,  Fr Dermot Clarke, Fr Paddy Noonan

Months Mind:  

Anniversaries: Eileen Kavanagh (1st Anniversary)


Weekend Intentions July 9th 

6.30pm –  Tommy Merriman- 9th Anniversary,  Margaret Hatton – Anniversary.

10 am –  James, Mary, Agnes & Moyra Farrell,   Jurai & Agnes Marcinko – 10th Anniversary.

12.30pm – Ailish Bresnan – RIP

11.15 am ( The Park )


Recently Deceased:

Months Mind:  



Weekend Intentions July 2nd 

6.30pm – Sean Curtin & Dr Jim Curtin – Anniversaries,  John Byrne – Anniversary

10 am –  Gus Smith – 12th Anniversary

12.30pm –  Marie Théresé Walsh – 50th Anniversary,  Michael Casey – 10th Anniversary

11.15 am ( The Park )


Recently Deceased:

Months Mind:  

Anniversaries: John O’Sullivan 


Weekend Intentions June 25th

6.30pm – Sean Byrne – 2nd Anniversary

10 am –  Raymond Widdis – 17th Anniversary

12.30pm – John Aidan Coyle – 40th Anniversary & Imelda Coyle – 20th Anniversary,  Kathleen Quinn.

11.15 am ( The Park )

Recently Deceased:  Andrew Cullen

Months Mind:  

Anniversaries: Michael (Mick) O’Hara – 4th Anniversary, Eileen Magee.


Weekend Intentions June 18th

6.30pm – John & Maureen McCambridge – Anniversary

10 am –  Des Ryan – 15th Anniversary

12.30pm – Anna Nolan – 8th Anniversary , Patrick O’Carroll – Anniversary

11.15 am ( The Park )

Recently Deceased:

Months Mind:  

Anniversaries: Baby Daniel Farrell – 10th Anniversary,  Anne Byrne ,  Gertie Orr,  Ray & Paddy Widdis.


Weekend Intentions June 11th

6.30pm – Dara Breathnach – Anniversary,  Sean O’Brien – Anniversary

10 am –  Peter Hopkins – 25th Anniversary,  Paddy & Gertie O’Hare – Anniversary

12.30pm – Ray Colgan – 5th Anniversary,   Special Intention,  Birthday Intention

11.15 am ( The Park ) – James Murphy – 22nd Anniversary

Recently Deceased:  Una Martin , Francis Griffin, Cianan Fennessy

Months Mind:  

Anniversaries:  Nan O’Driscoll


Weekend Intentions June 4th

6.30pm – Elizabeth Moore – 6th Anniversary,  Renee Fox, Anniversary

10 am –  Emma Duke -18th Anniversary , Charlie Reade -14th Anniversary

12.30pm – Sandra McDonnell – Anniversary, Eileen Rabbitte – Anniversary

11.15 am ( The Park ) – Stacia Cashin – RIP

Recently Deceased:  Monica Collins

Months Mind:  

Anniversaries:  Maurice Downing , Dr. Nan Dunleavy,  Dr Peral Dunleavy ,  Betty Casey


Weekend Intentions May 28th

6.30pm – Josephine O’Shea – Recently Deceased

10 am –   John O’Callaghan – 25th Anniversary

12.30pm – Bill Slater – 1st Anniversary,  Joseph Hurley- 3rd Anniversary

11.15 am ( The Park ) –  Kitty Meade – Recently Deceased

Recently Deceased:

Months Mind:  

Anniversaries: Oran O’Kennedy , John McCusker,  Donal Gethin, Eva Devlin and her grandson Declan [ 6th Anniversary]


Weekend Intentions May 21st

6.30pm – Clement O’Reilly  – 2nd Anniversary,  James Stout – 1st Anniversary.

10 am –   Patrick Morgan – 7th Anniversary,  Oonagh Fitzpatrick – Recently Deceased

12.30pm -Nan Feeney- Anniversary ,  Sean Clare – 30th Anniversary.

Recently Deceased:  Michael Harnett, Samantha Plant.

Months Mind:  

Anniversaries:  Kathleen O’Sullivan


Weekend Intentions May 14th

6.30pm – Eileen Duffy – 46th Anniversary,  Michael & Martha McLoughlin –  Anniversary

10 am –  Nan Sills – Anniversary,  Gerry & Maureen Beegan – Anniversary

11.15 am (The Park) –  John Fitzpatrick – 3rd Anniversary

12.30pm – Maureen & Emily Butler and the deceased members of the Butler & Hogan families.   Anne Martin- Anniversary

Recently Deceased:

Months Mind:  Brendan Fagan, Marjorie McGarry

Anniversaries: Ann Gillooly, Mollie Henderson, Sheila Connolly


Weekend Intentions May 7th

6.30pm – Renee Fox – 19th Anniversary,   Mark Clarke 20th Anniversary

10 am –  Girl’s First Holy Communion Mass

11.15 am (The Park) –  Lily & Billy Fitzpatrick Anniversary

12.30pm –  Se Quirk, 10th Anniversary, Lily & Billy Fitzpatrick Anniversary

Recently Deceased:

Months Mind: Philip Meagher, Molly McAlinden , Rose Lynch



Weekend Intentions April 30th

6.30pm – Leah Kennedy 15th anniversary, Martin Prenter , anniversary

10 am – James Dolan – 15th anniversary, Gabrielle Moore- 8th anniversary,  George Moore- 35th anniversary

11.15 am (The Park)

12.30pm – Ella Kennedy – Months Mind, Peg Hayes RIP

Recently Deceased: Alan O’Dowd,  Jennifer Molloy

Months Mind:  Ella Kennedy , Sean Fitzpatrick 

Anniversaries:  Mark Clarke – 20th anniversary, Madeline & Charlie Breen


Weekend Intentions April 23rd

6.30pm   – Kathleen Fisher – Anniversary

10.00 am – Joe Concannon – Anniversary, Josephine & John Hinchy, Anniversary

12.30pm -Sheila Murray- 4th Anniversary, Karl Kelly 12th Anniversary

11.15 am (The Park)

Recently Deceased: Frank Cryan , Mary Haugh , John Murray

Months Mind:   Rita Parsons, Mimi Gaynor

Anniversaries:  Max Ryan, Henry & Mary Smith


Weekend Intentions April 16th

8pm –  Maureen O’Connor – Months Mind

10.00 am –  Hugh Clyne – Recently Deceased

12.30pm – Fergus Morton – 1st Anniversary, Rose Lynch – Recently Deceased

11.15 am (The Park)

Recently Deceased:  Brendan Fagan , Mary Hussey , Marjorie McGarry

Months Mind:   Barbara Corbillis, Bishop Eamon Casey , Rita Parsons, Crew of Rescue 116

Anniversaries:  Max Ryan, Maura Reid.


Weekend Intentions April 9th

6.30pm –  Sean Carr – 3rd Anniversary, Laura Walsh – 2nd Anniversary

10.00am – Anthony Archbold – 1st Anniversary, Gerard Lawlor – 9th Anniversary

12.30pm – Bernard & Patricia Garrigan & four deceased children – Anniversary,  Joe Lynott – 9th Anniversary

11.15 am (The Park)

Recently Deceased:  . Ella Kennedy, Philip Meagher, Rose Lynch, Molly McAlinden

Months Mind:   Maureen O’Connor, Margaret O’Brien

Anniversaries:  Teresa Clarke (10th Anniv), Tod Godkin, Liam O’Brien


Weekend Intentions April 2nd

6.30pm –  Get well mass for Dan Blake,  Christopher Hatton – anniversary

10.00am – Mary Cadden – Anniversary,  Aniversary remembrance

12.30pm –  Patrick Gillen -5th anniversary,   James Gleeson – Recently deceased

11.15 am (The Park) –  Ken Lyons – 10th Anniversary

Recently Deceased:  . Sean Fitzpatrick

Months Mind:   Fran Byrne

Anniversaries:  Tony Kelly – 10th Anniversary


Weekend Intentions March 26th

6.30pm –  James & Elizabeth O’Brien & their Daughter Betty -Anniversary,  John Duffy 56th Anniversary

10.00am – Desmond Healy – Anniversary,  Alexandra ” Button” Kelly – 4th Anniversary

12.30pm – Bert Callery – 6th Anniversary , Patrick Flynn – 1st Anniversary , Paddy McConville – 1st Anniversary, Brendan Brady – Recently Deceased.

11.15 am (The Park)

Recently Deceased:  . Jim Byrne, Rita Parsons, Mimi Gaynor

Months Mind:   Cardinal Desmond Connell

Anniversaries:  Lily & Jack Flynn


Weekend Intentions March 19th

6.30pm –  Fionnuala Doyle -17th anniversary, Paddy Tobin 1st anniversary.

10.00am – Eileen & Jim McKell – Anniversary, Nellie Lynch- 6th anniversary.

12.30pm – Jim Philips – 6th Anniversary,  Patrick Guinan  – 9th Anniversary

11.15 am (The Park)

Recently Deceased:  Barbara Corbaliss,  Bishop Eamon Casey. 

Months Mind:  Aidan Merriman

Anniversaries:  Mary O’Connor 


Weekend Intentions March 12th

6.30pm – Ann Mallin – 7th Anniversary,  Gerard Comiskey- Months Mind

10.00am – Patrick & Mary Leonard – Anniversary

12.30pm – Graham Slater – 3rd Anniversary, Hugh & Geraldine Howe – Anniversary

11.15 am (The Park)

Recently Deceased: Maureen O’Connor, Margaret O’Brien

Months Mind:  Gerard Comiskey

Anniversaries:  Freda O’Halloran- 16th Anniversary


Weekend Intentions March 5th

6.30pm – Joan Moane. Months Mind

10.00am – Carmel Coughlan- Months Mind,  Maura Givonalli, Recently Deceased

12.30pm – John Holland, 16th anniversary, Nkiru Georgina Odoh, Recently Deceased.

