Parish Council

St. Brigid's Parish


Key achievements of  St Brigid’s Parish Pastoral Councils to date:

  • Completion of Parish Centre
  • Publication of Parish Directory
  • Creation and upkeep of Parish website
  • Broadcast Mass via the web site
  • 175th Celebration activities
  • Cohesion and cooperation within the community and PPP
  • Youth Club
  • Home Contact group
  • Contact magazine
  • Volunteers initiatives
  • Social Events
  • Faith Development
  • Fundraising drive

St Brigid’s Parish Pastoral Council consists of members of the Parish Team together with members of our local community. The current council members (March 2017) are:

Presiding:      Fr Aquinas T Duffy

Chairperson:  Mary Delaney


Maura Reynolds, Jim Kirwin, Brendan Henderson, Tomas Murphy,  Niamh Down

What is the Parish Pastoral Council?
The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) is a partnership of clergy and laity consulting and working together to enable the parish community to fulfill its vision.  For many years now lay people and clergy have been working together in the parish helping to sustain what is a vibrant and caring community.  The Parish Pastoral Council places this ‘leadership through partnership’ on a more secure and enduring footing.

How was the Parish Pastoral Council formed?
The PPC was first formed in November 2004. But prior to its formation there was a “Parish Development Renewal ” Group in the parish.  The members of the Council are selected in order to achieve a balance between gender, age, giftedness and experience, taking into account criteria such as:

Ability to work well in a team and open to different viewpoints

In touch with life in our community and care about others

Committed to the importance of our faith

The Role of the Parish Pastoral Council
The PPC is guided at all times by the Parish Vision Statement and making this Vision a reality for our faith community. It identifies priorities and needs to be addressed in order to achieve its goals and devise a strategy to ensure their delivery.

It is the main policy making body in the Parish where decisions are made by consensus.

The PPC strives to ensure ongoing good communication between all members of the faith community, the Council and Parish groups. It aims to expand and enrich the sense of ownership and participation across the whole faith community and extend welcome and outreach to new parishioners as the community expands.

What are the Council’s key challenges?
Truly understanding and prioritising the many issues of the faith community

Making a visible and tangible impact on the faith community and on peoples lives

Anticipating the external social and economic forces which will change the faith community over the next 3/5 years (e.g. new developments in Cherrywood, Glenamuck Road, etc)

Carefully integrating the PPC into the existing structures and Parish Pastoral Area (avoiding duplication)

Reaching out and connecting with the faith community, building ownership and support for our objectives and plans

Term of Office
The membership period is 3 years.  

The Parish Pastoral Council meets every 4 weeks.  While meetings are very focused on planning and reviewing the task in hand – prayer and reflection are a central part. All matters discussed are confidential unless unanimously agreed otherwise.

Do you need to contact Us

Please contact the parish office.