Time Out for Prayer and Healing

Mar 12, 2020



In the midst of this time of uncertainty, lets help each other not to lose sight of the hope and light that comes from a community united in mutual support and cooperation.

While we need to be always more mindful of the actions we cannot do,  we need to focus on the actions we can do… in particular lets pay attention to those around us that need a helping hand or who live on their own over the next days and weeks.

Let’s get creative about staying connected and encouraging others to do the same…. what better way to put into practice the words of the Gospel that encourage us to ‘Love our neighbour as ourselves’?


St Brigid’s Parish is proposing a:

 ‘TIME OUT AT NOON’  for prayer and healing.


We invite as many of our Parish community as possible to set an alarm for noon every day (or choose a time that suits you best), with the aim of prompting us to spend a few moments in prayer, silent or with others who many wish to join, for all those in our own nation and worldwide, who most need guidance, care and support at this time.


Let’s trust in the strength and light that comes from collaborating together in whatever way possible, certain that these actions  will offer witness to a communities where Christ is present in their midst through active love, prayer and service.