11.15 am (The Park)

Recently Deceased: Francis Byrne

Months Mind:   Joan Moane, Carmel Coughlan,

Anniversaries:  Philip Ryan, Jimmy Hickey


Weekend Intentions Feb 26th

6.30pm –  Cardinal Desmond Connell- RIP

10.00am – Ruth Mc Mahon – Months Mind

12.30pm – Peggy Cronin 3rd Anniversary, Sonny [Patrick] Nolan

11.15 am (The Park) – Ann Forde – recently deceased


Recently Deceased:  Kathleen Fenton , Aidan Merriman

Months Mind:   

Anniversaries:  Jack Mullen- 5th anniversary


Weekend Intentions Feb 19th

6.30pm – Carmel Coughlan – Recently Deceased

10.00am – Mary Edge – Ist Anniversary

12.30pm – Jim Philips – 6th Anniversary, Tom Brazil Snr – Anniversary

11.15 am (The Park) – Eileen Moore – 9th Anniversary

Recently Deceased:  Gerard Comiskey, John Toal


Months Mind:  Margaret Cunningham 

Anniversaries: Maeve Bree [ 1st anniversary],  Denis Bree


Weekend Intentions Feb 12th

6.30pm –   Mary Harkin – 14th Anniversary

10.00am – Charlie & Nora O’Connell- Anniversary, Annie O’Boyle 3rd Anniversary

12.30pm –  Maria O’Connor – 12th Anniversary, Sheila Slater 21st Anniversary

11.15 am (The Park)

Recently Deceased:  Nicholas Coen

Months Mind:  Sarah Kirwan

Anniversaries: Peggy Lehane – 22nd Anniversary


Weekend Intentions Feb 5th

6.30pm – John Nolan RIP

10.00am – Marie Breslin – 4th Anniversary

12.30pm -Thomas Brazil Jnr – 10th Anniversary,  Noel Rowley Rec. Dec.

11.15 am (The Park)

Recently Deceased: Georgina Nkiru.Odoh, Carmel Coughlan, John Vernon

Months Mind: 



Weekend Intentions Jan 29th

6.30pm – Veronica Kiernan – 1st Anniversary,   Kevin Smith – Anniversary

10.00am  – Fr. Jim Stanley & Fr. Pat Stanley – RIP,  Michael Bolger – 8th Anniversary.

12.30pm – Eamonn Doyle – 4th Anniversary & his brother Dermot Doyle – 4th Anniversary, James & Alice Byrne – Anniversary, Sheila & Jack Collins – Anniversary.

11.15 am (The Park)


Recently Deceased: Carmel Coughlan, Rita Murray

Months Mind: Liz Diskin

Anniversaries: Michael Bolger -8th Anniversary

Joan Walsh – 5th Anniversary

Pat Cunningham – 1st Anniversary

Dermot Roughan – 7th Anniversary

Matt & Elizabeth Connolly


Weekend Intentions Jan 22nd

6.30pm – Brendan Raythorn – Months Mind and and his wife Mary – 16th Anniversary

10.00am – Special Intention for the Crowley Family

11.15am (The Park)

12.30pm – Jim Hayes – Anniversary, Adeline (3rd Anniversary) and David Slattery – Anniversary

11.15am (The Park)

Recently Deceased: Thomas Marr,  Liz Buckley

Months Mind: Brendan Raythorn, Maureen Lalor

Anniversaries: Eileen and Jim McKelly, Sheila Slater (21st Anniversary),


Weekend Intentions Jan 15th

6.30 PM VIGIL –  Elizabeth Prior – Anniversary,  John Carroll –  10th Anniversary,  Liam Walsh –
Months Mind.

10.00AM –  Billy, Maureen & Pauline Heffern

12.30PM –  Patricia Larkin – 3rd Anniversary,  Dermot Delahunty – 3rd Anniversary,  Eileen Kenny – Months Mind,  Ida Lundy – 7th Anniversary

REC DEC:  Albert Fox, Liam Donnelly, Margaret Cunningham, Michael Burke

MONTHS MIND: Eileen Kenny, Liam Walsh

ANNIVERSARY: Brigid Perry, Christy and Nancy Swords


Weekend Intentions Jan 8th

6.30 pm Vigil – Patrick O’Donnell – Anniversary         

10.00am – Special Intention for the Burke Family

12.30pm – Maggie & Jack Donohoe – Anniversary


Rec Dec:  Marie Monnelly, Richard Westrup

Months Mind:


Weekend Intentions Dec 18th

6.30 pm –     Paul Lynch – 22nd Anniversary, Patrick Brennan – 1st Anniversary

10.00 am –   Brigid Gaughran – 3rd Anniversary, Mary Heffernan – 1st Anniversary

12.30 pm –  Thomas, Anne-Marie, Therese & Patrick Walsh,  Thanksgiving Mass for Fergus Morton.

11.15 am, The Park –  

Recently Deceased: Elizabeth Diskin, Eileen Kenny, Mark Bell, Sr Catherine Coyle,   Maureen Lalor

Months Mind:

Anniversaries: Jane Widdis, Daniel Coughlan


Weekend Intentions Dec 11th

6.30 pm –     John & Mary Gibbons – Anniversary, John Reynolds – Months Mind

10.00 am – Flo Lyons – 6th Anniversary,   Joan Sinnott – Birthday remembrance,                                                 Des McDonald  4th Anniversary

12.30 pm – Tom Feeney – Anniversary,  Anne Merry – 8th Anniversaries

11.15 am, The Park –  Denis Moylan – Recently Deceased

Recently Deceased : Liam Walsh, Fr. Colm Kenny, Cathy Bourke

Months Mind: John Reynolds

Anniversaries: Christopher O’Rourke (7th Anniversary), Maureen & David Salmon, Harry Gaynor (20th Anniversary),  Des McDonald (14th Anniversary)


Weekend Intentions Dec 4th

6.30 pm –    Nuala McGee – Anniversary, Grace Lemass – Months Mind

10.00 am – Breda Downing – 2nd Anniversary, Gerard Corrigan

12.30 pm – Paddy Byrne – Anniversary, Brendan Reynolds – 9th Anniversary

11.15 am, The Park –  Rita Curtis – Recently Deceased

Recently Deceased   Bridget [nee Lacey) Bohan, Denis Moylan

Months Mind:   Grace Lemass

Anniversaries:   Christopher O’Rourke, Kathleen Owens


Weekend Intentions Nov 27th

6.30 pm –  Denis Luby – Anniversary,  Cecilia & Malcahy McKinley  , Shay McNally – Months Mind

10.00 am –   The McGovern Family

12.30 pm –    Michael Ferris – 20th Anniversary, Konstanz and John Brady – Anniversaries

11.15 am, The Park –  Nuala Murphy – 23rd Anniversary

Recently Deceased: Néal Keyes,

Months Mind: Shay McNally

Anniversaries: Niall Walsh (5th Anniversary.)


Weekend Intentions Nov 20th

6.30 pm       Olga Downes  – 8th Anniversary,   John McKean – Anniversary

10.00 am –  Marie Dolan – Anniversary,

12.30 pm –   Anne Kelly – 1st Anniversary, Jimmy Bradley – Recently Deceased,

   Mass of thanksgiving for all those who supported Liam during his recent illness.

11.15 am, The Park – . Moninne Quinn  – 37th Anniversary

Recently Deceased:

Months Mind:



Weekend Intentions Nov 13th

8.30 pm   –   Patrick Dunne  – Anniversary,  Catherine and Hugh McMahon – Anniversary

10.00 am –  Flo Lyons – 8th Anniversary,

12.30 pm –  Mollie and Ernie Corcoran – Anniversary,    Alan Kenny – 1st Anniversary

11.15 am, The Park – Jimmy Doyle – 10th Anniversary

Recently Deceased: John Grey

Months Mind:

Anniversaries:  Dan Magee (33rd Anniv), Fearghal O’Farrell


Weekend Intentions Nov 6th

6.30 pm –  Jim O’Callaghan -10th Anniversary,    Bill Kavanagh – 10th Anniversary

10.00 am –  Doreen MacHale – 22nd Anniversary,  John Sinnott – 2nd Anniversary

12.30 pm –  Breda Brophy – 4th Anniversary,   Patrick Fanning – RIP

11.15 am, The Park – Jimmy Doyle – 10th Anniversary

Recently Deceased: Seamus (James) McNally, Grace Lemass, John Reynolds

Anniversaries:  Lucy Carroll, Leo Carroll


Weekend Intentions 30th

6.30 pm   Patrick Corroon -12th Anniversary,    Deirdre Brennan – Recently Deceased

10.00 am   Mae O’Connor – 5th Anniversary,      John Kelleher – Recently Deceased

12.30 pm  George Worn – Anniversary,    Carmel O’Brien – 3rd Anniversary

11.15 am, The Park

Recently Deceased: Seamus McNally, Vale View Close,  funeral mass  Monday at 10 am.

Elias Harb (died in the Lebanon) Martina Greaves,   Fred Lee,  John Hennessy

Anniversaries:  Rita Connaughton, Eva Coughlan


Weekend Intentions Oct 23rd

6.30 pm  – John Slater – Anniversary

10.00 am –  Christina Lynch  9th Anniversary,  Betty Ryan – 1st Anniversary,  Marie Lou Brennan Anniversary,

12.30 pm – Anne (Nancy) Walsh – 10th Anniversary,   Carmel Raleigh – 1st Anniversary                          

11.15 am, The Park – Liam Moore – 10th Anniversary

Recently Deceased:   Anthony Foley

Months Mind: Cecilia McKinley, Valerie Woods

Anniversaries:  Charles Higgins – 3rd Anniversary  ,  Joseph P Payne (37th Anniv)   Catherine Donnelly


Weekend Intentions Oct 9th

6.30 pm –  Peter O’Dwyer – 2nd Anniversary,    Elizabeth (Betty) Dowling – Recently Deceased

10.00 am – Vera Fagan – 1st Anniversary

12.30 pm –  Sheila Meehan – Anniversary,    Sarah Clarke – Anniversary

11.15 am, The Park –


Recently Deceased:

Months Mind: Mary O’Donnell

Anniversaries:  Peter O’Dwyer (2nd Anniversary)


Weekend Intentions Sept 25th

6.30 pm –  Christine O’ Reilly – 5th Anniversary, Bernard Greaves – Anniversary

10.00 am – Jim Bracken – 1st Anniversary,  Robert Barr – Recently Deceased,  Special Intention

12.30 pm –  Bob Conan – 1st Anniversary,  Laurence Berry – 1st Anniversary,  James Finegan – 5th Anniversary,     Angela Mc Loughlin – Anniversary.

