Building Update

Jun 24, 2022

Dear Parishioners,

As you know, renovations on our church have been completed and the building is operational again. All who have visited have been greatly impressed by the quality of the work and how the beauty of our historic church has been enhanced. The renovation has ensured that the church is now in a fit state to meet the requirements of parishioners for years to come. We would encourage all who have not yet seen the refurbished church, to pay a visit and witness the improvements made.

We are delighted to inform you that the fundraising undertaken by the parish was sufficient to meet the project expenses incurred, so no debt financing was necessary. For this, we are deeply indebted to many people, Firstly, we were fortunate to receive a number of substantial donations from individual donors – we wish to express our sincere thanks to the individuals involved. Secondly, the generosity of our loyal parishioners was again remarkable. This is all the more noteworthy given the impact of Covid and lockdowns over recent years. Again, we wish to express our sincere thanks. In addition, we wish to acknowledge with thanks the support of the All Churches Trust – a UK based organisation – who made a significant contribution to our fundraising.

Fundraising and expenses are summarised below:

Statement – 7th June 2022
Fundraising  459066
Expenditure incurred to date (including vat)  417431
Payments outstanding* 21860
Balance in fund after all costs* 19775

*Subject to minor changes

It is proposed to keep the building account open and to ringfence the monies remaining to cover ongoing maintenance work for the church and parish buildings.


The main items of expenditure were as follows:

  • Upgrading of electrical installations – internal and external
    • This included the complete re wiring of the church to facilitate the installation of a fire alarm system and emergency lighting to meet current building regulations which necessitated new internal and external lighting.
  • Painting and decoration of church – internal and external
  • Repair and cleaning of stained-glass windows including Joshua Clarke window
  • Sanding and varnishing of floors and cleaning of carpets
  • Upholstering of kneelers and refurbishment of pews
  • Installation of sound system
  • Repair and servicing of church organ
  • Professional fees

Our thanks are due to the Contractors, Design Team and their personnel who delivered our refurbished church on programme and within budget.