Viatores Christi.

Nov 26, 2021

Greetings from us all in Viatores Christi. We hope that you and your parishioners are keeping safe and well as winter slowly arrives.

As you know Viatores Christi volunteers have worked alongside Irish Missionaries overseas since 1960. We have had the privilege to have seen first hand the impact , brought about by the presence, work and solidarity of Irish missionaries and the work of our partners throughout many regions across the world.

Throughout the challenges of the past year, those missionaries have continued on with their work and VC has been able to support them in new and different ways. One new key area of focus for VC has been disability inclusion. We have taken part in the VIVID-T project with partners throughout Europe and is has opened our eyes to the need to be a more inclusive organisation and we hope to share our learnings with others.

We hope that you can include the following message in your upcoming Parish newsletter:

Viatores Christi invite you to our Free Online Conference: Sharing of Key Learnings on Inclusive Volunteering; ensuring the inclusion of Persons with Disabilities

You are invited to attend the Free Online Conference of the VIVID:T EU AVI Funded Project on Disability-inclusive Development, to be held Wednesday 1st Dec starting at 10:00am GMT (Dublin time). This project was focused on ensuring Inclusion of persons with Disabilities in volunteering. The conference will include a roundtable discussion about the role of leadership in disability inclusion, a showcase of free accessible training resources that anyone can use in their day-to-day work to ensure the inclusion of persons with disabilities. You can register for the event through [link]