11.15 am, The Park –

Recently Deceased:          Richard Stokes, Orla McCooey,  John Kennedy

Months Mind:

Anniversaries:   David Timlin (5th Anniversary)


Weekend Intentions Sept 18th 2016

6.30 pm –  Niall Quigley – Remembrance Mass

10.00 am – Celine O’Carroll – 3rd Anniversary and Mary Daly – 12th Anniversary

12.30 pm –  Joan Salmon – 3rd Anniversary

11.15 am, The Park – Jimmy Dolan – Deceased

Recently Deceased:   James Carr, Mary O’Donnell, Cecilia McKinley

Months Mind:



Weekend Intentions Sept 11th 2016

6.30pm – Kevin Naughton – 3rd Anniversary

10.00 am –

12.30 pm – Jim Mernagh – R.I.P.

Recently Deceased: Judge Robert Barr, Tom Wallace, Peter Conlon

Months Mind:

Anniversaries:  Catherine Hally (2nd Anniv), Mary & James Kirwan, John Edge (4th Anniv), Tom Gethin

Weekend Intentions Aug 14th

6.30 pm – Seán Coughlan – 5th Anniversary

10.00 am – Robin Wrixon – Recently Deceased

12.30 pm – Tony O’Connor – Anniversary

Recently Deceased:

Months Mind:



Weekend Intentions Aug 7th

6.30 pm – James McEntee – 3rd Anniversary

10.00 am –

12.30 pm –



Recently Deceased:

Months Mind:

Anniversaries: Paddy Perry

Weekend Intentions July 3rd.

6.30pm – Jim and Mary King – Anniversary

10.00am –  Derek Lambert – 5th Anniversary                  

12.30pm – Michael Casey – 9th Anniversary,  Michael O’Hara – 3rd Anniversary


Rec Dec:. Sean Creamer

Months Mind:

Anniversary: Paul Feigherty – 5th Anniversary,


Weekend Intentions June 26th

6.30pm – Sean Byrne – 1st Anniversary,  John McCusker – 5th Anniversary

10.00am – Seán & Jim Curtin – Anniversary,   Peter Hopkins – Anniversary

12.30pm – Maurice Downing – 13th Anniversary


Rec Dec: Miriam Cuffe, Capt. Patrick Goggin, Patrick Craddock

Months Mind: William Slater

Anniversary: Eileen Magee, Dan Hickey (7th Anniv), Michael O’Hara

Weekend Intentions June 19th

6.30pm – Anne Daly –  1st Anniversary,    Desmond (Des) Ryan – 14th Anniversary,  John & Maureen McCambridge – Anniversary.

10.00am – Sean Greene –  Anniversary

12.30pm –Anna Nolan – 7th Anniversary,  Lilly Fitzpatrick Months Mind,   Derek Ryan-Remembrance

11.15 am– James Murphy 21st Anniversary


Months Mind: Lilly Fitzpatrick

Anniversary: Ray Widdis, Yves Cambay, Francoise Cambay, Paul Fitzpatrick

Weekend Intentions June 12th

6.30pm – Sean O’Brien – Anniversary ,    Gerry Harvey – 1st Anniversary

10.00am – Parkes Morgan – 6th Anniversary

12.30pm – Diarmuid O’Hegarty – 5th Anniversary.

11.15 am– Elizabeth & Michael Lyons – Ann.


Rec Dec: Thomas (Tom) Sweeney

Months Mind: John Cassidy

Anniversary: David Pigot, Charlie Reade


Weekend Intentions June 5th

6.30pm – Dara Breathnach – 3rd Anniversary  Raymond Colgan – 5th Anniversary

10.00am – Emma Duke – 17th Anniversary,  Elizabeth Moore – 5th Anniversary

12.30pm – Patrick & Mary Leonard – Anniversary

11.15 am (The Park) –


Rec Dec: William Slater

Months Mind: Mairead Doyle

Anniversary: Séan Dunphy, June Daly


Weekend Intentions May 29th

6.30pm – Joe Concannon – Anniversary

10.00am – Nan Feeney – 5th Anniversary,      Oran O’Kennedy, Anniversary

12.30pm – Sandra Mc Donnell – Anniversary

11.15 am (The Park) –


Rec Dec:

Months Mind: Abelardo (Bobby) Barretto

Anniversary: Eva Devlin (20th Anniversary) and her grandson Declan Devlin (5th Anniversary),

Dr Nan Dunleavy, Dr Pearl Dunleavy

Weekend Intention May 22nd.

6.30pm –    Paddy McConville – Recently Deceased

10.00am –  Phyllis Cosgrave – 4th Anniversary,   John Callaghan – 24th Anniversary

12.30pm –  Anne Scanlon (Harnett)- Anniversary

11.15am (The Park) Nellie Carroll – Recently Deceased


Rec Dec: Ann McDowell, Marie Costello

Months Mind:

Anniversary: Mona Smyth, Phyllis Delahunt, Eugene O’Keeffe, Donal Gethin


Weekend Intentions May 15th

6.30pm – Clem O’Reilly – 1st Anniversary, Anne Martin – 6th Anniversary

Moira Moriarty – Months Mind

10.00am – Bernard & Patricia Garrigan & their deceased children, Anne, Bernard, Philip & Philomena, Gerry & Maureen Beegan – Anniversary

12.30pm –  Seán Clare – 29th Anniversary, Fergus Morton – Months Mind

11.15am (The Park) Danny Fanning – Recently Deceased


Rec Dec: Lilly Fitzpatrick, John Cassidy, Mairead Doyle

Months Mind: Fergus Morton, Moira Moriarty, Anthony Archbold,                        Nuala McGlynn

Anniversary: John Fitzpatrick


Weekend Intentions May 8th

6.30pm – Renee Fox – Anniversary,  Michael & Martha McLoughlin – Anniversary

10.00am – Eileen Duffy – Annivesary

12.30pm – Sé Quirk Anniversary,  Tom Meacle – Recently Deceased

11.15am (The Park) Maureen Foley – Anniversary


Rec Dec: Edie Gogarty, Mairead Doyle

Months Mind: Moira Moriarty

Anniversary: Donal Lehane, Patrick Foley


Weekend Intentions May 1st

6.30pm – Peg Hayes – 20th Anniversary, Rita Leane –  10th Anniversary

10.00am – Jimmy & Billy DoyleAnniversray

12.30pm – Martin Prenter – Anniversary, 80th Birthday for Girlie Ryan

11.15am (The Park) Jeremiah Foley – Anniversary


Rec Dec: Abelardo ‘Bobby’ Barretto


Weekend Intentions April 24th

6.30pm – Leah Kennedy – 14th Anniversary,  Luke Dillon – 18th Birthday remembrance

10.00am –  James Dolan – Anniversary

12.30pm – Maureen & Emily Butler & deceased members of the Butler & Hogan Families, Cathy Vavasour – 6th Anniversary

11.15am (The Park) Baby Arturo Pichom – Recently Deceased


Rec Dec: Fergus Morton, Nuala McGlynn, Rosaleen Rowlette

Months Mind:

Anniversary: Karl Kelly (11th Anniversary),


Weekend Intentions April 17th

6.30pm – Nicholas Byrne – 12th Anniversary, Danny Fanning – Months Mind

10.00am – Gabrielle Moore – 7th Anniversary,  George Moore – 34th Anniversary

12.30pm –  Patrick Gillen – 4th Anniversary, Kevin, Gertie & Maurice Ward – Anniversary.


11.15am (The Park) Eileen MooreAnniversary


Rec Dec: Moira Moriarty, Anthony Archbold

Months Mind: Danny Fanning


Weekend Intentions April 10th

6.30pm – Cathleen Brady – Anniversary, Seán Carr – 2nd Anniversary

10.00am –  Gerard Lawlor – 1st Anniversary

12.30pm –  Laura Walsh – 1st Anniversary,  Elizabeth O’Toole – Anniversary

11.15am (The Park)    Joseph Lynott –Anniversary,


Rec Dec:

Months Mind: William O’Keeffe

Anniversary: Kathleen Fisher, Barnie Kerin,

Mary Fitzgerald, Joe Concannon, Mary Hickey

Weekend Intentions March 13th

6.30pm – Veronica Corroon – 10th Anniversary  and Michael Corroon – 3rd Anniversary.

8.30am – Phil Moriarty – 1st Anniversary

10.00am –Bobby Henderson  – Rec Dec,  Gerald Mc Loughlin – 2nd Anniversary

12.30pm –Freda O’Halloran – Anniversary

11.15am (The Park)  




Rec Dec: William O’Keeffe, Alan Murray

Anniversary: Graham Slater – 2nd Anniversary,  Michael Carroll – 3rd Anniversary, Eva Douglas – 1st



Weekend Intentions March 6th

6,30pm – Michael McLoughlin – Anniversary

8,30am – Matthew & Christina Maning – Anniversary

10.00am – Martin Cosgrave – 37th Anniversray &  Mairead Cosgrave – 23rd Anniversray

12.30pm – John Holland – 15th Anniversary,  Bert Callery – 5th Anniversary

11.15am (The Park)


Rec Dec: Paddy Mahony

Months Mind:



Weekend Intentions Feb 28th

6.30pm – Anne Mallin – 6th Anniversary

8.30am – Josephine & John Hickey – Anniversary

10.00am – Nuala Boyle – Months Mind

12.30pm – Peggy Cronin – 2nd Anniversary,  Jim Keegan – 33rd Anniversary

11.15am  (The Park)


Rec Dec: Bobby Henderson, Francis Carr

  • Months Mind: Matt Connolly
  • Anniversary: John Mullan (4th Anniversary)
  • Patrick (Sonny) Nolan -13th Anniversary,
  • Birthday Remembrance : Paddy Byrne


Weekend Intentions Feb 21st

6.30pm – James & Elizabeth O’Brien & their daughter Betty-Anniversary, Fionnula Doyle-Anniversary

8.30am – Veronica Kiernan – Months Mind

10.00am – Tom BrazilAnniversary

12.30pm – Stephanie Keane – Anniversary

11.15am (The Park) Eileen Moore 8th Anniversary


Rec Dec: Mary Edge, Orla Walsh

Months Mind:



Weekend Intentions Feb 14th

6.30pm – Brendan Farrelly – 25th Anniversary

8.30am – Peg O’Neill – Recently Deceased

10: 00am – Mary Heffernan – Rosslare months mind

12.30pm – Mary Harkin- 13th Anniversary & Peggy Lehane – 21st Anniversary

11.15am (The Park)  – Maria O’Connor – 11th Anniversary

Months Mind: Mary Heffernan – Rosslare

Anniversary: Eva Douglas – 1st Anniversary

Weekend Intentions Feb 7th 2016

6.30pm – Tom Brazil – Anniversary

8.30am – Des Greene – 1st Anniversary

10.00am – Owen O’Driscoll – Anniversary

12.30pm –Joan Sinnott –  32nd Anniversary

11.15am (Park) – Andy Woods – 8th Anniversary


Rec Dec:

Months Mind:

Anniversary: Catherine Tracey – 7th Anniversary.


