Schedule for Sacraments Class of 2020

Aug 23, 2021

Schedule for Sacraments class of 2020

Subject to prevailing HSE advice at the time



10am 21st Aug now Sept 20th at 7pm           [Boys]

12noon 21st Aug now Sept 21st at 7pm        [Girls]

2pm 21st Aug now Sept 22nd at 7pm            [Girls]

4pm 21st Aug now Sept 23rd at 7pm.            [Girls]


First Holy Communion

10am Aug 28th now Tues 14th Sept at 7pm  [Boys]

12pm Aug 28th now Wed 15th Sept at 7pm  [Boys]

2pm Aug 28th now Thurs 16th Sept at 7pm  [Boys]


10am Sept 4th now Mon 27th at 7pm            [Girls]

12pm Sept 4th now Tues 28th at 7pm           [Girls]

2pm Sept 4th now Wed 29th at 7pm              [Girls]

4pm Sept 4th now Thurs 30th at 7pm            [Girls]