Parish Finance Committee


Fr Arthur O’Neill, Fr Conor Ward, Mr Diarmuid Murray, Ms Elizabeth Murphy, Ms Ann Lehane, Ms Frances McLoughlin.

The Finance Committee manages the income and expenditure of the Parish. They meet on a regular basis and produce an annual report, which is made available to parishioners.

You can email the finance team on [email protected]


The family offering is the only regular source of funds for the operation and development of our rapidly expanding parish.

Contributions can be made by Bank Standing Order, by monthly envelope or by means of a half yearly or yearly contribution.


The Parish also receives some income through the sponsorship of specific expenses, e.g. the newsletter through advertising, from donations and bequests.

All Parishioners might consider making a bequest to the parish when making or amending their wills.

The weekly Lotto is proving popular and it is hoped that it will, in due course, become a regular source of funds.


All other collections are gathered centrally by the Diocese.

The first collection at Sunday Masses, together with the Christmas and Easter Offerings (Dues) from all parishes in the Diocese are gathered centrally and used to pay the priests of this parish, those priests ministering in poorer parishes and also to pay retired priests.

The second (Share) collection provides financial support to parishes that are not financially self sufficient.