Weekend Intentions Jan 31st

6.30pm – Ann Kenna – Rec Deceased

8.30am – Michael, Bridie & Eugene Egan – Anniversary

10.00am – Jim & Eileen McKell – Anniversary

12.30pm – Adeline Slattery & David Slattery Anniversary

11.15am (Park) – Ha Nugent – 5th Anniversary


Rec Dec: Matt Connolly, Patrick Cunningham,

Michael Kevin Murphy (Monaloe Drive)

Months Mind:

Anniversary: Joan Walsh (4th Anniversary), Joan Sinnott (32nd Anniversary)


Weekend Intentions Jan 24th

6.30pm – Seán Lynch – Rec Deceased

8.30am – Jane McNamara – Anniversary

10.00am – Michael Bolger – 7th Anniversary

12.30pm – Jim Hayes – 25th Anniversary

4.30pm – Alice & James Byrne and Sheila & Jack Collins -Anniversaries

11.15am (Park) – Kevin Smith – Anniversary


Rec Dec:

Months Mind:

Anniversary: Sara Coen (1st Anniversary)


Weekend Intentions Jan 17th 2016

6.30pm – John Carroll – 9th Anniversary

8.30am – Gerry Young – 7th Anniversary

10.00am – Comdt Tom Farrell – 7th Anniversary

12.30pm – Tommy Morris – 10th Anniversary

4.30pm – Dermot Delahunty – 3rd Anniversary

11. 15am (Park)


Rec Dec: Mary Golden

Months Mind:

Anniversary: Patricia Larkin (2nd Anniversary), Mary Raythorn (15th Anniversary), Brigid Perry


Weekend Intentions Jan 10th 2016

6.30pm – Elizabeth Prior – 1st Anniversary

8.30am – Gertie CumminsRec Decd

10.00am – Mrs Saurin (103 yrs) Rec Decd

12.30pm – Evelyn Curtin – Anniversary

4.30pm – Paddy O’Donnell – 12th Anniversary

11.15am (Park)– Special Intention (DC)


Rec Dec: Niall Morgan

Months Mind:



Weekend Intention Dec 13th

6.30pm – Olga Downey – 7th Anniversary

8..30 am –Ann O’Meara (nee Ryan) – Rec. Decd.

10.00am – Cyril Corrigan – 1st Anniversary

12.30pm – Tom Feeney – Anniversary and Alan Kenny – Months Mind

4.30pm – Special Intention

11.15am (Park) – Jack & Maggie Donohoe – Anniversary

Recently Deceased: Sr. Breda English,  Most Rev. Dermot O’ Mahony, Emiritus Auxilliary Bishop Of Dublin

Months Mind: Alan Kenny

Anniversary: Christopher O’Rourke, (6th Anniversary) Lillian Haverty, Bernard Byrne, Nicholas Lynch (23rd Anniversary)


Weekend Intentions Dec 6th

6.30pm – John & Mary Gibbons – Anniversary

8.30am – John Mc Kean – 16th Anniversary

10.00am – Carmel Raleigh – Rec Deceased,   Mass for those whose Anniversary occurs in December

12,30pm –Ann Merry – 7th Anniversary

4.30pm –Breda Downing – 1st Anniversary

11.15am (Park)– Konstance & Don Brady – Anniversary


Rec Dec: Gerry Condon, Clare Taylor, Jane O’Hare, Fr Gerry Reynolds


Months Mind:


Anniversary: Christopher O’Rourke, Timothy Crowley


Weekend Intentions Nov 29th

6.30pm –  Michael O’Neill -1st Anniversary

8.30am –     Get Well Mass

10.00am – Kathleen Owens – Anniversary

12.30pm – Paddy Byrne – 23rd Anniversary

4.30pm – Michael Ferris – 19thAnniversary

11.15am (Park) – Nuala Murphy – 23rd Anniversary

Rec Dec: Davy Byrne, Betty Fagan, Garreth Weldon, Sonny Murphy and Mae Masterson

Months Mind:

Anniversary: Denis Luby, Niall Walsh


Weekend Intentions Nov 22nd

6.30pm – Denis Luby – 2nd Anniversary

8.30am – Marie Dolan – 43rd Anniversary

10.00am – Betty Ryan – Months Mind

12.30pm – Anna Keegan – 1st Anniversary

4.30pm – Eileen & Norman Norris – Anniversary

11.15am (Park)– Moninne Quinn–36th Anniversary


Rec Dec: Walter Ainsworth, Alan Kelly

Months Mind: Betty Ryan

Anniversary: Cecelia McGrath


Weekend Intentions Nov 15th

6.30pm – Jack, Aleica & Jim Devlin – Anniversary

8.30 am – Eithne Lawlor – 10th Anniversary

10.00am – Dan Magee – 31st Anniversary

12.30pm – Hugh Hackett – Rec Deceased

4.30pm – Denis Kelly – 10th Anniversary

11.15am (Park) – Julia Carroll – Anniversary


Rec Dec:

Months Mind: Joanna Mc Cann

Anniversary:  Brion Murphy (2nd Anniversary), Denis Luby, Fearghal O’Farrell


Weekend Intentions Nov 1st

6.30pm – Jim O’Callaghan- Anniversary

8.30 am –

10.00am –Mass for those whose Anniversary occurs during November

12.30pm – Joan Doyle – 6th Anniversary

4.30pm – Bill Kavanagh – Anniversary

11.15am (Park) –


Rec Dec: Betty Ryan

Months Mind: James Bracken

Anniversary:  John Sinnott (1st Anniversary), Thomas Whelan, Thomas Whittle, Eva Coughlan

Weekend Intentions Oct 25th

6.30pm – Josephine Duffy – 50th Anniversary & Doreen Mc Hale – Anniversary

8.30 am – Christina Lynch – 8th Anniversary

10.00am – John Doyle – 8th Anniversary

12.30pm – John Slater – Anniversary & Laurence Berry – Months Mind

4.30pm – George Worn – Anniversary

11.15am (Park) – Liam Moore – 9th Anniversary


Rec Dec: Carmel Raleigh, Fiona Perrem,

Patricia (Paddy) Widdis, Joanna McCann

Months Mind: Laurence Berry

Anniversary:  Charles Higgins (2nd Anniversary), Patrick Corroon, Marie Lou Brennan.

Remembrance: Peggy Cronin

Weekend Intentions Oct 18th

6.30pm –   Austin & Betty Hastings – Anniversary

8.30 am –  Special Intention for Berry Family

10.00am – Ann Fegan – 1st Anniversary and Robert Fegan – 33rd Anniversary

12.30pm –  Nessa Cruise – Anniversary

4.30pm –    Ted Murphy – Birthday Remembrance

11.15am (Park) –


Rec Dec: Ann McDonnell, Dotie Sheridan

Months Mind: Philip Kelly

Anniversary: Joseph P Payne (36th Anniversary)

Weekend Intentions Oct 11th 

6.30pm – John Coughlan – 6th Anniversary, Peter O’Dwyer – 1st Anniversary,  Hugh Hackett – Months Mind

8.30 am – Laurence Berry – Rec. Deceased

10.00am – Niall O’Keeffe – 2nd Anniversary

12.30pm – Sheila Meehan – 4th Anniversary, Sarah Clarke – 1st Anniversary

4.30pm – Kitty Devenney – Rec. Deceased

11.15am (Park)


Rec Dec: Konstanz Brady, John O’Loughlin, Vera Fagan, June Daly

Months Mind: Hugh Hackett

Anniversary:  Doreen McHale, William Hickey, William & Peggy McNally, Ann & Sam Cole


Weekend Intentions Oct 4th

6.30pm – James & Elizabeth Dalton – Anniversary & Colm Brennan – 1st Anniversary

8.30 am – Joe Dalton – 11th Anniversary

10.00am – Mass for those whose Anniversary occurs in October

12.30pm – John Mooney – 1st Anniversary

4.30pm – Patricia Carroll – Anniversary

11.15am (Park) Gerry Martin – 8th Anniversary


Rec Dec:  Nuala Power, Laurence Berry, Bob Conan

Months Mind: Lynn Mason, Rita Robinson

Anniversary: Declan Tracey (20th Anniversary), Ferdynand Jeziorski (6th Anniversary)

Weekend Intentions Sept 27th

  • 6,30pm – Christine O’Reilly, 4th Anniversary
  • 8,30 am –
  • 10.00am – Hugh Hackett – Months Mind
  • 12.30pm – Paddy Byrne – Months Mind
  • 4.30pm – Angela McLoughlin – 13th Anniversary
  • 11,15am (Park) – Paddy Gill – 21st Anniversary


Rec Dec: Betty Connolly, James Bracken

Months Mind: Hugh Hackett, Paddy Byrne

Anniversary: Elizabeth O’Connor (1st Anniv),    Sean McLoughlin,   Mona Byrne.

