Homebound but not without Hope

Mar 23, 2020





Notwithstanding the challenges of the very necessary HSE guidelines we all must follow, many of us have noticed a huge outpouring and witness of love in the  kindness, generosity and support of so many people in our local community and further afield.


What better way to be reminded that we truly encounter and meet God anytime we meet and see our brothers and sisters, especially in the care and support of those most in need:

‘Whatsoever you do to the least of your brothers and sisters, you do unto me.”


Here are some of the simple actions that have inspired and encouraged us:


“I’m at home now so I’m taking a room at a time to clear and clean. I’ve discovered some useful items that I know I can share. So far I’ve discovered an unopened children’s jigsaw from last Christmas that I offered to a family nearby, a scented candle for an older neighbour, and an unworn woollen hat I can pass on as well.”


“I’ve realised even if we are using social media more, some people really enjoy a phone call! I am putting aside time each day to connect especially with those I’ve not talked to for a long time.”


“I’ve heard that An Post are going to deliver us all 2 free postcards! I’m going to post them to people I think could do with being remembered at this time.”


“Our family loves baking. We decided we can make extra at this time and drop some treats to as many people as we can in our local area, prioritising those who we know living on their own or at home a lot more at this time.”


“I am rediscovering the value of prayer. Usually I would hurry this part of my life along and not give much time to reflection or time with God. I call by my local church for a little while most days and pray for the many who most need consolation and support. Although the church is very quiet, with maybe with one or 2 there each time I visit,  I’ve experienced a lot of peace and I don’t feel at all lonely or isolated there.” 




“I have started to look at the daily mass readings online… it’s not something I’ve ever done before, but I am noticing  that even a sentence each day helps me see the relevance of the Gospel message. It’s inspiration for our life especially at this time.”



“We are trying to keep up the effort to dress with care and not neglect ourselves,  even though we are both working from home. It cheers us up and I think it even helps others see that we are doing ok!”


“I’m putting some time aside to  learn new skills…at the moment I’m doing an online children’s illustration course as I love drawing. I left one of my drawings  into to a neighbour who I knew needed cheering up… she was delighted and surprised.”


“I am reminded we still need to take care of our physical health in as much as possible. So I am meeting 2 /3 friends and we do some exercise in the local park, very well-spaced apart, but at least we are connected and feel better after a chat and fresh air.” 


“We painted lots of St Patricks Day messages on our windows… they looked great and we noticed the many people smiled as they walked by the house.”


“I love travel but like a lot of people, I recently I needed to cancel an upcoming holiday to Spain. I was very disappointed for a while, but then  I decided to improve my Spanish through a simple online course that I find I’m really enjoying. When we can travel again I’ll be able to connect much more with the people I meet. “


“Someone I hadn’t heard from for years called me to see how I was doing… I was so happy to hear from them. I was reminded me I could to the same.”


“I saw a WhatsApp photo of a Mum and her children making cards … they were going to send them all on to others, especially friends and family living away from home. It really cheered me up!”




“I noticed a young neighbour helping to walk dogs for people who can’t get out as much. It helped me think about what I can do.“


“Before I left the house today for a walk  I spent a few minutes seeing if there was anything that would be useful for someone else.  I collected several magazines that I usually put straight into the recycling bin as I thought of a neighbour who loves a relaxed read. I dropped them by her house and texted her to stay there was a package waiting for her. She was very happy asked me to keep any more magazines I can find and pass them on as there were others sharing her house that enjoyed them too.”  




Recently I was tempted to buy the last 2 bars of Pears soap in my local chemist as it’s not always on sale there… but I decided I would only buy one and not slip into panic buying even for this small item!  As I was leaving the shop I heard another customer saing Pears is her favourite soap and she got the other one.