Summer Dues

Jun 13, 2022

Summer Dues

Archbishop Farrell has asked that we again invite parishioners to contribute to a Summer Dues collection in support of ministering priests and also the sick retired priests of the Diocese. As you are aware, due to restrictions on parish gatherings and the ongoing months of Church closures over these past 2 years, offerings to the First Collection which supports the priests of the Diocese has been seriously impacted. Contributions to the Summer Dues will be received in the same way as the Christmas and Easter Dues and go to the Common Fund which supports the priests of Diocese. This collection will begin the weekend 18th /19th June and be available throughout the Summer. Envelopes will be available in the church porches. You can also give online via Donate page at

We truly appreciate and thank you more sincerely for your continued generosity and support of all Church collections. We are very aware that everyone’s situation varies and that some may not be in a position to contribute to this collection, but if you are in a position to do so, we are very grateful indeed.

We wish all our parishioners a peaceful and enjoyable summer.


Fr Aquinas