Weekend Intentions Sept 20th

 6.30pm –  Sean McLoughlin –Anniversary

 8.30am – Mary Conmee –  Months Mind

10.00am – Mary Daly – 11th Anniversary

12.30pm – Celine O’Carroll – 2nd Anniversary

4.30pm – Denis Flannery –  Anniversary

11.15am (The Park)    



Rec Dec: – Rita Robinson, Imelda Kavanagh

Months Mind: Paddy Byrne,   Mary Conmee

Anniversary:  Christy and Nancy Swords,   David Timlin, Joan Salmon – 2nd Anniversary

Weekend Intentions Sept 13th

6.30pm –  Kevin Naughton – 2nd Anniversary

8.30 am –

10.00am – Tommy & Vicky Manning – Anniversary

12.30pm – Thomas Walshe – 25th Anniversary

4.30pm – John Salmon – 2nd Anniversary

11.15am (Park)


Rec Dec: Lynn Mason, Anne Griffiths, om McDermott (Erdington, Birmingham),  Ray Noone

Anniversary: James (Jim) Finegan, 4thAnniversary, Catherine Halley, Tom Gethin


Weekend Intentions Sept 6th

6.30pm –  Mary Kelly – 10th Anniversary

8.30 am – David Greene – 3rd Anniversary

10.00am –Mass for those whose Anniversary occurs during September

12.30pm – John Edge – 3rd Anniversary and Jack Costelloe – 37th Anniversary



Rec Dec: Michael Curtin, Ewen Hogan

Anniversary: Barney Greaves, Brendan Reynolds, Don McDonald, Oliver McMahon [ 1st anniversary]

Weekend Intentions Aug 30th

6.30pm – James & Ann Doonan – Anniversary

8.30am – Nano & Don Reid

10.00am – Friends of (Kathleen McDonnell R.I.P.)

12.30pm – Special Intention



Recently Deceased: Mary (Minnie) Conmee, Hugh Hackett,

Paddy Byrne, Jill Hoggs

Months Mind:


Weekend Intentions Aug 23rd

6.30pm – Fiona Lawlor – (Safety)

8.30am – Special Intention

10.00am – Richard Thornhill – Anniversary

12.30pm – Tony O’Connor – Anniversary



Recently Deceased: Mary Conmee

Months Mind:

Anniversaries: Darren Brack (1st Anniversary),

Kathleen Kelly(1st Anniversary) Michael Johnstone (3rd Anniversary), Michael O’ Sullivan, Jack McCarthy, Nano & Don Reid, Susan Crawford, George Smith

Weekend Intentions Aug 16th

 6.30pm – Seán Coughlan – 4th Anniversary

8.30am –

10.00am – Tommie, Elizabeth & Bernadette Archbold

12.30pm – Eileen Holland -2nd Anniversary


Recently Deceased: Christy Fennelly

Months Mind:


Weekend Intentions Aug 9th

6.30pm – Seamus McEntee – 2nd Anniversary

8.30am – Seán Ó Grádaigh – Recently Deceased

10.00am – Don Seligman – Recently Deceased

12.30pm – Thomas & Elizabeth Malone – Anniversary



Recently Deceased:

Months Mind:

Anniversaries:  Jackie & Hannah Coleman, Paddy Perry (Anniv), Liam Kiely (1st Anniv)

Weekend Intentions Aug 2nd

6.30pm – Christy Walsh – Anniversary & Ellen Noonan – Anniversary

8.30am –

10.00am – Mass for those whose Anniversary occurs in August

12.30pm – Con O’Sullivan – 1st Anniversary


Recently Deceased: Donal Lionel Seligman

Months Mind:

Anniversaries:  James Kennedy


Weekend Intentions July 26th

6.30pm – Jo Dillon – 2nd Anniversary

8.30am –

10.00am – Dan O’Connor – 22th Anniversary & Mary O’Connor, Birthday Remembrance

12.30pm – Dermot Cardiff – Rec. Dec.


Recently Deceased: Eleanor Downes

Months Mind:

Anniversaries: Malachy Perry


Weekend Intentions July 19th

6.30pm – Mary Beecham – 7th Anniversary

8.30am –

10.00am – Theresa Doyle – 24th Anniversary

12.30pm – Sisters Marie Carroll & Sheila Trant special intention



Recently Deceased: Pauline Gaffney

Months Mind:



Weekend Intentions July 12th

6.30pm – Tommy Merriman – 7th Anniversary

8.30am – Fr. Richard O’Donovan OP Rec. Dec.

10.00am – Peggy Cronin’s Birthday Remembrance

12.30pm – Kieran Cowley – 23rd Anniversary



Recently Deceased:


Months Mind:




Weekend Intentions July 5th

6.30pm – Jim & Mary King – Anniversary

8.30am – Eimear Walsh – Recently Deceased

10.00am – Mass for those whose anniversary occurs in July

12.30pm – Michael Casey – 8th Anniversary


Recently Deceased: Seán Byrne

Anniversaries: John & Kathleen O’Sullivan


Weekend Intentions June 28th

6.30pm – Catherine & Frank Quinn

8.30 am –Vera Gleeson – Recently Deceased

10.00am – Sean Curtin & Dr Jim Curtin – Anniversary

12.30pm – Michael O’Hara – 2nd Anniversary


Recently Deceased: Georgia Murphy

Anniversary: Ann Garvey (1st Anniversary), Maurice Downing (11th Anniversary), Eileen Magee, John & Maureen McCambridge (21st Anniversay)


Weekend Intentions June 21st

6.30pm – Paddy O’Carroll – 17th Anniversary

8.30 am – Elizabeth & Michae Lyons – Anniversary

10.00am – Joe Concannon – 18th Anniversary

12.30pm – Tom Barry – Recently Deceased

4.30 pm – Derek Keegan – Rec Deceased

11.15am (Park) – Angela Glynn 1st Anniversary


Anniversary: Noel & Dolly Traynor, Denise Kinsella, Paul Feighery (4th Anniv), Paul Fitzpatrick

Weekend Intentions June 14th

6.30pm – Reenie Fox – 16th Anniversary

8.30am – Birthday Mass

10.00am – Peter Hopkins – 23rd Anniversary

12.30pm – Anna Nolan – Anniversary

4.30 pm – Dara Breathnach – 2nd Anniversary

11.15 am(Park) –James Murphy– 20th Anniversary


Recently Deceased: Norah McDonald, Ann Daly, John Fagan

Months Mind: Clem O’Reilly, Kate Healy

Anniversaries: Diarmuid O’Hegarty (5th Anniv), Dan Hickey (6th Anniv)

Weekend Intentions June 7th

6.30pm – Orla Lemass – 4th Anniversary

8.30am – Special Intention

10.00am –Mass for those whose Anniversary occurs in June

2.30pm – Emma Duke – 15th Anniversary

4.30 pm – Elizabeth Moore – 4th Anniversary

11.15 am(Park) – Seán O’Brien -Anniversary


Anniversaries: Sandra McDonnell


Weekend Intentions May 30th

6.30pm – Special Intention

8.30am – Maureen Beegan – Recently Decd

10.00am – John Callaghan – 23rd Anniv

12.30pm – Maureen & Emily Butler & Decd  members of the Butler & Hogan Families

4.30 pm – Paddy & Gertie O’Hare – Anniv


Recently Deceased:

Bill O’Herlihy, Carmel Walsh


Dr. Nan Dunleavy & Dr.Pearl Dunleavy, Oran O’Kennedy, Raymond Colgan (3rd Anniv)

Weekend Intentions May 23rd

6.30pm – John McCusker – 4th Anniversary

8.30am –Joseph Michael – Remembrance

10.00am – Parkes Morgan – Anniversary

12.30pm – Anne Feeney – Anniversary

4.30 pm – Frank Scott – Recently Deceased


Recently Deceased: Kate Healy, Willie Dunne, Maureen Beegan

Anniversaries: Donal Gethin, Phyllis Delahunt, Paddy & Rosaleen McGrath, Bernadette O’Connor, Anthony O’Connor


Weekend Intentions May 17th

6.30pm – James & Mercia Treacy and Tom & Margaret Manley – Anniversaries

8.30 am – Special Intention

10.00am – Carl Daniel Monaghan – 26th anniversary & The Monaghan and O’Connor Families

12.30pm – Ann & Ronnie Golden –Anniversary

4.30 pm – Seán Clare – 28th Anniversary

11.15am (The Park) – Alex Chubchenk USA


Recently Deceased: Clem O’Reilly, Derek  Davis

Months Mind: Laura Walsh

Anniversaries: John Fitzpatrick (1st Anniv),

Weekend Intentions May 10th

6.30pm – Michael & Martha McLoughlin – Anniversaries

8.30 am – Eileen Duffy – Anniversary

10.00am – Jimmy Doyle – 11th Anniversary

12.30pm – Sé Quirk – 8th Anniversary

4.30 pm – Tony Duff – Recently Deceased

11.15 am (The Park) – Catherine O’Shea – Recently Deceased.


Months Mind: Gerry Lawlor, Eithne O’Byrne

Anniversaries: Colm Hogan, Nan Sills,


Weekend Intentions May 3rd

6.30pm – Elizabeth Prior – Recently Decd

8.30 am – Mass of Thanksgiving

10.00am – Mass for those whose anniversary occurs during May.

12.30pm – Joseph Hurley – 21st Anniversary

4.30 pm – Alan Victories – 1st Anniversary

Anniversaries: Paddy Kennedy (16th Anniv)


Weekend Intentions April 26th

6.30pm – Leah Kennedy – 13th Anniversary

8.30 am – James Dolan – 13th Anniversary

10.00am – Dermot Doyle – 2nd Anniversary

12.30pm – Martin Prenter – 6th Anniversary

4.30 pm – Eithne Stanley – Recently Decd

11.15am The Park – Jimmy Dempsey


Rec Dec: Fergus O’Rourke

Months Mind:

Anniversaries: Kari Kelly (10th Anniversary), Kathy Vavasour (nee Merriman)-(5th Anniversary) 


Weekend Intentions April 19th

6.30pm – Nicholas Byrne – Anniversary & Max Ryan- 2nd Anniversary

8.30 am – Oisin & Daragh Brocklebank – 10th Anniversary

10.00am – George Moore – 33rd Anniversary and Gabrielle Moore – 6th Anniversary

12.30pm – Fearghal O’Farrell

4.30 pm – Brigín Dunne – Recently Deceased

11.15am The Park – Michael Lucey – Rec.   Deceased


Rec Dec: Damien Fortune, Mary Fitzgerald, Cathleen Brady, Laura Walsh, Gerard Lawlor

Months Mind: Peter Deane

Anniversaries: John Walsh, Brian McGovern


Weekend Intentions April 5th

9.00 pm –

8.30 am – Celine O’Brien – 2nd Anniversary

10.00am – Kitty Woodhouse – Months Mind

12.30pm – Jack O’Boyle – Anniversary

11.15 am The Park – Eileen Moore – Anniversary


Rec Dec: Patricia McGrath

Months Mind: Kitty Woodhouse

Anniversary: Seán Carr (1st Anniv), William Doody (13th Anniv), Tony Kelly (8th Anniv), Joe Barrett (17th Anniv), Marion Barrett (3rd Anniv) Joan Godkin, Liam O’Brien

Weekend Intentions March 29th 2015

6.30pm – Donal Lehane – Anniversary

8.30 am – Veronica Ryan – Recently Decd

10.00am – Pat Gillen – 3rd Anniversary

12.30pm – Frank Burke – 21st Anniversary

4.30 pm – Bernard & Patricia Garrigan Anniversary and the deceased members of their family.

11.15am The Park –


Rec Dec: Dick Brady, Frank O’Dea

Months Mind: Nellie Hopper

Anniversaries: Mary Hickey (12th Anniversary), Doris Corcoran (26th Anniversary), Michael Corroon (2nd Anniversary), Veronica Corroon (9th Anniversary)


Weekend Intentions March 22nd 2015

6.30pm – Fionnuala Doyle – 15th Anniversary

8.30 am – Mary & Patrick Leonard – Anniversary

10.00am – Danny Shannon – 1st Anniversary

12.30pm – Freda O’Halloran – 14th Anniversary

4.30 pm – Patrick Guinan – 7th Anniversary

11.15am The Park – Nora Lynch – Rec Decd


Rec Dec: Bob Phelan, Eva Douglas, Phil Moriarty, Peter Deane

Anniversaries: Bridie Archibold (9th Anniv), Mary O’Connor, Dan Daly


Weekend Intentions March 15th 2015

6.30 – Maura & Noel O’Reilly – Anniversary.

8.30am – Michael McGovern – 3rd Anniversary

10am- Jim & Eileen Mc Kell – Anniversary

12.30pm- – Jim Phillips – Anniversary

4.30pmBert Callery – 4th Anniversary

11.15am (Park)Donors Intention                                                    


Rec Dec: Annette O’Byrne, Mary Phelan  

Birthday Remembrance: Celine O’Carroll  

Anniversaries: Jackie & Hannah Coleman, Lily Sheridan, Gerald Mc Loughlin (1st Anniversary


Weekend Intentions Marcy 8th 2015

6.30pm – Michael Mc Loughlin – 1st Anniversary

8.30 am – Josephine (31st) & John (11th)  Hinchy Anniversaries

10.00am – Anniversaries occurring in March

12.30pm – Graham Slater – 1st Anniversary

4.30pm – Michael Walsh – Rec Dec

11.15am ( Park)- Special Intention


Rec Dec: Gerard Bailey, Aideen Hipwell

Anniversaries: Jimmy Hickey (2nd Anniversary)


Weekend Intentions  1st March 2015

6.30pm – Ann Marie Mallin – 5th Anniversary

8.30 am – Charlotte McDonald – 23rd Anniversary

10.00am – Matt Fitzgibbon – Anniversary

12.30pm – John James Holland – 14th Anniversary

4.30pm – Jim Keegan – 32nd Anniversary

11.15am (Park) –   James Murray, Olive Cluskey & Caitríona Cluskey

Rec Dec: Sean McCann, Madge Murray

Months Mind:  Ursula Bradbury

Anniversaries: Kitty O’Sullivan, Ailís Purcell (9th Anniversary), Paddy Byrne (4th Anniversary)  


Weekend Intentions 22nd Feb

6.30pm – Ursula Bradbury – Rec Deceased

8.30 am –

10.00am – Sara Coen – Months Mind

12.30pm – Thomas Brazil, Snr. 12th Anniversary

4.30pm –

11.15am (Park) – Eileen Moore 7th Anniversary

Rec Dec: Fr Vincent Kelly, Andrew Jones

Months Mind: Sara Coen

Anniversaries: John Mullin, 3rd Anniversary, Peggy Cronin, 1st Anniversary.

Weekend Intentions 15th Feb 2015

6.30pm – Jim & Eileen McKell – Anniversaries

8.30 am – Anna Agar – Recently deceased

10.00am –Mass for those whose anniversaries occur during February

12.30pm – Special Intention

4.30pm – Annie & Jack O’Boyle – Anniversary


Rec Dec: Eleanora Smyth


Weekend Intentions 8th Feb 2015

6.30pm –  Caroline Heeney – 2nd Anniversary & Ursula Bradbury – Rec Deceased

8.30 am – Anne Heslin – Rec Deceased

10.00am – Martin Cosgrave 36th Anniversary &  Mairead Cosgrave 22nd Anniversary

12.30pm – Mary Harkin – 12th Anniversary

4.30 pm – Special Intention

11.15 am The Park – Maria O’Connor & Sheila Slater – Anniversary


Rec Dec:  Colum Corless,

Anniversary: Finbarr Keegan (8th Anniv), Mary Carroll (2nd Anniv)  


Weekend Intentions 1st Feb 2015

6.30pm – Orla Humphries – 2nd Anniversary

8.30 am – Donor Intention

10.00am – Donor Intention

12.30pm – Andy Woods – 7th Anniversary

4.30 pm – Thomas Brazil Jnr. – 9th Anniversary

11.15am The Park –


Rec Dec:  Anna Agar, Rosemary Carroll

Months Mind:

Anniversary: Ciarán Dalton, Maureen & David Salmon


Weekend Intentions Jan 25th

6.30pm – Adeline(Bunty)Slattery 1st Anniversary

8.30 am – Mass for those whose anniversary occurs during January.

10.00am – Stephanie Keane– 1st Anniversary

12.30pm – Jim Hayes – 24th Anniversary

4.30 pm – Dermot Roughan– 5th Anniversary

11.15am The Park –


Rec Dec: Marie Shelly, Peter Carvosso

Months Mind: Pamela Dalton

Anniversary: Michael Bolger (6th Anniv), Jim & Eileen McKell, Joan Walsh (3rd Anniv),

Birthday Remembrance: Tommy Merriman

Weekend Intentions Jan 18th

6.30pm – John Carroll – 8th Anniversary

8.30 am – Padráig Lonergan – Rec Decd

10.00am – Dermot Delahunty – 2nd Anniversary

12.30pm – Patricia Larkin – 1st Anniversary

4.30 pm –Alice & James Byrne Remembrance

11.15am The Park –


Rec Dec: Denis Shelly

Months Mind: Robert (Bob) Gallagher

Anniversary: Gerry Young (5th Anniversary), Patricia Larkin (1st Anniversary)


Weekend Intentions Jan 11th

6.30pm – Patrick O’Donnell – 11th Anniversary

8.30 am – William Doyle – 21st Anniversary

10.00am – Fearghal O’Farrell – 1st Anniversary

12.30pm – Comdt. Tom Farrell – 6th Anniversary

4.30 pm – Bill Meagher – Anniversary

11.15am – Jack & Maggie Donoghoe – Anniversary


Rec Dec:

Months Mind: Jane O’Neill

Anniversary: Nuala Roche


Weekend Intentions Dec 21st

6.30 pm: Bill Crosbie

8.30 am: Special Intention

10.00 am: Jane O’Neill – Rec Deceased

12.30 pm: Tommy Morris – 9th Anniversary


Months Mind: Breda Downing, Pádraig Lonergan

Anniversaries: Alice Farrell (1st Anniv), Hilda Hennessy (10th Anniv),



Weekend Intentions Dec 14th

6.30pm – Joseph Healy – 21st Anniversary

8.30 am – Pádraig Lonergan – Rec deceased and his brother Maurice – 1st Anniversary

10.00am – Special Intention

12.30pm – Tom Feeney – Anniversary

4.30 pm – Dessie Martin – Rec Deceased

11.15am – Special Intention


Rec Dec: Jane O’Neill, Joss Silva, Reynolds Silva, Robert Gallagher

Months Mind: Michael Berman

Anniversary Nicholas Lynch (22nd Anniv), Brigid Gaughran (1st Anniv), Lilian Haverty (8th Anniv), Mairín Fenton (1st Anniv)


Feast of Immaculate Conception

In company with members of their families and friends the following are especially remembered on this Feast Day, because this date holds a specific remembrance for them.

7.25 am – Sr. FidelmaSpecial Intention

10.00 am – Patrick Doonan – Rec Dec

6.30 pm – Irena Benkova – Rec Dec

Recently Deceased – Breeda Downing

Anniversaries: Reneé O’Callaghan


Weekend Intentions Dec 7th

6.30pm – John & Mary Gibbons – Anniversary

8.30 am – John McKean – 15th Anniversary

10.00am – Anne Merry – 6th Anniversary

12.30pm – Paddy Byrne – 22nd Anniversary

4.30 pm – Richella O’Reilly – Anniversary

11.15am – Dan Magee – 30th Anniversary


Rec Dec: Pádraig Lonergan, Breeda Downing

Anniversary Desmond McDonald – 2nd Anniversary, Gary Emmett  – 2nd Anniversary


Weekend Intentions Nov 30th

6.30pm – Denis Luby – 1st Anniversary

8.30 am – Kathleen Owens – Anniversary

10.00am – Owen O’Driscoll – 4th Anniversary

12.30pm – Brendan Heapes

4.30 pm – Brendan Reynolds – 7th Anniversary

11.15am (The Park) – Aleica Devlin – 25th Anniversary


Rec Dec:  Moira Corcoran, Michael O’Neill, Andrew Grendon

Anniversary Niall Walsh,Denis Luby


Weekend Intentions Nov 23rd

6.30pm – Dara Breathnach – Birthday Remembrance

8.30 am – Marie Dolan – Anniversary

10.00am – Michael Ferris – 18th Anniversary

12.30pm – Austin & Paul Guilfoyle –   Anniversary

4.30 pm – Special Intention

11.15am (The Park) – Nuala Murphy – 22nd Anniversary


Rec Dec: John Joe White, Jim O’Keeffe



Weekend Intentions Nov 16th

6.30pm – Colm Brennan – Rec. Dec.

8.30 am – Brion J Murphy – 1st Anniversary

10.00am – Eithne Smyth – Anniversary

12.30pm – Breda Brophy – 2nd Anniversary

4.30 pm – Denis Kelly – Anniversary

11.15am (The Park) – Moninne Quinn – 35th Anniversary

 Rec Dec: James O’Keeffe, Michael Berman

 Months Mind: Peter O’Dwyer, Ann Fegan,

 Anniversary: Brion J Murphy – 1st Anniversary, John O’Reilly, Christina Williams, Walter Eamonn Larkin  – 1st Anniversary,  Paddy Dundon – 23rd Anniversary, Thomas Plunkett


Weekend Intention Nov. 9th

6.30pm – John Mooney – Recently Deceased

8.30 am –  Special Intention

10.00am – Florence Lyons – 6th Anniversary

12.30pm – Mollie & Ernie Corcoran – Anniversary

4.30 pm – Mary (May) O’Kane – Months Mind

11.15am (The Park) – Patrick Dunne – 5th Anniversary

Rec Dec: John Mooney, Michael Berman

Months Mind: Sarah Clarke (please mention at 12.30pm)Mary (May) O’Kane, Elizabeth (Betty) O’Connor,

Anniversary: Niall O’Farrell


Weekend Intentions Nov.  2nd

6.30 pm – Thomas Redmond – 4th Anniversary

8.30 am – Deceased members of the Dowd Family

10.00 am – Trish Carroll – Anniversary

12.30 pm – Hugh & Kitty McMahon and their grandson Nessan

4.30 pm – Eileen Phillips – 24th Anniversary

11.15 am (The Park) – Margaret Cronin – Rec Dec

Rec Dec: Bill Curtin, Bill Meagher

Months Mind: John Mooney

Anniversary: Roger McMahon (13th Anniv), James O’Callaghan, Bonnie O’Reilly, William Hickey ( 37th anniversary), Louis O’Neill


Weekend Intentions Oct 26th

6.30pm – Rory Keating – 3rd Anniversary

8.30 am – Shay Casey – R.I.P.

10.00am – John Doyle – 7th Anniversary

12.30pm – John Slater – Anniversary

4.30 pm – George Worn – Anniversary

11.15am (The Park) – Liam Moore – 8th Anniversary


Rec Dec:

Months Mind: Séan Mc Loughlin

Anniversary: Patrick Corroon (10th Aniv), Kevin Ryan (5th Anniv)


Weekend Intentions Oct 19th

6.30pm – John Coughlan – 5th Anniversary

8.30 am – Séan Finn – 16th Anniversary

10.00am – Nessa Cruise – Anniversary

12.30pm – Joseph Payne – 35th Anniversary

4.30 pm – Bill Kavanagh – Anniversary

11.15am (The Park)– Bernard Greeves – 24th Anniversary


Rec Dec: Sarah Clarke, Peter O’Dwyer, Fr Harry Moore, Ann Fegan

Anniversary: Ted Murphy (7th Anniversary),

Marie Lou Brennan (2nd Anniversary),

Sr Teresa Nugent (10th Anniversary),

William & Peggy McNally


Weekend Intentions Oct 12th

6.30pm – Austin & Betty Hastings – Anniversary

8.30 am – Noel Fitzpatrick – Rec Deceased

10.00am – Sarah & Patrick McManus and their daughter Rose – Anniversary

12.30pm – Sheila Meehan – 3rd Anniversary

4.30 pm – Mary Kelly – Anniversary

11.15am (The Park)–


Rec Dec: Colm Brennan, Heather Devlin, Anna Keegan,

Anniversary: Doreen McHale (20th Anniv), Anne Haughton (10th Anniv), Trevor Gibbons (1st Anniv), Niall O’Keeffe (1st Anniv)


Weekend Intentions Oct 5th

6.30pm – Gerry Martin – 7th Anniversary

8.30 am – Darragh Murphy – Anniversary

10.00am –Mass for those whose Anniversaries occurs in October

12.30pm – Mary Curry – 11th Anniversary

4.30 pm – Patricia Carroll – 11th Anniversary

11.15am (The Park)–Mel Stokes– Rec Decd


Rec Dec: Cameron Kelly, Betty O’Connor, Sean McLoughlin

Anniversary: Tony Moran (1st Anniv), Joseph Michael (7th Anniv), Christopher Tallon (5th Anniv).


Weekend Intentions Sept 21st

6.30pm – Kevin Naughton – 1st Anniversary

8.30 am – Michael Deeny – Rec Deceased

10.00am – James Finegan – Anniversary

12.30pm – Angela McLoughlin – 12th Anniversary

4.30 pm – Celine O’Carroll – 1st Anniversary

11.15 am (The Park) –Catherine Hally – Rec Deceased


Rec Dec: Brendan Heapes

Anniversary: Mary Daly (10th Anniversary)


Weekend Intentions Sept 14th

6.30pm – James & Elizabeth Dalton – Anniversary Mass

8.30 am – Oliver McMahon – Rec Decd

10.00am – Michael McDonald – Anniversary

12.30pm – John Edge – 2nd Anniversary

4.30 pm –

11.15 am (The Park) –


Rec Dec: Catherine Hally

Anniversary: Tom Gethin, Lindolso Pereira Scilva (1st Anniv), Thomas Corry


Weekend Intentions Sept 7th

6.30 pm – Tommy & Vicky Manning – Anniversary

8.30 am – Jurai Voloch – Mass bouquet on his 80th Birthday

10.00 am –Mass for those whose Anniversary occurs in September  in particular Danny & Noreen Healy

12.30 pm – David Greene – 2nd Anniversary


Recently Deceased:  Oliver Mac Mahon, Maureen Scott

Months Mind:

Anniversaries: 6 month Anniversary of Anthony Cosgrove,  Danny & Noreen Healy


Weekend Intentions Aug 31st

6.30 pm – James & Ann Doonan – Anniversary

8.30 am – Darren Brack – Recently Deceased

10.00 am – Marcella Kennedy – 5th Anniversary and also remember her husband Francis Kennedy

12.30 pm – Margaret Spillane – 28th Anniversary

Recently Deceased:   Kathleen Kelly,   Darren Brack (32 yrs old)

Months Mind:

Anniversaries: Michael Johnstone . Philip Murphy


Weekend Intentions Aug 24th

6.30 pm – Richard Thornhill – Anniversary

8.30 am –

10.00 am –

12.30 pm – Michael Johnstone – 2nd Anniversary & Don Reid – 1st Anniversary


Recently Deceased: Derek Murphy

Months Mind:

Anniversaries: Michael O’Sullivan, Susan Crawford (1st Anniversary), Jack McCarthy (23rd Anniversary)


Weekend Intentions Aug 17th

6.30 pm –

8.30 am – Thomas, Elizabeth & Bernadette Archbold       anniversaries

10.00 am – Eileen Holland 1st anniversary

12.30 pm – Tony O’Connor 20th Anniversary

Recently Deceased: Kate Wright

Months Mind:

Anniversaries: Hannah Creman


Weekend Intentions Aug 10th

6.30 pm – Séamus Mc Entee – 1st Anniversary

8.30 am – Maurice Tempany – 1st Anniversary

10.00 am –Mass for those whose Anniversary occurs in August

12.30 pm – Teddy Ryan, Maud & Fred Daly & Deceased members of the Ryan and Daly families – Anniversaries

Recently Deceased: Bryan Gleeson

Months Mind:

Anniversaries: Paddy Perry 10th Anniversary, Sean Coughlan 3rd Anniversary


Weekend Intentions Aug. 3rd

6.30 pm – Christy Walsh 6th Anniversary

8.30 am –

10.00 am – Patricia Terry & Josephine Boyle – Anniversaries

12.30 pm – Brian Kennedy – Months Mind


Recently Deceased: Colette O’Toole

Months Mind:

Anniversaries: Patricia Kerr (7th Anniv)


Weekend intentions July 27th

6.30 pm – Joe Dillon – 1st Anniversary

8.30 am – Bob Connolly – Recently Deceased

10.00 am – Mae & Dan O’Connor – Anniversaries

12.30 pm – Special Intention


Recently Deceased: May Barrett

Months Mind: Bernard Kennedy

Anniversaries: Malachy Perry, Jack Fagan (1st Anniversary)


Weekend intentions July 20th

6.30 pm – Special Intention

8.30 am –

10.00 am –  Mass for those whose Anniversaries occurs in July

12.30 pm – George Mc Clelland (Rec Dec) & Maura Mc Clelland (7th Anniversary)


Recently Deceased:

Months Mind:



Weekend Intentions July 13th

6.30 pm – Mary Beechman – Months Mind

8.30 am –  Ann Brophy & Marion Ballintine (sisters) Anniversaries

10.00 am – Theresa Doyle – 23rd Anniversary

12.30 pm – Dara Breathnach – 1st Anniversary


Recently deceased:

Months Mind:   Mary Beechman




Weekend Intentions July 6th

6.30 pm – Jim & Mary King – Anniversary

8.30 am – Special Intention – Get Well Mass

10.00 am – Ann Marie Cullen – 1st Anniversary

12.30 pm – Michael Casey – 7th Anniversary


Recently Deceased: Seamus Mangan

Months Mind:

Anniversaries: John & Kitty O’Sullivan


Weekend Intentions June 29th 2014

6.30pm – Michael O’Hara – 1st Anniversary

10.00am – Fearghal O’Farrell – six months

12.30pm – Sean and Jim Curtin – Anniversary

4.30 pm – Maurice Downing – 11th Anniversary


Rec Dec: Nancie Crowley,

Anniversary: Carmel O’Reilly, Eileen McGee, Louis Marié (1st Anniv)


Weekend Intentions June 22nd 2014

6.30pm – Paul Feighery – 3rd Anniversary

8.30 am –

10.00am – Michael & Elizabeth Lyons – Anniversary

12.30pm – Paddy O’Carroll – Anniversary

4.30 pm – Tom Dowling – 1st Anniversary

11.15 am – Alfonso & Lucia Valderrama – Anniversary


Rec Dec:

Months Mind:   James Brady

Anniversary: John & Maureen McCambridge, Benny Donohoe (11th Anniv), Denise Kinsella (2nd Anniv), Mary Ford (20th Anniversary)



W eekend Intentions June 15th 2014

6.30pm – Special Intention

8.30 am –

10.00am –Those whose Anniversaries occur in June

12.30pm – Anna Nolan – 5th Anniversary

4.30 pm – Dara Breathnach – 1st Anniversary

11.15 am The Park – James Murphy – Anniversary


Recently Deceased: Mary Beecham

Anniversary: Daniel Hickey [5th] John Lenehan [27th]


W eekend Intentions June 8th 2014

6.30pm – Diarmuid O’Hegarty – 4th Anniversary

8.30 am – Peter Hopkins – 22nd Anniversary

10.00am – Orla Lemass – 3rd Anniversary

12.30pm – Emma Duke – 15th Anniversary

4.30 pm – Ray Colgan – 2nd Anniversary

11.15 am The Park – Seán O’Brien – Anniversary


Anniversary: Patrick Lehane


Weekend Intentions June 1st 2014

6.30pm –Seán Carr – Recently Deceased

8.30 am – Daimian Owens- Recently Deceased

10.00am – Geraldine O’Neill – 11th Anniversary

12.30pm – Colm Hogan – Months Mind

4.30 pm – Ann & Ned Dowling – Anniversary

11.15 am The Park –


Rec Dec: Nancie Crowley

Anniversary:Nan Dunleavy & Pearl Dunleavy

Oran O’Kennedy


Weekend Intentions 6th April 2014

18:30 – Nicholas Byrne – 10th Anniversary, Michael McLoughlin – Months Mind

08:30 – Celine O’Brien 1st Anniversary

10:00 – Gabrielle Moore – 5th Anniversary

12:30 – Monica & James Tracey, Margaret & Thomas Manley – Anniversary

16:30 – Tom & Maura Kelleher & their son, Tom Anniversaries

Anniversaries: William Doody, Liam O’Brien (6th Anniversary), Mary Hickey (11th Anniversary)


Weekend Intentions

6.30pm – Eileen Murray –R.I.P

8.30 am – Rita & Harry McGinn – Anniversary

10.30am – Paul Lynch – Anniversary

12.30pm – Tom Feeney – Anniversary

4.30pm – Maureen & Paddy McGill – Anniversaries

11.30 am – Eva Devlin – Birthday Remembrance


Rec Dec:

Months Mind:

Anniversaries: The Neary Family, Eileen Doddy (1st Anniv), Daniel Coughlan



Weekend Intentions


Along with their families and friends the following people are especially remembered this weekend. This time of the year holds a special significance for all those who knew and who loved them.


6.30pm – Seamus & Josie Barry – Anniv

10.30am – Sarah & Patrick McManus & daughter Rose – Anniversaries

12.30pm – Joseph Brophy – 20th Anniversary

 4.30pm – Denis Kelly – Anniversary

11.30 am The Park – Moninne Quinn –Anniv


Rec Dec: Marie Leydon


Months Mind: Niall O’Keeffe


Anniversaries:  Etna (10th Anniv) & Pat (5th Anniv) Smyth, John O’Reilly




6.30pm – Niall O’Keeffe – Rec deceased

8.30am – Fr George O’Sullivan – Anniversary

10.30am –Mass for those whose Anniversary occurs during November

12.30pm – Mollie & Ernie Corcoran – Anniv


11.30am The Park – Get Well Mass


Rec Dec: Carmel O’Brien

Months Mind: Tony Moran

Anniversary: John Whittle, Ada Whelan



6.30pm – Austin & Betty Hastings – Anniv

8.30am – Decd members of Sexton family

10.30am – Cyril Smyth – Birthday Mass

12.30pm – John Doyle – Anniversary

4.30pm –  Christina Lynch – 6th Anniversary

11.30am The Park – Liam Moore –7th Anniv

Rec Dec: Niall O’Keeffe, Susan Cleary


Anniversary: William Hickey, Lal Sexton, Marie Lou Brennan (1st Anniv)



6.30 pm – Teddy Ryan and Maud & Fred Daly – Anniversaries

8.30 am –

10.30 am –Mass for those whose Anniversary occurs in August

12.30 pm – Mass for the Holy Souls

4.30 pm –

Recently Deceased: Seamus McEntee, Sr.Martha Masterson

Months Mind:

Anniversaries: Sean Coughlan (2nd

& Bernadette Archbold

Anniversary), Thomas, Elizabeth




6.30 pm –    Mary Hegarty – Remembrance

8.30 am –

10.30 am –

12.30 pm –

4.30 pm –


Recently Deceased:


Months Mind: Louis Marié


Anniversaries: Terry, Josephine & Patricia Boyle





6.30 pm – May Clune – 10th Anniversary

8.30 am – Augustine Smith – 8th Anniversary

10.30 am – Mass for those whose Anniversary occurs in July

12.30 pm – Michael Casey – 6th Anniversary

4.30 pm – Mary & Jim King – Anniversary




Recently Deceased: Michael O’Hara


Months Mind:


Anniversaries: John O’Sullivan, Dan Hickey (4th Anniv), Augustine Smith




Along with their families and friends the following people are especially remembered this weekend. This time of the year holds a special significance for all those who knew and who loved them.


6.30pm – Jack & Josephine Foran – Anniversary

8.30 am – Elizabeth Cheah – 1st Anniversary

10.30 am –

12.30 pm – Anna Nolan – 4th Anniversary

4.30 pm – Derek Lambert -2nd Anniversary

11.30 am The Park – Sean O’Brien – Anniversary




Rec Dec: Dara Breathnach


Months Mind:


Anniversaries: Denise Kinsella (1st Anniv),  



6.30pm – Orla Lamass – 2nd Anniversary

8.30 am –  

10.30 am –Catherine & Frank Quinn- Anniversary

12.30 pm – Sandra McDonnell – 1st Anniversary

4.30 pm – Nano Reid – Recently deceased

11.30am – James Murphy – Anniversary



Rec Dec.  


Months Mind: Paddy Berkery





Along with their families and friends the following people are especially remembered this weekend. This time of the year holds a special significance for all those who knew and who loved them.


6.30pm – John & Mary McCusker – Anniversary

8.30 am – Emma Duke – Anniversary

10.30 am – Mass for those whose Anniversary occurs during June

12.30 pm –

4.30 pm – Ray Colgan – 1st Anniversary


Rec Dec. Brian Corr


Anniversaries: Dr Nan Dunlevy, Dr Pearl Dunlevy, Tim Ryan, Nicki Gill (3rd Anniversary)

First Friday

Next Friday is the First Friday of the month. As usual the Masses will be offered for those whose names are on the Altar List of the Dead. If you know anyone who is housebound and would like to receive Communion on this day please contact one of the priests of the Parish or the Parish Office.



6.30pm –John McCusker – 2nd Anniversary

8.30 am – Peter Hopkins – 21st Anniversary

10.30 am –John Callaghan –Anniversary

12.30 pm – Nan Feeney – Anniversary

4.30 pm – Bernard and Patricia Garrigan, sons Bernard and Philip – daughter Philomena 1st Anniversary

11.30am – Max Ryan – Months Mind


Recently Dec. Peg Donnelly, Jean-Pascal Legris

Months Mind: Max Ryan

Anniversaries: Eva Devlin, Paul Johnson (1st Anniversary), Eileen Whelan, Bernadette O’Connor 4th Anniversary




6.30pm –Michael & Martha McLoughlin (Ann)

8.30 am – Kathleen Fisher – 2nd Anniversary

10.30 am –Parkes Morgan – 3rd Anniversary

12.30 pm – Paddy & Gertie O’Hare – Anniversary

4.30 pm – Billy Fitzpatrick – Anniversary

11.30am – Jimmy Berry Rec. Dec.



Recently Deceased . Nan Sills, Fr George O’Sullivan’s

faithful friend and housekeeper 103yr.

Catherine (Kate) Kelly

Months Mind: Max Ryan

Anniversaries: Declan Devlin, Betty Nolan


6.30 pm – Eileen Duffy – 42nd Anniversary

8.30 am – Neil Quinlan – Recently deceased

10.30 am –Sean Clare – 26th Anniversary  

12.30 pm – Anne Golden – 1st Anniversary

4.30 pm – John & Josephine Hinchey – Anniversary

11.30am, The Park – Frank Murray –      Recently deceased



Recently Deceased. Paddy Berkery, Jimmy  Berry


Months Mind: Nano Reid, Neil Quinlan


Anniversaries: Ann Gilhooly



6.30 pm – Martin Prenter – 4th Anniversary

8.30 am – Doris Corcoran – 24th Anniversary

10.30 am – Tom, Maura, Tom Jnr Kelleher –  Anniversary 

12.30 pm – Maureen & Emily Butler Anniversaries, and deceased members  of the Butler & Hogan families.

4.30 pm – Catherine (1st Anniv) and Seán Fahey – Anniversary

11.30am, The Park – Kay Cronin – Recently Deceased.

Recently Deceased. Michael Bradley, John Bell, Max Ryder

Months Mind: 

Anniversaries: Kathleen Fisher (2nd Anniv)


















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